Chapter 55


As we were still singing and dancing celebrating defeating Susan a small portion of sand transformed into the mist and swirled around for a few seconds before settling again leaving the four bodies. I swam fast hoping to find them alive. Circe Kholiwe and Alex started coughing terribly before realizing where they were. 

Alex:yes we survived!

He screamed in happiness call me evil but honestly I don't even care about these three. The person who I am worried about is Oliva who was still laying peacefully on the ground… 

I made my way to where she was a kneeled beside her. 



Me:Oliva babe please wake up! 

 Amelia screamed… 

Her:Oliva! my beautiful toes please don't leave me. Please!! 

Me:Circe Kholiwe please do something guys

Kholiwe:Circe I told you this was a bad idea you killed my only daughter you are a witch!

Circe: mxm you are really pathetic and ungrateful you are alive because of Oliva If she did not give up her life you would be dead

Dad :this is no time to point fingers at each other we have to find the solution. 

The guilt creeped in I shouldn't have plotted the plan of selling out Oliva so that she can fight with us now I lost the love of my life because of my inconsideration. 

Circe:Oliva can come back but someone has to his or her life for her to wake up as you know a life for a life. 

Me:but John lost his life that should count something

Circe: John died for us but not Oliva we used witchcraft to break the physical bond between her and Zelig we also used witchcraft to separate her soul from her flesh. 

Me: but that means nothing here you are alive but the dark house was created from black magic. 

Circe: my prince Oliva is different from us. 

Me:okay fine do what you have to do to bring her to life I'm giving up mine.

(the crowd gasped) 

Amelia:no Zelig you can't do that you and Oliva went through a lot I will never let death do you apart at least not now. 

Alex:okay Circe kill me instead. 

Amelia:no I'm volunteering. 

Lindiwe(Amelia’s biological mother):no Amelia I just found you and I can't afford to lose you I spent so many years without you. 

Amelia:shut up Lindiwe some of us are not selfish like you you chose a man over me now deal with it as much as I will deal with choosing Oliva over you. 

Harry:babe please don't do this 

Me:Harry there is no us we share the DNA you were never loyal to me Nolwazi was never Loyal to me even Nzuzo wasn't loyal to me the only person who deserves my life is Oliva and I'm going to grant it to her with so much pleasure and happiness. Don't you dare try to convince me otherwise because it won't work

even Nzuzo wasn't loyal to me the only person who deserves my life is Oliva and I'm going to grant it to her with so much pleasure and happiness. Don't you dare try to convince me otherwise because it won't work my decision is final. 

Circe:Well I guess this is it but Amelia my child I don't want you to do this with a heavy heart full of grudges you need to forgive all who trespassed against you in order for you to rest in eternal peace and become a good ancestor. 

Amelia:whatever Circe. 

I picked Oliva’s body and we all went to Circe’s old house… 

She mixed up some herbs and Amelia drank. 

Amelia:I'm sleepy

Circe:take a nap you will wake up later so that we will finish what we started. 

As instructed she closed her eyes. 



Phila: Thank you for visiting me my sister I missed you a lot

Me:my indulgence I wish I could stay here forever. 

Dad:unfortunately you have to go back. 

Me:I understand

Queen Oliva : thank you so much Oliva my ocean will now be a better place. The love of your life is waiting for you. 

Me:where is Susan? 

Queen Oliva:she is in the dark house thanks to you and Zelig

Me:So Zelig didn't sell me out? 

Her:no at all he actually made you strong you were able to woman up and use your powers to defeat Susan. 

I nodded feeling very proud of myself 

Me:are you going to allow me to go back to the human world? 

Queen Oliva: yes your wish shall be granted to you but there is only one thing you need to do now

Me:what is it? 

Queen Oliva:you will find out soonnow go back. 

She says smiling 


I opened my eyes and Zelig came to me as fast as the lightning

Him:my love 

Me:we did it babe

Him:we did it

(Few months later) 

Pastor: I now pronounce you as husband and wife Zelig you may kiss your bride… 

He kissed me and the world fell away. It was slow and soft comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below my ear his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingled. I ran my fingers down his spine pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest forgetting that we have an audience. our moment was desturbed by Kholiwe shouting…. 

Her:the egg is hatching! 

We stopped kissing and swam towards the nursery and my princess was laying there crying … 

My eyes teared up at the sight of the production of my womb. Kholiwe took her and gave her to me to breastfeed her. 

Kholiwe:have you thought of the name? 

Me:Amelia Amelia Penifer 

Zelig: beautiful name I'm sure Amelia is happy wherever she is. 

Me:she is she gave up her dramatic life because of me I will forever be grateful for that.

To give you a brief of what happened in the past few months the king took back his throne Circe married the king and they are ruling together Zelig impregnated me and Amelia is the one who will take over the throne as the rightful queen. The sirens and the mermaids had a truce and everyone has been living in peace no species is superior than the other . I discovered that Queen Oliva was not a mermaid but a siren-mermaid all this havoc started when the siren married a mermaid and that is how Queen Oliva was born. I hope you remember when my mom(Babalwa) said to me “you are the descendent of a siren-mermaid”..

Zelig forgived Princess Nolwazi couldn't bear the misery she chose an easy escape and took her lifeHarry moved in with her mother LindiweNzuzo married Kholiwe and they are expecting my little sibling whom I might not meet. 

Kholiwe:I'm afraid I have bad news. 

Me:what's wrong? 

Her:The Queen is born and it's time for you and Zelig to go back to the human world. When she is old enough the king will have to step down and hand the throne to Amelia.

Me:I guess my time is up here… 

I say as the tears streamed down to the thought of living Kholiwe and Amelia. 

Circe:you two have to drink this this 

Zelig:what is it? 

Circe:just drink…

We both kissed Amelia for the last time and drank the herb. 


(Few years later) 

Mom was released from the mental institution although she is still attending therapy she is serving her sentence by doing community services for five years. 

Babalwa: Oliva I have good newsthe 

Me: what is it mom? 

Her:I finished my sentence and I am now a free woman wuuuuuhhh. 

Me:that's good to hear mommy!! 

I say in excitement…. 

Me: you have to move in with us. 

Her:I will think about it 


Oliva graduated and she is now a qualified marine biologist and Zelig is working as a lifeguardhe is living as a human full time now and they are now living in Durban. 

Oliva: I wonder how is Amelia and Kholiwe 

Zelig:I really miss Hoseng but I guess this is our destiny. 

Me:yes after all the suffering we conquered. I love you babe

Zelig:I love you more Mrs Penifer.







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