It was Never Part of the Plan

Author : Nongcebo

Genre :  Romance

Description :  To which point do you obey your parents and allow them to dictate your life. Comes a point where you wonder whether your dreams and aspirations are not important or are you yourself are not important that is why you are never allowed to make decisions that make you happy? When will parents realize that happiness and success is not always marriage, sure marriage Is a beautiful union or journey if you experience it with the right person and for the right reasons. Gatsheni, my father doesn’t believe in “having it all “, he believes the role of a woman is at home taking care of the children. Trust me the only reason that I am in school is because the chief of the village promotes education, but that is as far as I can go, high school. It has happened way to often in my family that my female cousins get through high school and are then forced to get married although they have been lucky enough that they got married to the people they wanted to marry and got married because they want to get married. I don’t even dream of having it all, I want one thing and one thing only…

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Chapter Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Chapter Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Chapter Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Chapter Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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Chapter Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Chapter Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Chapter Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Chapter Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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Chapter Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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