Chapter 7

I look at Luhle because I'm confused as hell he nods I guess this is the only way we can find out why this woman is crying I oblige and take it off. She lifts up my T-shirt at the back she screams and Carol just faints falling on top of Luhle who is sitting on the couch. Carol's husband takes off her top and I rush to the kitchen and get water he pours the water on her and she wakes up coughing.

Luhle and I are squashed in a one seater couch not knowing what to do and confused as hell.
After what seems like a lifetime Carol snaps out of it and stops crying. She walks towards me and also squeezes me in for a hug I wish someone could tell me what is going on.

"My girl there is something you need to know “Carols mother says to me

"Yes Mah I'm listening " I say nervous as ever

"Carol was raped 19 years ago when she was 17 she was raped by a bus driver who drove her and other kids to school every day. When Carol reported it and a case was opened he just vanished as if he never existed. 9 months later she gave birth to a baby girl and we named her Ntandoyenkosi. Baby Ntandoyenkosi was kidnapped when she was a year old nobody knows what happened to her. What I'm trying to say is that Baby Ntandoyenkosi is you " she says

I can't breathe properly tears are falling down my eyes but the voice is not coming out I'm sweating I can feel my eyes getting heavy with that it's lights out.

I blink a few times and I finally open my eyes but I close them again because the light is too bright.

"Yesintu " someone says.

I blink again then I open my eyes fully this time I look around the room it looks like a hospital yes I'm in a hospital I fainted.

"Yesintu " Luhle says

"Hi " I say attempting to get up but my head hurts

"Looks like the patient is up how are you feeling sweetheart " a white lady asks

"My head hurts " I say

"I will give you something for the pain but besides that I don't have a reason to keep you here I will prepare your discharge papers " she says and walks out.

Luhle and I are looking at each other but we both haven't said anything. Carol and her parents walk in and they all hug me.

"How are you feeling?" Carol asks

"Besides my head I'm okay the doctor is preparing my discharge papers " I say

"Can we go home with you so we make sure you fully recover " her Mother says

I look at Luhle but he is not looking at him it's at this point where I realize how I rely on him for everything.

"Luhle " I say in a whisper

He turns and looks at me with so much sadness in his eyes but I don't know why Luhle is crying I'm the one who just found her Mother after 19 years I’m the one who's supposed to be crying. He nods then walks out of the room

I’m the one who's supposed to be crying. He nods then walks out of the room I think he needs to calm down.

“Did you look for me “I ask

Carol starts crying again this time the tears are just falling and she doesn’t take her eyes of me

“Yes we did days turned into months and years eventually we came to terms with your disappearance “her mother’s says

“So you gave up” I say

“For years until you were 13 I kept buying you clothes with the hope that when you return home you will find everything ready for you I never gave up on you “carol says

“I was 17 when I had you I didn’t have you through a conventional way but nothing made sense in my life like you did. When he took you I went into a dark place until a year ago when I met you you don’t look like me you are a spitting Image of him I was too naive to notice or I just forced myself not to think that far. Take your time think about all of this and adjust it won’t be easy but can we do It together “she says.

A year later...

"Mom you do remember that I'm not coming back tonight right " I say walking down the stairs

"No I don't remember where are you going again?" she asks laughing

" I love you Mother my flight is at 7 so I'll come back after campus and grab my bags " I say walking out

I throw my bags in the boot and quickly rush to the driver’s seat my phone rings just as I'm about to start the Car

*Hello Biggie *

*Yes kid I don't have money just in case you were wondering *

*It's Not me this time Okwami needs new hockey boots and she's scared to ask Mam'Carol because she spent the money she gave her to buy them*

*Okwami likes to see me suffer I don't know I'll see I have a busy day and I'm flying to Cape Town Later *

*Please sis she has a big game coming up I have to go please pass my greetings to Bhut’Luhle. I love you Yesintu words can never express how much I love you *

*I love you too Amandla if it wasn't for you and Okwami I wouldn’t have made it you two made it worth it to hold on a little longer. Study hard please and don't lose your Scholarship*

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