Chapter 3

My head is heavy when I try to wake up I turn around and look around the room wait where am I? this place is not familiar at all. I close my eyes and open them again then it makes sense I am in a hospital I must have fainted last night.

“How are you feeling mam” the nurse says standing next to me I didn’t hear her walk in.

“My head is sore and heavy what happened to me? I don’t remember much “I say already in tears.

“You were brought in last night after vomiting you lost alot of water in your system therefore you fainted because of dehydration. It also seems like you had too much alcohol” she says fixing my pillow

“ i will bring you tablets just now okay get some rest “ she says again i close my eyes and i fall asleep immediately

I am woken up by somebody shaking me i open my eyes and i see Luhles mom and 2 of his cousins .

“Has Luhle come to see you ?” his mom asks

“No Mah he hasn’t “ i say

“ He didn’t come back home last night “ she says i am sadden by what she just said i am worried about him luhle is very sensitive .
We talk for a while before i doze off to sleep again i wake up just in time for supper a lady walks in and gives me my food the nurse helps me up and i eat.

Luhle still hasn’t come to see me i really think he is overreacting . i don’t know where my phone is i need to tell Nelly and Amanda that i wont be coming to work tomorrow after eating i take a shower and i fall to sleep this medication is making me more sick and tired than to make me better.

The nurse makes me up and tells me to take a shower and get ready for breakfast since the doctor will be coming in early to see me. I do as i am told i shower then eat . the doctor comes in after 30 minutes he asks me a few questions he says he will discharge me tomorrow.

I have heard how doctors from private hospitals see a patient for 5 minutes but will charge alot of money i cant help think of how i will pay for the hospital. The doctor says i had an allergic reaction after drinking too much especially since it was my first time drinking alcohol . i really should have known better than to otake my frustrations out on alcohol . The doctor leaves and i decide to watch Tv theres a programme about beauty and hairstyling on but i am feeling very sleepy.

“i am really sorry Yesintu i shouldn’t have given up on you on us God knows how much i fell inlove with you that day you bumped into me. I had so many plans for us i wanted to love you more than you have ever been loved . Luhle loves you and it hurts me that he is in a bad space because of me i guess i will try to forget that i still in love you “

Am i dreaming because i can hear someone talking next to me from what he is saying i think it is Langa i attempt to open eyes no i am not dreaming Langa is standing next to me looking very horrible he is looking out the window and not looking at me

I attempt to open my mouth but Luhles family walks in Luhle is not with them i feel tears burning my eyes I just close my eyes and let them fall.

“How are you feeling “ Luhles mom asks i don’t take my eyes off Langa

“I am okay mah this medication is making me tired though “ I say my tears still falling.

Luhle walks in and the room becomes dead silent even I stop crying his eyes are blood shed red

he walks in and stands next to his Mother opposite Langa. No body says anything Langa and Luhle keep staring at each other it's really awkward with him being here nothing happened between us so I don't why things are like this.

"Langa a word please " Luhle says I flinch the room is still dead silent I think everyone knows what happened before I was admitted .

Langa does not even look at him "Dammit Langa now " he says shouting

Langa looks at meI really don't know what to say or do I think he wants my approval or something. I look away and finally he gives in and they walk out.

There is shouting swearing and cursing for a while then the noise decreases I am worried and embarrassed right now two brothers are going down each other’s throats because of me. After what seems like a lifetime they both walk in they both look calm Luhle walks and sits on the bed next to me nobody says anything to them

” please excuse us “ Luhle says.

Everyone quickly stands up and says their goodbyes I am scared of what will happen next Langa looks at both of us and nods before he walks out.

"Luhluthando I'm sorry I shouldn't have snapped I was angry I'm sorry baby but your question was unfair Luhle and you know it " I say before he says anything I'm trying to clear the air I feel guilty a bit.

"What did you expect me to do Yesintu ? My Brother is inlove with you I know that because he was stressed for months because of you he's daughter was a result of him being stressed he got drunk and slept with a girl he met at the club and she fell pregnant " he says looking down

"I had no idea that you are brothers Langa and I were not dating it didn't get to that but there was something there I can't change that but I'm with you now and God knows i love you " I say

He gives me a tight hug and kisses me for a long time “ I was just so scared that I will lose you “ he says I don’t answer him instead I hold him for dear life.

I am going to be discharged this afternoon and I can't wait for the weekend Luhle and I are going to Pietermaritzburg to see my sister and Niece.

I'm woken up by my alarm ringing my body is painful it feels like I've slept for only a few hours I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and I insisted on coming back to my place since Luhle wanted me to stay with him for a few days. I drag myself out of bed I boil water to bath and get ready for work in an hour I am dressed and ready to leave I lock the door and walk towards the taxi stop .My phone vibrates indicating a message.

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