Speaker :1“We have to name this village Hoseng “

Speaker 2: Smart these people will just think of unity”

Speaker 1: yes my love let's keep manipulating them when the right time comes we will strikeeven if we would be no longer here to attack but our son will do the honours”

Speaker 2: His name is Zeligour blessing the greatest of our creatures.

Speaker 1:he will bring back our land this whole ocean will belong to the sirens the mermaids will go back to the slavery we shall take their powers socery back to us and rule them..

Haha(evil laugh)

I woke up sweating confused and scared the dream felt real every dream has its meaning dreams always indicate or warn us about something.

This is not good could it be happening that this is the beginning of my journey my duty.. No It can't be it's too soon. What worries me is that the dream I just had was unclear I didn't see the faces of the speakers

I didn't see the faces of the speakersI know it's a man and a woman probably a pregnant woman I'm not sure.

Now I'm trying to figure out the dream since I don't trust anyone between Zelig and Zara. This dream is for sure showing me something is it a past or future?

I can't seem to understand what is going on.

I'm recalling the dream..

His name is Zeligour blessing the greatest of our creatures. “

Zelig?? Are these Zelig’s parents?

What creatures to be exact? because Zelig looks like a mermaid but he said he is a Serin-mermaid…

When he told me the difference between the sirens and the mermaids he did not talk about the sirens…

No one should know about the dream especially Zelig. Not even the most clueless.. Amelia

But am I going to know what is happening if i do not consult Zara?

Now I'm crying I'm shaking why does it have to be me

Zelig: what's wrong..

Me:I miss home please help me Zelig I want to go home I want my family I'm missing school please I'm sure mermaids are sorcerers please do something

Him:omg I'm sorry everything will be fine just sleep maybe you will wake up feeling better.

Oky I'm scared to sleep what if the dream comes back? maybe I should really sleep so that the dream comes back then I will be able to figure it out..

Zelig:eat to you..

He says as he snaps his fingers

Me:I'm sorry you're right I should sleep please close the door on your way out.


Me:Zelig I value my space. I know this is not my house but I don't appreciate you barging in here in this room I'm using without knocking.

Him:Noted it won't happen again.

He stared at me before heading out..

I follow him and lock the door from inside.

I sign I hope he doesn't read minds.

I decided to sleep surprisingly I had a peaceful sleep with no weird dreams.



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