Chapter 4

My phone vibrates indicating a message.

*Hi Angel I am going back to Johannesburg on Sunday so I'd like to see you before I leave - From Carol*

*Saturday I will be in pietermaritzburg so I can meet you in Durban on my way back from pietermaritzburg -sent *

*Great please do call me -From Carol *

I'm the first one to arrive at work I greet Mrs Zungu and I start cleaning. I don't catch a lift with Mrs Zungu anymore I take a taxi to and from work now since I get paid better plus I live closer to work now and Luhle gives me money often although I have told him a thousand times not to. The girls arrive as I start plaiting my first client we greet each other and chat a little while and we all carry on working.

I'm spending this week with Luhle so at 5pm we close the salon and I walk to Luhles work place. I spot Zodwa walking towards my direction I sigh I am really not in the mood for her today.

‘’Hello Yesintu “ she says when we meet

“Zodwa “ I say

“I can see that you are in a hurry so I will get straight to the point I wanted to say I am really sorry for the way I treated you you have probably heard people saying I killed your sister because I wanted menzo but that is not true I loved your sister she was my very close friend. I hope everything works out for you Yesintu you deserve it “ she says wiping her tears

I look at her up and down i wipe my tears and i carry on walking honestly speaking i do not have the energy to deal with people like Zodwa God knows best and i hand it all to him . This reminds me that i have to drag Luhle to church this Sunday i always go alone he hates it actually everyone in my life hates church Amanda and Nelly are worse.

"Muntu ka Luhle " he says when he finds me standing next to his car

"Hello Baby" I say hugging him

"Who's car is this " I ask when I'm about to get it. I don't know what's the name of his car I just know that it's black this one is white

"The brothers'" he says

"Oh " I manage to say

"What's wrong aren't you comfortable being in his car" he says

"I don't appreciate the sarcasm" I say with so much irritation in my voice

"But Yesintu.." he says but stops when I hold up my hand for him to stop talking

"Okay I'm sorry" he says already squeezing and kissing me . I giggle and kiss him back he lets go off me and starts driving .

"Let's go to nandos and have supper I know its Monday and you are always tired on Mondays so you wont even look at the kitchen " he says

Luhle and I love each other so much we don't try too hard for our relationship to work to him I'm not an orphan who lives in a small cottage I'm the love of his life as he always says. I guess he is part of my journey to happiness after everything that I've been through. I get scared by the fact that his family is too fond of me all his aunts cousins and his mom take me as a family member and not just as Luhles girlfriend.

The Langa situation has been hard on both of us I'm sure I'm with the right one but I also think Langa and I would have been great together. We haven't seen each other since I was discharged him and Luhle seem fine now.

I wake up to luhle staring at me

“morning “ I say blinking and rubbing my eyes

“You deserve an award for sleeping lets go bath its 7 already “ he says

“What i need to be at the salon In 30 minutes “ I say Im feelIng abIt funny though I don’t feel too good.

“Yesintu shit wait blood “ he says jumping off the bed and rushing to the side of the bed Im standing I turn around and look at the bed there Is blood on the sheet I look at my pants and Its bloody

“Oh No I must have started my period during the night let me wash these quickly you can take a bath so long “I say

“wait I will put these in the machine go bath quickly are you okay “he says already taking the sheets off the bed

I am so embarrassed there’s no point arguing with him about this I don’t feel too good anyway. I quickly take a shower I put on luhles shorts and top I don’t have anything comfortable to wear here so I will settle for this I am going back to bed.

“babe I’m late I have to rush

I will come see you during lunch call me If you want me to come home though “he says

“I’m a big girl go before Steven calls and roars like a lion.” I say giggling

I take my phone and dial Amanda’s number she answers on the first ring

*don’t tell me that you have It up now you are sore and can’t come to work *

*Amanda Khuzwayo*

*I love you too*

*I am not well I started my period during the night I lost so much blood I am actually feeling weak I have never lost so much blood during my periods*

*you are going to the clinic right*

*I will go babe let me sleep*

I drop the call with Amanda I’m laughing thinking about how crazy she Is. I find painkillers in the drawer I drink two and I sit on the couch with a blanket. I am really not okay I am struggling to even hold the remote that Is how weak I am. I manage to get hold of my phone I send Luhle an sms he calls Immediately

*must I come home*

*yes please come home something Is not right *
I need MaZulu I need my sister God knows I need them so much. Luhle storms in the house and rushes to me I am now vomiting and crying at the same time. Luhle rushes to the bathroom and comes back with a bucket and a glass of water.

“Mah Yesintu Is vomiting she’s on her periods but the blood flow Is too much I don’t know what to do “Luhle says. I look to see who he’s talking to he Is on the phone and pacing up and down the room

“Babe Mom Is coming she says I mustn’t take you to the hospital you will be okay “

After a while the vomiting stops I walk to the bathroom with Luhle helping to walk because I am so weak I feel like I am going to fall I rinse my mouth and change my pad then we walk to the bedroom. The minute I feel like I am drifting off to sleep his Mom walks in she Is carrying Langas daughter Luhle walks out the room he takes the child with.

“How are you feeling now “

“At least the vomiting has stopped so I think I am fine the blood Is still flowing heavily “I say sitting up

“Here drink this It Is water with vinegar it will make the blood to stop flowing heavily I also brought you something to drink to help with the nausea. You will be okay the way Luhle called I thought you were dying “she says giggling.

“Thank you Mah Luhle always overreacts but I honestly thought I was dying. How did you get here “I say?

“Luckily Langa Is home for a few days so he brought me here he dropped us off and left he will come back to fetch us “she says.

I don’t know why that hurts a little he didn’t even come in to see how I am doing. I think I am being selfish I have Luhle and he Is enough.
I don’t know what time It Is I wake up and Luhle Is next to me asleep I reach for my phone I have so many miss calls from Candy and Amanda I will return them tomorrow the time Is 7pm I don’t remember when I fell asleep the last I remember I was talking to Luhles mom.

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