Chapter 2

When I arrived at Ekuseni Youth development centre I was assigned Nandi to be my sponsor. We hit it off instantly the fact that she was fairly young made it easier. Nandi has dedicated her whole life to that place she is a medical doctor by profession but prefers to be a volunteer at the centre. She spent 5 years of her life there as well as an angry child just like myself. She is one of the few people who mean it when they say ‘I understand’ she knows and understand what I am going through.

Saturdays are nice and quiet on campus which I like I can be out of here quicker so I can catch up on my sleep. I find myself a small corner and settle down I am irritated because I forgot my earphones  it’s going to be a long day I think to myself.

“Hi sorry your phone is ringing” someone says I look up to see a big eyed dark girl infront of me what does she mean my phone is ringing I think to myself while looking at her.

“It’s ringing and making noise” she says handing me my phone which she has just picked up from the table. It finally dawns on me that I had blanked out and didn’t even hear my phone ringing I take the phone from her I look at it and recall that I have been here for almost an hour but haven’t started doing my work. I last had one of these moments of blanking out in Juvie. When I have these moments I’d be doing something when it suddenly feels has if my brain has hit a freeze after I blank out I wouldn’t remember what happened for the past 30 minutes or so that I’d be out. I remember that I had the dream again last night I have been dreaming about it since it happened 5 years ago

I have been dreaming about it since it happened 5 years ago it was the first time this week probably why I had the blank out.  My phone has 5 miss calls this must have been the most embarrassing episode ever. I pack my bag and walk out of the library faster than lightening I can feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“Sorry Ziphezinhle sorry “ I hear someone shouting behind me I turn around and see the big eyed girl running after me she called me by my name I stop because I am curious how she knows my name.

“Are you okay?” she asks while trying to catch her breathe

“I am so unfit “ she says while fanning herself she must have forgotten that she has just asked me a question I have a good mind of telling her to leave me alone because that’s what I always say to people who try to reach out to me

“yes I am fine. You said you know my name from?“ I ask

“No you’re not fine “she says still fanning herself and ignoring my question

“You literally had a brain freeze in the library you know how irritated everyone was with that Iphone ring tone. Everyone thought you were just ignoring it” she says looking at me with concerned eyes.

I take a good look at her and think to myself that this girl is really getting on my nerves. I have so many scenarios in my head of what I want to do to her slapping her is number 1 on my list. I end up chuckling and walking away.

“So you’ve really never seen me in class?” she asks laughing


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Linda 2019-05-03 13:57:28

I'm gonna enjoy this but girl is it possible not to double post? I like what I've read so far, it's different from the other diaries/stories.