Chapter 3

I ignore her and carry on walking thinking about the possibilities that she is in my class now that we are in our final year we have one class that we do the same modules with so it can’t be that she is in my class and I have never seen her. It suddenly hits me that I don’t actually know people in my class I hardly attend lectures I attend practicals write my tests and exams that’s pretty much my varsity life. 

It is Monday morning I am in the kitchen making myself something to eat I have decided to attend class today. The episode on Saturday has been bothering me the whole weekend the black out and the fact that I do not know anyone I study the same degree with really got me thinking about my life the fact that I have survived the past 3 years on my own is shocking. I get to the lecture room where the chemistry lecture is and indeed big eyed girl is in class. I look around and spot an empty seat my new friend is waving at me.

“Look at what the cat dragged in “ she says sitting next to me I smile at her

“So you really didn’t know that we are in the same class “ she asks

“Nope “ I respond this is so embarrassing because everyone is now looking at us I see big eyed girl is popular in the class

“I am Palesa” she says extending her hand for me to shake it I extend mine as well

“I guess there is no need to introduce myself “I say laughing

“Ziphezinhle Tenza “ she says laughing she seems to know more than just my name

“Tell you what after class we will go to the student union café and chill “ she says I realize how much of the student life I have missed I don’t think I know where the student union café is actually.

It has been almost a month since that embarrassing moment at the library

I don’t think I know where the student union café is actually.

It has been almost a month since that embarrassing moment at the library Palesa is still forcing herself into my life and space funny enough I am warming up to her we connect really well. We see each other every day now since we are doing our practicals at the same hospital we take the bus together from campus to Crompton Hospital in Pinetown where we are doing our practicals. I am running late to catch the bus because I didn’t sleep at all last night the Juvie whatsapp group was buzzing we spoke the whole night. Most of the people I was friends with have left Juvie and are tackling the outside world like I am. We use the group for support each other to reminisce Juvie moments and to talk absolute nonsense. I grab an apple and rush out when my phone rings a smile creeps up when I see that its Nandi calling

*Sis’wami *

*Doctor Nandipha Soyeza *

*I know what tone no you can’t not come *

*I am definitely coming I can’t wait actually I miss everyone soo much and I can’t wait to see the new mates*

*Exactly why I am calling. You really need to come there is a girl who reminds me of you here I need you to meet her*

*If that’s the case then I don’t think I will be able to come I don’t need anything to take me to that point*

*I wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardise your recovery Zee you know that. Meeting that girl will do you good trust me*

*See you tomorrow Doctor Soyeza*

Nandi is one person whom I turn to when I need strength a strong hold and a place of refuge. She understands me and listens to me when I need to vent to let it all out. I get to campus Just in time for the bus to leave.

“I’ve been trying to call you” Palesa says as soon as I sit next to her

“Between talking to Nandi and rushing here I didn’t even hear the phone ring “I say catching my breathe

“I still think you should ditch Nandi I mean you have been here for almost 4 years and have never been to Florida road “she says rolling her eyes.

“It is still a mystery how you chose to leave Johannesburg and come here Palesa “ I say laughing I thought Johannesburg was the place where most people aspire to be

We had planned actually she had planned for us to go partying because she says drowning myself in alcohol in the house alone doesn’t count as partying or having fun. Come to think of it for a 21 year old there are a lot of things I haven’t done. There are times I feel I have lost half of my young adulthood  life while at Juvie yet I gained so much while I was at that place. I got to know and experience real love experienced how feels to have a real family and friends.


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