Chapter 10

I have to wake up before everyone else make tea for the family Mkhonza has 3 wives each wife has 3 or 4 children so that's the number of people I have to make breakfast for then clean the main house the room I'm using sweep the yard and then fill the water containers that's what I'll be doing till I open school. Mnotho is mad if he really thinks I'll move in with him next year I've already been allocated a room at res for Next year. Talking about school Yesintu checked my marks for me at school I got 2 distinctions and 2 B’s .

For a change I didn't dream of Ngubane mom just called 10 minutes ago to wake me up my mom is like a vampire she doesn't sleep at all. It's 5am I'll start with filling the water containers since everyone is still asleep I'm glad it's summer the sun is already shining so you can't tell that it's 5am. In an hour I'm done with the water I make breakfast then Start cleaning. I'm in Mnothos rondavel now cleaning and changing linen underneath the clean towels there's a picture of a baby boy about 3 years standing with a middle aged woman.

I'm disturbed by my phone ringing it's Yesintu


*You sound down what's wrong *

*Can You talk ? *

*Yes sure what's wrong *

*I have to go to Swaziland to meet my Father's family remember I told you I was sick sometime ago the same thing is happening to my sister Amandla*

*Are you ready is Amandla okay ?*

*I'm not but I have to that's the reason I called can you please come with me I don't think I can do this alone Carol is not ready to go there I can't blame her .Amandla is still sick she won’t even write her final year exams*

*That's not a problem I'll just tell Mnotho when are we going? *

*Before Christmas sadly we will still be there on your birthday I'll apply for our passports in the mean time *

*It's Okay *

I will wait until Mnotho gets here he said he's coming on the weekend anyway funny how my life has changed in such a short span of time I went from seeking approval from my Father to seeking it from Mnotho.

At 11 I'm done with everything so I decide to take a bath the only thing I like about being here is that I don't have to boil water to bath I just get into the shower.

I'm surprised at how quick the week went by I've been waking up at 5am fetching water cleaning and cooking 3 meals everyday it hasn't been that bad considering that I'm naturally lazy my mother has been my alarm my mother-in-law is not horrible so that has been great. Mnotho is coming back today something I'm not looking forward to I need to talk to him about Swaziland though so it's good that he's coming back I haven't been home since the uMembeso a week ago.

I'm done with all my chores for the day I'm sitting under the Tree with Mnothos younger sisters listening to music and singing along to it. I can see the car driving towards the gate it's a big black car Mnotho is in the driving seat he gets out then his sisters run to him. Mnotho is a looker he's not too tall slightly lighter than me he also has a good fashion sense. He walks until he is standing in front of me I'm sitting on a grass mat

"Good afternoon" he says

"Mnotho" I respond

"How are you ?" he sAys

"I'm alright" I say

"Let me greet the family quickly then I'll come back so we can talk I have to go back to Greytown" he says

‘’Go back to Greytown ?’’ I ask

‘’Yes Noxolo will be spending the weekend there ‘’ he says and walks away. I really wish to know how this Noxolo is handling of all this her Boyfriend marrying another person while she’s the one in a relationship with him
He comes back after a while he takes off his sneakers and sits on the mat next to me his a traditional cheese boy he knows that shoes are not allowed on the mat.

"So are you okay is everyone treating you well? " he asks

"I miss home besides that I'm Alright" I say
"I need to go to Swaziland next week " I say again

"For ?" He asks

"I'm occupying a friend " I say

"A friend?" He asks

"Yes she's going through some stuff so she needs me to come with her" I say

"I don't know hey Swaziland is too far " he says I was even asking him I don't know what Swaziland being far has anything to do with him
"Yes it isthat’s why I thought I should let you know I'm leaving next weekend " I say

"You do know that I have to agree right?
Otherwise you can't go" he says

"Are you listening to yourself?” I ask

"Well there won't be any Swaziland for you!" he says and starts wearing his sneakers

"I wasn't asking you!!!” I say

‘’Well we will see about that’’ he says and attempts to walk away

‘’Well there won’t be Greytown for you either a husband should sleep with his wife when he is home ‘’ I say

‘’Well I am the husband and what I say goes ‘’ he says I look at me and laugh out loud I am now standing opposite him

‘’Well if you insist on going to Greytown that means Noxolo You and myself will share a bed’’ I say

‘’Listen I will think about this Swaziland trip okay now I have to go I don’t like driving at night on these roads ‘’ he says

‘’I am leaving on the 23th of December ‘’ I say and walk to his rondavel good thing the he is gone I won’t have to sleep with him on the same bed

I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed Durban being away from uMsinga is a breath of fresh air I arrived here last night Mnotho insisted on dropping me off at res I am alone since Londi is back at uMsinga. We are flying tomorrow morning at 6am it will be my first time on a plane I am excited and nervous at the same time my mother was so dramatic about it it was funny. Yesintu will fetch me in the morning then we will drive to the airport. When I get back home I need to see Madlovoku about my dreams Madlokovu is a traditional healer around uMsinga hes actually the best from what I have heard. I am still dreaming about the small boy with a woman whom I now know is his mother.

My first time on a plane wasn’t so bad but I suffered a mild headache when the plane took off the ride was tense Yesintu and her siblings were alone with their thoughts. A driver from the lodge we will be staying in is here to pick us up we drive for about 45 minutes until we get to the Mlilo house hold.
We are told to come in after we greet and shake everyones hand we sit down together on a 3 seater couch. My phone is ringing so I excuse myself the person calling couldn’t have called at a better time.


did you land safely *

*Yes all is well*

*When are you coming back again we need to talk *

*I’m not sure maybe after 2 days *

*It cant wait that long *

*Mnotho I am sure it is not that important *

*Well it is and we can’t talk about it over the phone *

*listen Mnotho we will talk when I come back *

*okay I will fetch you from the airport*

I get off the phone with Mnotho Yesintu’s niece Okwami walks towards me and sits on my lap I think she got bored inside we play games on my phone for about 2 hours. Yesintu and Amandla walk towards us their eyes are puffy and their faces are swollen I stand up and hug both of them we all get into the car and drive to the lodge. I can just tell that it is going to be a long 2 days here.

We have just landed in Durban after spending 3 days in Swaziland we spent our time sight-seeing chilling and having fun at the lodge. Yesintu and her Fathers family managed to reach an agreement therefore they are going back to Swaziland with the rest of the family next month. Mnotho is already waiting for me although I wasn’t planning on going back to uMsinga today . I say my goodbyes to the girls then we walk to the car we greet each other then he starts the car.

‘’how was your trip’’ he asks

‘’very good I am so sad to be back ‘’ I say

‘’I am glad that you had fun ‘’ he says well I am also glad that I had fun

‘’you said you wanted to talk to me urgently ‘’ I say

‘’we will talk when we get home I am spending a few days at home ‘’ he says

The rest of the drive is quiet the radio is playing in the background he is listening to gospel music . we get home I greet the family and then I make my way to the rondavel he walks in a few minutes after me he stands by the door and looks at me

‘’Noxolo is pregnant ‘’ he says still standing by the door

‘’Noxolo is pregnant ‘’ he says still standing by the door

‘’Really? That is great congratulations man ‘’ I say

‘’WHAT?’’ he says and looks at me like he has just seen a ghost

‘’Now we will have an excuse to stop this whole madness ‘’ I say

‘’Are you not mad ‘’ he asks

‘’There is no reason for me to be mad excuse me I have to start washing my dirty clothes ‘’ I say and with that I walk out there isn’t a reason for me to be mad actually I am mad because now I will be forced to have a child with him just to prove myself

"When are you telling the family " I ask

"I'm not telling them" he says I look at him with raised eyebrows

"I'll tell them when the child is born " he says again

"Mmmh" I say

"I'm going to see a few 3 bedroom flats for us next year when you come back to Durban " he says

"I've been allocated a room at res for Next year" I say

"Well you're going back to Durban on the condition that we move in together the family will never allow that you live alone " he says

"So you'll he traveling to PMB everyday" I ask

"No I am due to go back to campus anyway for my last year " he says

"So if I move in with you what about Noxolo" I ask

"She has her own place in PMB plus she has to understand I mean I can't disobey my Father " I say

"Mmmh" I say

I spend the rest of the holidays being a wife that I'm supposed to be cleaning washing and cooking almost everyday. Mnotho hasn't been around much I've been going home now and again my Inlaws are very relaxed when they want to.I went to see Madlokovu and he told me the same thing my Mother told me that I have a gift I must listen to the dreams properly there's a message in them I'm still dreaming about the small boy and his mother I don't know how I'm supposed to channel and listen properly so I can make out what the dream is about.

I was home last weekend MaNgcobo was also home I hadn't seen her close to a year Nosipho and I get along well again I call her every time when I'm asked to do something that I don't know here it's been an eventful year I must say. Campus officially opens next week I couldn't be more happier about that so I'm leaving for Durban in a few days time.

I wake up and carry on with my chores as normal I take a shower when I'm done and then I sit with my sister in laws and listen to music my phone vibrates indicating a call come through

*I asked you not to Marry him*

*Well You should have told him not to Marry me *

*You have to end it *

This woman always hangs up before I can ask her further questions I can't help it but the voice sounds very familiar but I just can't make out who might it be. I call Mnotho immediately he picks up on the second ring

*Your girlfriend is threatening me*

*What ? Who ?*

*How many of them are there*

*Sms me the number *

I do as I'm told he calls a few minutes later and says that the number doesn't below to Noxolo I know that he is trying to cover up for her I'm adding all of this to my list for the day I finally get out of this madness called a marriage.

I tell my Mother in law that I'm taking a walk I want to clear my head I will walk to the Fields hopefully I will bump into Ngubane I still cant believe that only I can see him. The grass is very beautiful and green the cows and goats are grazing there is no one here so I walk around for a few minutes then walk home I miss my family.

"Zwile" mom screams the minute she sees me I run and hug her

"MaNgubane" I say still hugging her

‘’Oh my word looks like you have grown from the last time I saw you ‘’ she says

‘’Don’t be dramatic you saw me last week ‘’ I say
‘’it is not the same here without you’’ she says
‘’Only a few more years then I will be back ‘’ I say
‘’Study hard and take this as a stepping stone to your bright future ‘’ she says

Mom and I talk for almost 2 hours until it starts to get dark she calls 2 of my male cousins to accompany me to my new home as soon as I get there I start cooking supper.

It is the first day of the new semester my stubbornness didn’t help Mnotho found us a flat in morningside too much of my irritation I have to take two taxi’s to campus which means I have to wake up super early. I’m having cereal in the kitchen busy chatting on my phone Mnotho walks in wearing only his underwear carrying a shirt and pants

‘’please iron for me I’m running late ‘’ he says already gulping down mango juice

‘’good morning you could have atleast put a towel around your waist ‘’ I say

‘’its not like I’m showing anything you don’t know ‘’ he says I really need to be strong
I finish ironing his clothes then I grab my bag and attempt to walk out

‘’I will take you to campus ‘’ he says

‘’I am meeting up with my friend at the workshop then we will go together to campus I will be home late today I’m going to see Sabelo’’ I say

‘’Okay then I will drop you off at the workshop ‘’ he says grabbing his car keys I appreciate that he is trying for us to get along but this is becoming too much really .He drops me off the he drives off I walk towards Yesintu’s car and there is a little girl sitting in the car seat at the back

‘’Hey babe ‘’ I say

‘’come get in friend we are late I have to drop her off in Durban North ‘’she says

‘’Langa’s daughter ?’’ I ask

‘’yeah the one and only “she says

‘’you and him are you guys getting serious now ‘’ I ask

‘’I think so ‘’ she says .

We drive to Durban north drop off the child at daycare then we drive to campus I am going to have a very long day therefore I need to have my head in check and get ready for the semester. The lectures are not very long just 30 minute introduction lectures then we are off to another one I have 4 classes today I am attending the last one at 3 then I am going to see Sabelo in Prison I am going to finally tell him that I have been married off I asked Ntombi not to tell him knowing Sabelo he will probably send people to scare Gatsheni. Mnotho sent me an sms saying that he will buy food so I mustn’t cook that’s great because I wasn’t looking forward to cooking.

Being here is still as depressing as it was the first time I am in the waiting room eating my finger nails a guy comes up to me and sits in the empty seat next to me

‘’Hello’’ he says


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