My name is Oliva Mlondleni from Pietermaritzburg I'm currently doing my second year in marine biology at UKZN Scottsville campus 20 years of age. I'm not a fan of school if it was up to me I was not going to further my studies but as we all know children of SA are nothing without education I'm very good at surfing. It's so unfortunate blacks are less privileged to such sports even my very own parents dismissed me when I tried telling them that I want to do surfing for a living but it's fine I'm not gonna dwell on that. 

I live with mom

Phila who is my younger brother and my step-dad (Phila's biological father). I don't know my dad apparently he died in a car accident just after I was born years later mom met  Phila’s dad. 

I'm sure you are wondering what kind of name is Oliva even I don't know shame lemme ask mom 

Me: we mah! (mom) 



Me: mah!!!! 

…. “yini umsindo!! “ she appears from god knows where 


Her:yini? (what) 

Me :what is the meaning of my name?? 

Her: ahh lokho futhi? (that again) 

Me: you always avoid telling me why? 

Her: ngaliphupha (I dreamt about it)


Not this again… 

Her:your mermaid grandmother gave you that name in my dream it means peace 


Her : you're a descendent of a siren-mermaid 

I laughed out loud and left her there with her fairytale 


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