Chapter 1

I decide to call Sethu therefore I dial the centers number

*Hello can I speak to Siphosethu Khumalo please tell her it is Yesintu *

*Hey my friend how are you ? I miss you the countdown begins I am getting out of here soon Naomi wanted your number *

*Sethu calm down I don’t even know which question to answer first*

*I am just so excited like we had spoken I am going to stay with you for a few months until I figure myself out I cant go back to that womans house*

*I will be waiting for you I really cannot wait *

Sethu and I continue talking until my airtime gets finished I really miss her she's one of the people which kept me sane at the facility. I am too tired to take a bath so I head straight to bed. I always listen to the radio before I sleep there's a show I love listening to where people call and talk about their experiences in prison I'm disturbed by my phone vibrating

*Mam'Carol Hello how are you? *

*I'm Okay my dear my heart is so sore I have to go overseas for a few months I'm leaving on Wednesday so I won't be able to see you until I come back *

*It's Okay Mah I'll be waiting for your call and travel safely *

We Say our goodbyes and I sleep.

It's been 3 months and things between Luhle and I are great. My Final exams went well so I am expecting very good marks. Luhle was supporting me throughout my exams we had a few fights because he wanted me to move in with him in his flat and I declined he sulked for a few days but eventually he got over it.

Mam'Zethu moved back to the Eastern cape after her Mother passed away so I work at the Salon full time now. Last week I appeared in front of the magistrate for the last time carol was not there as she was still overseas I was told where my Sister and Niece are. Luhle and I will go next week to see them in Pietermaritzburg.

Sethu is being released in two weeks there was a delay with her release because she was diagnosed with severe depression this was a bit confusing because every time I spoke to her she was okay and happy to be released from the center .

Today is Friday and I'll be sleeping at Luhles flat so I pack an overnight bag and lock my door I live in Gamalakhe now a township in Port Shepstone I live in a one room cottage it is better than the squatter camp . I have done well for myself even though Luhle helped with a few of the furniture here. Candy and I talk now and then she went back to her "job" straight after she recovered at times I feel sorry for her she was married and has 3 kids when her husband died her inlaws chased her way. She says that's how she ended up at the squatter campshe says she makes enough money to take home and also spoil herself . I take out my phone and dial Luhle’s number

*Luhle Please meet me at the rank so you can take the bag *

* Call me when you get there *

I drop the call and carry on walking I really don't know why he is grumpy today but I think it's because we won't spend time together tomorrow. I'm meeting up with Carol and he will be at his home in KwaHlathi because one of his cousins has a uMemulo. I am nervous about going there tomorrow I have been to his home a couple of times but I haven’t met all of his family his brother will also be there.

I climb into the Taxi the drive is shorter than usual the driver was driving like a racing champion. Luhle is already waiting for me. We greet each other kiss and he drives me to work.

"Ngiyakuthanda Yesintu sami I'll see you after work " he says and kisses my forehead

"Goodbye Mr Ngwane Sintu loves you " I say giggling we have been together for 3 months now but I hardly say “I love you “ to him he has gotten used to it.

Nelly and Amanda are already at the salon and drinking wine as always

"You are drinking your holy water so early in the morning " I say walking in

"Oh look who just walked in Mrs Virgin" Nelly says sipping her wine

"But I've been telling you You better give it to him fast or else people like me Will snatch him" amanda says laughing

"I'm 19 do you fools understand that ?" I say looking at the both of them

"Mxm" they both say at the same time.

Friday's are very busy we stand the whole day and we usually don't even go for lunch. I call Luhle and tell him to fetch me at 6 since I'm still plaiting someone and I need to make enough money today since I wont be working tomorrow.

Luhle has been suggesting that I register at Unisa for Next year and he will pay for my fees I've been Postponing the topic for a month now I don't want to depend on him when I make enough money I will register myself at Unisa.

At exactly 6pm Luhle walks in the salon and walks to me he kisses my forehead and holds me close to him He smells really good as if he just had a bath. Amanda and Nelly look at each other and laugh they always say it’s unbelievable that I have a boyfriend.

"Let's go baby I miss you now " he says

I say my Goodbyes to the girls and we walk out. He opens the door for me I get in and he moves to his side and drives off. We drive to Nandos buy food and we drive to the flat. As soon as we get to the flat Luhle starts eating he takes out a can of beer and downs it same time.

"Babe didn't you eat during Lunch ?" I ask looking at him with a shocked face

"I did but I was hungry don't look at me like that " he says throwing a pillow at me

“Your appetite scares me Luhle really “ I say standing up and clearing the dining room table.

After taking a bath together we cuddle on the couch and watch TV. It's been 3 months and we haven't had sex he's never initiated it I'm comfortable walking around naked in front of him we take baths together but not sex. I look at him and he's fallen asleep with his head on my thighs.

I must have also fallen asleep because I'm woken up by his phone ringing I wake him up but he rejects the call and goes back to sleep the person calls again and the Caller ID is Bru and there is a picture of a little girl on the screen I wake him up again this time he answers it.

"Babe that was my brother I have to go now he says I should come home " he says walking to the bedroom to change his clothes

“Are not going to bath “I say I am just teasing him and I know he will get irritated he hates being woken up from his sleep.

“Yesintu I am sure you have something to do besides irritating me early in the morning “ he says with so much irritation in his voice I laugh out loud and walk to him.

"Okay love I’ll leave at 10 and I'll probably be at kwahlathi at 3 I will call you. " I say hugging him. With that he's gone and I'm left alone I take a shower and get ready to leave.

Carol calls me and says we should meet at the mall.

"Hello how are you " she says hugging me

"I'm okay Mam and how are you ?" I say

"I'm good let's go to Spur and have breakfast " she says holding my hand

We've been here for two hours talking and catching up she's been telling about everyone at the center she says the kitchen stuff miss me so much.

"Yesintu the reason why I called you here is to thank you " she says

I attempt opening my mouth but she continues talking .

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