Chapter 9

We keep looking at each other I am biting my nails while he keeps brushing his hair.

‘’What should we do ‘’ he asks this idiot is asking me he is the one who said we should leave

‘’Mnotho lets just go in ‘’ i say getting out the car he sits still is he mad i cant face my Father alone i look at him with a raised eyebrow he slowly gets out of the car. We walk slowly until we are standing outside the main house door both of us shit scared to knock

‘’Come in ‘’ my Father says we didn’t even knock im sure he has been watching us from the window i open the door slowly then walk in and sit

‘’Gatsheni ‘’ Mnotho says i want to laugh at him he looks so rural right now his head is bowed down and he keeps rubbing his hands together

‘’Mkhonza you haven’t even finished my cows but you keep my daughter with you the whole day ‘’ My Father says I don’t think this man knows what he wants wasn’t it him and Mnothos father who raised this union

‘’No Gatsheni we just thought we should spend time together and get to know each other better since we are going to be “he says

‘’Husband and wife’’ he laughs as he says this i side eye him and he stops laughing

‘’You see that is what real men do Mkhonza’’ My Father says i did say he doesn’t know what he wants he was giving him carrots just now

‘’Gatsheni i will be on my way now we will see each other tomorrow morning ‘’ he says

Tomorrow they are coming to finish the iLobolo apparently

‘’uSizwile see Mkhonza out ‘’ my Dad says i look at Mnotho and he has a slight smile on his face let me be human for once

‘’Thanks for what you did for me today ‘’ I say we are standing next to his car

‘’You are welcome the sooner we make them believe that we don’t have a problem with this madness the sooner we can go back to our lives see you tomorrow ‘’ he says I didn’t expect that response he has a point though.

‘’why did you come back ?’’ I ask when he attempts to get Into his car

‘’I owe my Father that much ‘’ he says

‘’What about what you owe yourself what about Noxolo?’’ I say he’s shocked to hear me say that I know what the phone call he had earlier was about

‘’Noxolo understands ‘’ he says

‘’Mnotho ‘’ I say he doesn’t respond he gets into his car and drives off.

I really wonder why he came back he has all the resources to run off even if his Father disowns him unlike me I also have my Mother to think about there’s Ngubane now who keeps telling me things in my dreams. My Father still hasn’t said anything to me about the six months I spent in Durban the only thing he is worried about is the lobola negotiations tomorrow after the negotiations will be uMembeso.

I can’t believe all of this was planned before I got here they could have atleast waited for me to come Back.

‘’Mpendulo’’ my Father says when I walk into the house

‘’Yebo Gatsheni’’ I respond

‘’Will you behave and stop this University nonsense now you will be officially married to the Mkhonza family tomorrow after tomorrow you will officially be a Mkhonza’’ he says

‘’Yebo Gatsheni ‘’ I say

‘’That better be the case Mpendulo otherwise there will be trouble ‘’ he says

‘’Yebo Gatsheni’’ I say

I just want to sleep and forget about all this madness going on here Nosipho and I haven’t spoken ever since I got here shes been up and down I think she is the event co-ordinator. My phone is ringing I don’t have the energy for phone calls so I ignore it. I change into an old T-shirt then I get into bed.

I have a good mind of showing Gatsheni this sms but I am sure he will say that I created it because I want to cause drama therefore I decide to ignore it I hope I will fall asleep I need it. I was told to wake up at 5am Mnotho and his family will here at 8am then the Membeso will start at 10am then there is a formal engagement party at 3pm I didn’t really find out whose idea was it to have the engagement. Let me sleep I will wake at 8am I need to sleep the semester has been very long and tough.

‘’Zwile wake up oh my word it is already 7am’’ Nosipho says the night went quite quickly I cant believe it is morning already

‘’No I want to sleep’’ I say

‘’Can you believe that we forgot to wake you up everyone has been busy ‘’ she says

‘’You forgot to wake up the bride ‘’ I say laughing out loud this is a joke this day is possible because of me but they forget to wake me up. I know my Mother probably pretended as if she also forgot to wake me up she had I haven’t really spoke.

I had a very weird and confusing dream last night I dreamt of a woman and a young boy the boy kept begging the woman not to beat him I can’t remember much from the dream what I remember is the woman telling the boy he is useless just like his Father. I wake up the yard is buzzing there are people all over everyone seems happy besides me and my mother I am told to quickly get ready because the Mkhonza’s are on their way.

‘’who chose this dress ‘’ I ask my Mother when she walks in my room while I am getting dressed

‘’Khosi ‘’ she says laughing

‘’it is so ugly mah atleast she could have chosen a beautiful dress for me ‘’ I say irritated

‘’come let me fix your hair ‘’she says shes my personal hairstylist my afro is this big because of her as soon as I finish getting ready i see Mnotho standing outside his car talking on the phone he is probably talking to his girlfriend shame

My aunt walks in to fetch me I assume the negotiations are finished I am told to sit next to Mnotho he keeps looking at me while the elders are talking I didn’t even hear a word the meeting is dismissed because we have to get ready for uMembeso now. I change into a traditional Zulu attire I look at my myself in the mirror I look beautiful only if this day was because of my will and not forced the good thing about this is that both Mnotho and I are against it so that works in my favour he can carry on with his life while I also carry on with mine.

The ceremony was beautiful no doubt it was well planned and organized the Mkhonzas were also well prepared they gave the family a lot of gifts. I see my friends in the crowd only Londi and Yesintu

Buhle is still in Stanger with her sister she’s been there since she gave birth they happily wave at me I look at them and wink.

It is now the formal engagement party there is even a Priest he does a small service he asks if we both promise to marry each other at a later stage as said we agree and everyone claps their hands. Apparently this was his mothers idea his mother is a very strong Christian he also is I saw how happy he was when the priest was conducting the service. It is time to eat now I excuse myself from the main table and go to my friends

‘’The Babes ‘’ I say hugging both of them Londi is with Ayanda Yesintu is with some guy I don’t know

‘’Hey Mrs ‘’ they say and laugh I look at them irritated

‘’This is Langa Baby this Is my friend Usizwile ‘’ Yesintu says

It is time to eat now I excuse myself from the main table and go to my friends

‘’The Babes ‘’ I say hugging both of them Londi is with Ayanda Yesintu is with some guy I don’t know

‘’Hey Mrs ‘’ they say and laugh I look at them irritated

‘’This is Langa Baby this Is my friend Usizwile ‘’ Yesintu says

‘’Hello baby nice to meet you ‘’ I say laughing she hits me on the shoulder. We chat for a while then Mnotho comes and calls me

‘’The elders would like to talk to us ‘’ he says
‘’there comes trouble’’ I say we follow each other into the rondavel and sit next to each other on the floor

‘’Todays ceremony was a huge success as you both know you are now traditionally married since we have paid all the Lobola makoti has to come and live with us her new family until the traditional wedding is done ‘’ Mkhonza says

‘’I fully agree MKhonza she has to now be a real wife to her husband and her in-laws ‘’ my father says

"With all due respect Baba and Gatsheni I cannot have an uneducated woman as a wife I have honoured your wishes Baba by agreeing to marrying her. She has to go back to university and complete her degree then we can have the actual wedding ceremony" he says

"While she is in university who will perform her wifely duties" Mkhonza says I see Gatsheni nodding means he also agrees with Mkhonza

"But the person she needs to perform those duties for will be living with her in Durban" he says I've been looking down the whole time but as soon as he said this I look up and give him a deadly look living with him wasn't part of the plan

"Well I think you have a point " Mkhonza says

"If that will be all I'd like to leave now it's still a long way to Pietermaritzburg" he says

"It's not a problem son is makoti also leaving ?" Mkhonza asks

"No I'll fetch her before varsity opens" he says

‘’Can’t you wait till everything is done ‘’ his mother asks

‘’no I can’t I have to be in Pietermaritzburg as soon as possible’’ he says he stands up and shakes everyone’s hand around the room I walk out with him and I go back to my friends

‘’And you who is Langa ‘’ I ask when I get to them Langa and Ayanda are not with them

‘’Well Langa is Langa ‘’ she says giggling

I spend the rest of the afternoon with them Mnotho’s sister comes and tells me that it is time for us to go I walk to my room and pack a few clothes all skirts and dresses. I say my goodbyes to my family and the car drives off.

I didn’t get much sleep last night I was struggling to sleep and when I finally managed to sleep I had too many confusing dreams Ngubane always appears in my dreams in one way or the other. It is 6am in the morning Mnotho’s mother knocks and walks in the rondavel I am using

‘’Good morning Makoti ‘’ she says

‘’Morning Mah ‘’ I say

‘’Did you sleep well ‘’ she asks

‘’Yes very well thank you ‘’ I respond

"Great then makoti come let's go" he's mother says I know it's about to go down . I think he's mother doesn't quite like me that's why she's been threatening me on the phone one of these days I'll ask her what her problem is

"You can start with cleaning the rondavel I'll ask the boys to bring you cow poop so you can clean the floor properly" she says walking out

It's 7am but it is already scorching hot I've never done this before I've seen my Mother doing it a few times and that was years ago. Let me change and get to it I don't have a choice really the time that i'm here I will be using Mnotho's Rondavel it's very fancy I've never seen a rondavel with a shower. My phone is ringing Nosipho is calling I'm still angry at her she's been colluding with everyone to make my life miserable

*Sis I'm outside the gate by the big tree come*

*I'm busy Nosipho I'm a wife remember*

*Come on Zwile*

*No You come on Nosipho you've been colluding with everyone to make my life miserable now I have to go I have to do my wifely duties*

Nosipho must not irritate me really I don't have time for this my phone is ringing again it's Mnotho


*I just wanted to inform that I got to PMB safely *

*Okay Mnotho*

*Clean linen is in the big wardrobe*

*Okay *

*I'll come back during the week *

*For *

*To see if you are okay *

*I'm fine bye Mnotho I have to go clean the rondavel*


I hang up and throw myself on the bed let me continue sleeping for a while I'll wake up and carry on with the chores

"Please don't hit me " he says

"Syabulela I swear I will kill you I've had it with you "

"Mama it wasn't me who ate the bread you said I should eat it "he says begging

"USIZWILE WAKE UP" My mother in law shouts I was dreaming it's the little boy and the woman I dreamt about the other day.

"Sorry Mah I'm coming down with a bit of a fever " I say

"I'll get herbs for you come "she says

Thank you to my lies I got away with cleaning the rondavel although I had to drink the horrible herbs. The day went by quiet quickly I cooked lunch and supper for the family Mnothos little sisters are trying to be nice to me they have been offering to help me with everything but I didn’t let them I don’t my mother-in-law thinking I am a lazy. I have taken a shower I'm in bed now preparing to sleep my phone is ringing again

*Hi *

*Are You okay mom tells me that you have a headache*

*I'm fine Dr.mkhonza*

*I'm not there yet I'm glad you're okay though I'm finishing my pracs for the year next week so I'll come back*

*Great Then that means I can go home*


*Yes they'll only allow me to go if you're here*

*Okay let me sleep now*

I don't know what's the story with Mnotho and always calling me I get that he's trying to be nice and everything but it's getting abit to much. My 19th Birthday is coming up in 2 weeks my friends and I had planned a weekend of fun since I wasn't going to go home but now I'll be here on my Birthday slaving. Let me call my Mother then sleep. Mom and I always talk till I run out of airtime she tells me that MaNgcobo finally came home after months saying she's been working overtime since her bosses were busy.


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