Chapter 2


I wake up in a very beautiful and peaceful place I'm not sure if this is heaven or what but if it's indeed heaven then I should have died a long time ago. 

I  look around me I see different kinds of plants aquatic plants to be specific the microswords Amazon swords westerias and green marios to mention a few… Don’t look at me like that remember I study marine biology so I'm bound to know these things

Where exactly am I? 

Then it hit me that I drowned

I realise that I'm actually in water no no it can't be how come I'm not suffocating a normal human cannot breathe in water. 

Now I'm not sure if I'm crazy or what but I feel like I'm the character of some fairytale/magical movie

do you know BARBIE MERMAID TAIL? or the WINX??... 

I wonder if I'm alive or dead can it happen that I'm in the bottom of the sea?

I try swimming upwards but it's impossible I keep swimming until I eventually get tired I decide to just walk and explore the beauty of nature. Along the way I hear the very melodic voice that person is singing the song I never heard of. I followed the voice my heart almost stopped never in my wildest dreams I ever imagined myself seeing the mermaid… Well if it's indeed a mermaid  I'm not sure. 

If I happen to go back to the terrestrial land I'm probably gonna win Lotto (my mom once told me that if someone sees a mermaid that person is lucky and it symbolises that he/she will be rich). 

This thing notices me and stops singing it gives me that stern look I can't even explain. I get nervous I'm gonna face the Angel of Death for the second time today. 

Kanti what did I do to spite the universe?? 


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