Chapter 6

Its Londi so I quickly wake up and rush to the door I open it for her she gets in looking horrible looks like she was beaten

“What happened to you” I ask

“Its nothing thukz and I had a fight it just got physical so I got someone to drop me off here I am starving what did you eat “she says I look at the time it is 11pm

‘’I didn’t eat I was full when I slept “ I say

“No I’m hungry I wont even be able to fall asleep let me make a phone call” she says she takes out her phone it’s the first time I’m seeing it it’s an Iphone

*I’m at res *

*Sleeping but hunger woke me up*

*Mcdonalds is fine bring two please I’m with my friend*

Im looking at her with raised eyebrows the whole time that she is on the phone she drops the call walks to the wardrobe and puts on Pjs and walks out to the bathroom to wash her face im still shocked by all of this I cant even bring myself to say anything

“Okay that’s sorted Ayanda will be here with the food soon “ she says when she walks in I think she saw the look on my face

“Who is Ayanda” I ask

“Some guy I met at church shame he is nice always brings me food and stuff but he is too churchy if that’s even a word” she says laughing

“Londi” I say in a low voice

“ What im serious I don’t like guys like him they are sweet and everything but no “ she says
“Londi “ I say again

“Wait I will be back Ayanda is calling “ she says and walks out

She walks in a few minutes later with two packets of food both with a burger chips and cooldrink she gives me one packet I refuse but she insists so I take it then we start eating.

“Where is Buhle “I ask?

“I haven’t seen her in two months I think “ she says

“Whaaaat?’’ I ask

‘’Yes she was living here in this res just on the other block but later moved out she said that her boyfriend doesn’t want her staying in res “ she says

‘’Boyfriend” I ask

“Yes that guy who she said she met in Greytown I heard she has a flat in morningside some surburb here in Durban “ she says I attempt to talk but she carries on

“Mngani I have a headache that idiot bumped my head on the table let me sleep wake me up tomorrow morning I asked Ayanda to take us I had forgotten that he studies in UKZN as well ‘’ she says then gets into bed I switch off the lights and join her. I wanted to ask what is going on with her but I thought to myself let me give her time maybe she will talk to me. This is not the Londi I know that I have been friends with even before I knew what a friend was.

The sun is shining through the window I slowely open my eyes and I remember that I am in Durban Londi is not next to me I look at the time on my phone and it is 7am she walks on a few minutes later.

‘’Morning Zwile did you sleep well ? she asks

‘’Yes I did hows the headache ?’’ I ask

‘’I am okay now lets go take a shower so we can go to Westville Ayanda said that he will come after church “she says therefore I get up make the bed then we go and take a shower.

‘’Lets go get food before Ayanda gets here’’ she says after we finish getting dressed I’m wearing light blue jeans a grey vest and tommy takkies Londi is wearing a short black jumpsuits with pink addidas takkies.

“I can accompany you to buy it I am still full “ I say

‘’You still don’t like eating ‘’ she says

‘’Nope especially when I am stressed I can’t eat ‘’ I say

‘’ I still can’t believe you left without your Fathers approval but I have always known that you would do anything in order for you to study Pharmacy’’ she says we get into a taxi we get off at a place called the Workshop. There are too many people here some are selling some are walking around there is a crowd standing and watching someone sing it’s very busy. We walk into Nandos and find a table then we sit.

We spend about an hour talking about Umsinga and high school she ordered chicken and cooldrink for me Ayanda calls her to say we should meet him outside.

The campus is what I expected its very big with beautiful tall buildings theres a big sign written University of KwaZulu Natal Westville it is Sunday but it is buzzing people are walking around like it’s a normal school day. This is where I begin my life its scary but I am excited to start this journey. Ayanda shows me around the campus we go to a place with a lot of computers which is called a Lan he then helps me draft my timetable after completing the timetable he shows the building I will be attending in.

After almost 3 hours we walk back to the car then drive back to Londis res the drive back is quiet it was a long walk around such a big campus.

‘’Oh shit ‘’ Londi says when Ayanda parks the car outside the res

‘’Thank you for today Ayanda that tour really helped ‘’ I say getting out of the car Londi sits still

‘’It’s not a problem at all I can give you a lift tomorrow I will see you ladies I have to go now‘’ he says and looks at Londi who is sitting sit in the front seat she finally get out of the car slowly Ayanda drives off .

‘’What’s wrong ‘’ I ask when I see that she is not okay she looks nervous

‘’Thukz is parking inside the res the white car with dark windows’’ she says

The minute we get close to the car Thukz gets out and throws a punch to Londi which sends her to the floor I am standing frozen not knowing what to do and the security guards are carrying on as if nothing happened. He pulls her up by her weave and throws her inside the car all of this is happening at the res parking I am still frozen looking at this whole commotion the car drives off.

I slowly walk to the room It is only now that I am feeling shaken by this whole thing who is this Thuks guy how did Londi meet him I have all these questions in my head and the only person who can answer them has just been shoved into a white car with dark windows. I am exhausted we walked for almost 2 hours I decide to take a shower then I will sleep so I will be able to wake up early tomorrow. I wonder what time Londi will be back she is still not back when I get out of the shower I lotion my body then get into bed.

Ayanda said he will fetch me at 7.30 at exactly 7am I am done getting dressed my mother woke me up at 5am she is more excited about my first day more than I am. Londi is still not back her phone goes straight to voice I am starting to get worried about her now if she doesn’t come back by tomorrow I will call her grandparents no I can’t do that because my Father will find out that I am in Durban at 7.15 I walk to the gate to wait for Ayanda.

The campus is buzzing more than it was yesterday I am feeling a bit overwhelmed now I doubt I can do this I stop walking.

‘’Whats wrong are you okay ? ‘’ Ayanda asks

‘’ I don’t think I can do this ‘’ I say walking backwards slowly

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed now I doubt I can do this I stop walking.

‘’Whats wrong are you okay ? ‘’ Ayanda asks

‘’ I don’t think I can do this ‘’ I say walking backwards slowly

‘’argh come on man its normal to be scared I would be worried if you were not. After your first day you will feel more confident come lets go I am sure you don’t want to be late for your first class’’ he says pulling me by my hand. I needed that pep talk I am still abit overwhelmed but I can’t let that shake me from my dream.

The day goes by very quickly with me getting lost quite a few times attending the wrong classes but I am enjoying it Ayanda showed me where to wait for the bus so after my last class at 2pm I will go straight to the bus stop. I call Londi for the hundredth time her phone is still on voice mail I was hoping we would go buy abit of groceries so I can cook there isn’t food in that house.

I try my luck and dial Buhles number it goes through I hold the call until she picks up

*Buhle its Usizwile*

*Zwile Hello have you arrived in Durban*

*Yes I got here on Friday where are you ?*

*Can we meet in an hour *

*Okay but I am not familiar with Durban where must I meet you *

*At the workshop *

*Okay I will come after my class which starts now now I have to go see you soon*

I am outside the workshop now waiting for Buhle let me call her and tell her I am waiting opposite debonairs oh there she comes but wait….

‘’Buhle ‘’ I say looking at her with my eyes literally popping out

‘’Hey let’s just get in here and sit’’ she says pointing at debonairs

‘’when did this happen ‘’ I ask

‘’5 months ago ‘’she says

‘’When exactly did you have unprotected sex Buhle I didn’t even know you were having sex “I say

‘’Zwile Please I wanted to meet up because I need a friend not a mother ‘’she says

‘’Buhle I’m just worried about and Londi what is it with Durban you are pregnant and it hasn’t even been 1 year since you left home Londi has men beating her up. I just want to know what happened to my friends’’ I say she doesn’t respond but she looks down

‘’I am not trying to be judgmental Buhlebenkosi but I just want to know ‘’ I say again

‘’I thought he loved me Zwile but now I don’t know he is a monster he doesn’t even allow me to go to campus he says men will look at me he took away my phone its bad Zwile he is a monster ‘’ she says

‘’WHAT ??’’ I say ‘’who is this guy anyway ‘’ I ask

‘’it’s the guy I told you I met in Greytown turns out the guy is married with 2 kids he is 30 while he told me that he is 25’’ she says

‘’Buhle you have to leave him’’ I say

‘’ He threatened to kill me the only reason he allowed me to go is because I told him that I have to get stuff at the pharmacy but still one of his friends dropped me off and I am sure he is probably outside watching us. He has been calling and I am ignoring his calls so I think he knows where I am’’ she says for the first time I am speechless

‘’Where do you stay ?‘’ she says when I don’t say anything

‘’With Londi at her res in south beach ‘’ I say

‘’What is up with her anyway for the first time I am speechless

‘’Where do you stay ?‘’ she says when I don’t say anything

‘’With Londi at her res in south beach ‘’ I say

‘’What is up with her anyway maybe you have an idea I’ve been hoping she will tell me but she isn’t saying anything ‘’ she says

‘’She didn’t tell you’’ she asks

‘’Tell me what ‘’ I say

‘’Buhle I say again ‘’ when I see her getting teary I look behind me to see what she is looking at I see a tall dark guy with a beautiful woman and 2 toddlers

‘’that’s him with his family’’ she says

‘’Im sorry my friend should we leave ?’’ I ask

‘’Yes I want him to see me’’ she says this is sad man see this is why I don’t want to get involved with any man We walk past them Buhle and him have a eye locked moment.

‘’Friend I will call you so we can meet again ‘’ she says

‘’Please consider leaving this guy you can’t allow him to hurt you like this you are pregnant you don’t need this kind of stress’’ I say

‘’We will talk my friend bye’’ she says and she gets into the car then it drives off.

Its been 2 weeks in Durban I am slowly getting used to being on Campus and the culture. Londi is still not back I bumped into Ayanda on campus the other day and asked if he had seen her his response was shocking ‘’she can go on for a month without anyone seeing and knowing where she is report her missing after a month’’ he said

I was shell shocked. I have one afternoon class tomorrow but I will wake up early in the morning and spend some time in the library I have to get used to the big words the lecturer uses I am lost half of the time. I quickly take a bath lotion then get dressed I am always rushing so I can catch the bus. I haven’t made any friends on campus ive been hanging out some girl from class though when we have breaks between classes. She is I don’t know how to describe her but she’s too much of a talker she is too forward. I get to campus and rush to class the big words again science words have 15 letters or more so it gets really difficult to read and pronounce them the lecture is interesting as always after 45 minutes the class is over let me rush to catch the bus.

‘’SHIT WATCH WHERE YOU GOING ‘’ she says picking up her stuff that she dropped on the floor when I bumped into her

‘’ I’m sorry I didn’t mean too ‘’ I quickly say bending to help her pick it up

‘’LEAVE IT LEAVE ‘’ she says

‘’ I’m really sorry ‘’ I say she doesn’t respond instead she screams and starts crying. At first I look at her not knowing what to do she sinks to the floor and continues crying I have never been in a situation where I have to be someone’s shoulder to cry on but now people are looking at us so I have to do something.

‘’I’m really sorry is there anything I can do to help’’ I say she doesn’t respond shit what do I say now

‘’I think we should go to the bathroom people are staring ‘’ I say

‘’No lets go to my car ‘’ she says your car ? what am I going to your car I ask myself . I help carry her bag and books she’s still crying her eyes out. For a student she drives a really nice car it’s an audi silver grey in colour

‘’You can get in ‘’ she says when I hand her the stuff and attempt to walk away

‘’I have to rush to catch the bus whatever it is im sure it will be okay ‘’ I say

‘’I can take you home where do you live ‘’ she says

‘’I live in South Beach ‘’ I say

‘’Great lets go’’ she responds

We both get into the car she fastens her seat belt so I do the same then she starts the car.

‘’Im really sorry I snapped at you I am going through a lot right now there’s always something going wrong in my life’’ she says

‘’ I know exactly what you are talking about ‘’ I say with a loud sigh

‘’ I didn’t even introduce myself I just barked at you my name is Yesintu but most people call me Sintu ‘’ she says

I get the chance to look at her she is dark in complexion not too much though beautiful big eyes with long lashes and bushy eyebrows and dimples.

‘’that’s a beautiful name My name is Usizwile ‘’ I say

‘’Oh my word your name is beautiful too’’ she says laughing her phone rings but she ignores it but it keeps ringing again

‘’Luhle just won’t stop calling me ‘’ she says her mood changes back to being emotional

‘’Are you sure you will get home safe; I don’t think you should be driving you are not okay ‘’ I say

‘’I need to be alone from here I will go for retail therapy go to the movies then go home when I know everyone is asleep ‘’ she says

‘’don’t think about it too much ‘’ I say we are already at the gate at res the ride was actually shorter must be because we were busy talking

‘’Thank you for the lift ‘’ I say opening the door

‘’Thank you aswel for helping me earlier hope to see you soon ‘’ she says I get out of the car and watch her drive off while waving. I need to blow off some steam as well so I’ll change into something more comfortable then take a walk on the beach first let me call my Mother I know she is alone it rings and she answers on the first ring

‘’MaNdlovu’’ she says

‘’MaNgubane how are you ‘’ I say

‘’Im tired I spent the whole morning in the fields. How are you? Are you adjusting well at school’’ she says

‘’Yes I am okay I have also managed to sort out everything with my funding bought 2 textbooks today ‘’ I say Ayanda has been my super Hero he knows the right people on campus so he managed to help me sort everything out. He invited me to his church even he said it will be my way of paying him

‘’I have a big order coming up so when they pay me I will deposit money for you at shoprite ‘’ she says

‘’Thanks Ma I know you need the money as much as I need It so Thank you for sacrificing it for me’’ I say

‘’Your Father has told almost everyone here to look out for you if anyone sees you they must contact him even Mkhonzas people are looking for you ‘’ she says

‘’Luckily haven’t seen anyone from uMsinga’’ I say If my dad thinks I will go back home and marry that arrogant spoilt brat called Mnotho he is out of his mind I will only go home after 4 years when my degree is complete.

I get off the phone with my mother then change into a dress and flops I want to take a walk think about my life especially now that I am away from my Mother. My friends have turned into people I don’t even know there’s Ngubane the old man I keep dreaming about whenever I dream about him we are always standing in the middle of a river which I find very strange he could ask me about my day whether I think what I am doing is right he has been even insinuating that I should go back home.

I’ve been walking for over 30minutes now so I decide to turn back and walk to res I want to go over todays note and make sure I understand everything I need to get my duck in a row. I get back to the room Londi is still sleeping she came back last night it had been a week since she went with that man. She looked horrible as if she hadn’t slept in days. I wanted to ask her how she ended up with that guy but the minute she walked in she begged me not to ask her anything. My plan is to cook do some reading then sleep. I ended up going grocery shopping on my own I really hope my mother gets the order because I really need money. Ntombi has been calling me to find out if I need anything but I don’t want to trouble her she has her son to take care off.

Campus is vibrant as always today I am having my first practical in the lab which I am very excited about the white lab coat makes me look like a pharmacist already. I walk into the lab find my seat and I patiently wait for the lecture to begin ever since I got familiar with the campus I am always early.

‘’Usizwile ‘’ someone taps my shoulder I turn around to look who it is I mean no one knows me on campus it’s the girl I bumped into the other day

‘’Hello how are you’’ I say with a big smile I have to pretend that I still remember her name mean while I don’t

‘’Im feeling much better are you here for the Prac ‘’ she asks

‘’Yes I am and you are you also in this class ‘’ I ask

‘’I was in this class 2 years ago I am doing my 3rd year I came to see the lecturer real quick before the prac starts ‘’she says . We chat for a while exchange numbers then she leaves she promised to call soon so we can hang out

The class goes fairly quickly I guess it happens when you are having a good time the lecturer made everything look simple I just need to study hard and I will be okay. The bus is coming at 3 therefore I have to rush to the bus stop. Londi Buhle and I are going meeting up tomorrow I really need to put those two right especially Londi she is a lost soul. I get to Res and Londi is busy cleaning the time is 4pm to be exact she could have done this earlier.

‘’Londi ‘’ I say

‘’Zwile this stain just won’t come out ive been scrubbing it for hours now’’ she says without even turning around to look at me

‘’Did you go to campus ‘’ I ask

‘’I had to clean the room so I didn’t go plus my body still hurts ‘’ she says really ? body still hurts but you are here scrubbing floors

‘’Londi the stain is gone come lets take a walk ‘’ I say I can see that something is bothering her Mom does the same when she is frustrated she cleans almost the whole day

‘’USIZWILE PLEASE DON’T YOU HAVE TEXTBOOKS TO READ ‘’she screams I walk to her and pull her she throws herself at me and starts crying I let her cry my shoulder is wet now from her tears. It takes a while before she calms down.


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