Chapter 1

The June holidays are meant for relaxing recovering and recuperating from the hard work of the term but unfortunately all of this doesn’t apply to me . It is 5am in the morning my mom is already singing and baking in the kitchen it is only a matter of time before she wakes me up.

“Usizwile “ she shouts from the kitchen i did say that she will wake me up in no time let me ignore her hopefully she will give up but knowing my mom she will shout and shout and shout. I didn’t get much sleep last night my life science project kept me up the whole night although it is only due when we open i prefer doing my schoolwork in advance.

“Usizwile Ndlovu must i drag you out of that bed” she shouts she can be a drama queen when she wants to but she is one of the sweetest women i know. I finally decide to wake up i put on a jacket then drag myself to the kitchen . My room is literally opposite the kitchen that is why my mom takes advantage of this. When Gatsheni is not home my mother sleeps with me in my room because it is only the two of us in the house anyway but she always wakes up and leaves me in the bed.

Our house has two bedrooms a kitchen and a dining room there are two rondavels a 1 room house outside and 2 RDP houses which belongs to my Uncle and Aunt who live in the same yard as us so basically its a full house. My Father has quite a few goats and cows which he owns together with my uncle.

“Morning Mah ‘’ I say

‘’Good afternoon Usizwile ‘’she says I did say that she can be hectic and dramatic if she wants to.

‘’Mah it is only 5.30am’’ I say

‘’Hhai i need you to go to town i am running out of my baking ingredients. I want to finish baking before your father and MaNgcobo get here’’ he says sighing MaNgcobo is my Fathers second wife.

If someone can be dead but living at the same time that is what my mom went through when my father told her and the rest of the family that he is taking a second wife.

No one understood why he needed a second wife my mother has been a housewife ever since she lost her job 5 years ago she gave him 2 children Sabelosenkosi and myself Usizwile my father’s family love her . My family is not wealthy we are a normal family we live in a beautiful house here in Umsinga my father is a long distance truck driver.

One thing about my Father is that he is very traditional he lives in the 60s basically his nature of living comes with him being a dictator it is either his way or no way at all.

‘’Mah did you talk to Gatsheni about the forms’’ i ask Gatsheni is our clan and that is how i call my Father .I am doing my Matric so it that time of the year to apply to Universities because i am under 18 i need my Parents to sign the forms i will be turning 18 in December on Christmas to be specific.

‘’I will talk to him today ‘’ she says without even turning around to look at me

‘’Mah you have been saying that for the past month now i need to submit them when schools open’’ i say in almost what sounds like a whisper

‘’I don’t know I don’t promise anything you know your father he will never agree university Usizwile ? we are pushing it he will never agree’’ she says

‘’Mah he just needs to agree he doesn’t even need to pay anything Miss Mbhele will pay for the form and will help me with student funding ‘’ I say trying to sound convincing I am convincing the wrong person though Gatsheni is the one i’m supposed to convince.

‘’Please hurry up and get ready ‘’ she says dismissing me

‘’This is when I really miss Sabelo’’ I say

‘’USizwile when will you wake up ? Sabelo chose prison over us

Sabelo chose prison over us I miss and need him too but it’s just the two of us now we have to make it happen Please MaNdlovu go get ready’’ she says calmly

I still remember that day very clearly Every time I think about it I relive the moment

I had just come back from school when I heard a car park outside on the yard and someone shouting my name

"Sabelo oh my word you bought a car my brother has a car" I screamed and jumped on him

"Where is Gatsheni is he here ?" he said in a cold voice with such Authority not even returning my hug

"No he is not here I'm alone I think Mah said she will go to the Fields to check on her vegetables.

‘’Sabelo you don't look okay what's wrong " I said following him as he paced to the Rondavel he sleeps in when he is home

"Take this go buy cooldrink and biscuits for you and Mah I want to take a quick nap I'm driving back to Durban later " he said already closing the door to my face . I knew something was wrong but I couldn't put my finger on it Sabelo was jumpy and he wanted to get rid of me

"Sabelo wait I want to tell you something " I said trying to push the door

"Mpendulo Just go please I want to sleep " he roared Mpendulo is my Second name only Sabelo calls me Mpendulo mom uses that name sometime when she is trying to blackmail me . I decided to leave him and go buy the cooldrink Its not everyday that I get this treat.

As soon as I stepped out the yard I saw 2 police vans speeding towards the Gate no one Is a police officer in my family so I didn't understand what was happening at first I thought they came to report that my Father has been in an accident or something because trucks always have accidents.

"Mpendulo run" Sabelo screamed I couldn't see him yes I ran but I ran back to the rondavel I had left him in. The vans were now parked in the yard and Police officers roaming around the yard. The whole commotion went on for about 20 minutes with me running around with the police officers screaming and swearing.

My uncle usually takes the cows to graze my aunt was at work and my younger cousins were on the fields with my Mother so I was technically alone the neighbors are approximately 15 minutes away although I knew they could see everything. After what seemed like a lifetime 2 policemen walked towards me with Sabelo between them tied with handcuffs.

"Fuck let me talk to my sister " he said as they manhandled him

"I love you more than anything I'm sorry tell Mah I said I'm sorry here take my Phone call Ntombi and tell her I've been arrested " he said looking at me Ntombi was his girlfriend

I couldn't stop my tears from falling I kept nodding and screaming No what was I witnessing I didn't believe the rumors about him and illegal dealings Sabelo is a brother and more.

"Mpendulo call Ntombi okay? " he said as they dragged him away. I threw myself at him I cried till I felt someone hold Me moving me away from him when I turned to look it was a female Police officer she carried me like a baby and put me on the veranda then they left. I was sure nothing hurt as much as witnessing my brother being arrested my brother being thrown into the policevan like a criminal I guess he was a criminal.


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