Chapter 1


Today I'm having a dull day. I'm tired AF probably because I was writing coastal management I can't even rank how much I hate that module. I really have no interest in environmental science and climate change but I'm sure I will obtain at least 50% so that I pass the test. 

I'm with Khanyi my study matewe are walking to town….. 

Her: I'm gonna ace that test I felt it 


This one is a chatterbox she can talk all the way from Scottsville to town with no full stop I actually don't mind her loudness but today I'm annoyed. I think she noticed.. 

Her: why did you opt for marine biology in the first place when you resent it like this?

She knows how much I hate school we are not friends but we a quite close 

Her again: I hope you wrote the correct answers in that test you can't afford to let your studying go down the drain like that… NEVER!! 

me: can you shut up!! 


Shit I snapped 

Her: mxm why are you this grumpy? 


Honestly I don't know why I'm feeling like this because this test is the least of my worries right now 

Me:I'm sorry oe I'm not feeling well 



Seconds later she starts again blabbering about how she nailed the test It took a lot in me not to roll my eyes I let her go on with her talking with me pretending to be listening I zone out till we arrive in town. 

Finally we go our separate ways now I'm gonna have a peace of mind. 

In situations like this I wish I reside in Durban because there is sea I would have taken my surfboard and headed there. 

Now I'm in my room reading THE FAMOUS FIVE until I doze off



I wake sweating yet feeling ice cold I had a bad dream I dreamt about Phila drowning in the sea I usually hear old people saying dreams like that indicates death

Now I'm panicking I can't lose my only sibling

my breathing escalates. I'm not sure if I'm having a panic attack right now or what but I feel suffocated and my skin feels dry 

I do breathing exercises until I'm okay I think about the dream I just had…. it's just dream right? sleeping during the day can make one have weird dreams. 


I'm with my family in the lounge watching TV when I suddenly feel cold once again

Stepdad:why are you shaking? 

Me:ngyagodola (I'm feeling cold) 

Phila: aw but the weather is chilly nje

I shrug 

Phila: Oli u ryt? 


Oky I'm grumpy once again 

Phila: oh nxese (sorry) no need to bit my head of 

My skin again 

Mom: we have to see the healer 

Me: no! I need to see a doctor 

Her: you don't need western help 


DadPhila and I: what!!! 

Mom:you won't understand 


I ended up going to the clinic the following day you know how these public clinics are 

It's full the nurses with their stinking attitude in the end I finally made it out of that place carrying the skin anointment and flue meds days later I'm feeling better 

So today we are at South Beach (Durban) with Khanyi’s friends I don't even like them that much Khanyi has lot of friends they are that typical squads that gossip about one another all the time now they are arguing I don't know who said what about who 

Sindi: don't make me angry wena! 

Phindi: Aybo uyasatshwoon? 

Okay that's my que to leave I take my surfboard and head to the pier I jump off and start doing what I do best. 

I was busy enjoying myself when the big wave came through I found myself losing my centre of gravity which led to the Wipeout  usually I

can handle wipeouts and reefs but this time I was drowningmy swimming skills have forsaken me. I'm suffocating now so let me just accept my fate at least I will die in my happy place water.


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