There is something off about Zelig I don't know what exactly it is but he is….. Creepy. 

About the ‘in Inlove’ issue I decided to dismiss that I'm not here for love. We are different creatures and I will do everything I can to go back to my normal life so I don't want anything to mess up my emotions I don't want to be attached to someone knowing very well that there will be no forever. 

Zelig appears from his room.. 

Him : Oliva I'm sorry about the way I acted recently although I was telling the truth but I know some things are impossible. 


Me:it's oky

Him:my love for you is enough to let you go I know maybe one day you will go back to the land of humans. 

Let me change the topic.. 

Me: mmm I have an appointment with Amelia so i better get going before I run late. 

Him: yah you don't wanna deal with her drama. 

I stand up and head out. 

I had a great day with Amelia she was showing me around then we went to grab something to eat. 

She bought me a cheap phone so we can communicate I actually like her a lot.  I know I said I don't do well with people who are as dramatic as her but she is different. 

I ended up at the seer’s house…. 

Her:I was expecting you yesterday 

Me:I'm sorry I was busy. 


She asks with suspicious eyes

Me:yes busy. 

Her: you have the duty that you have to serve it will come with sacrifices be ready the war is coming. 

I'm in denial… 

Her:you will discover somethings about you and some of those things will create enemies for you

and some of those things will create enemies for you beware of who to trust I'm counting myself too. If you feel like you don't trust me then restrain from telling me.

Me:please elaborate… 

Her:everything will be revealed to you 

Her:When you need help or guidance you're more than welcome to enquire. 



I stood up and headed to the the exit


I turned and looked at her… 

Her:pray don't forget to pray fare well. 

Wow wow… 

Life is Sdumo’s belly.. Not so long ago I was living a peaceful life with Khanyi’s drama only but now I have a lot to deal with. I have duties I don't even know about. 

The best thing to do now is trusting no one. 


We were on call with with Amelia

Her:So chomma tell me who is the lucky guy? 

Me:what are you talking about? 

Her:duuuh(rolling her eyes).. 

Her:you can't be leaving with a random guy when there is nothing going on between you two. 

Me:what are you implying? 

Yoo this one is too much

Her:I'm sure you two are dating or…… 

Me:or what? 

Her:ai kahle ke

Me:mxm stop being naughty and over-analysing things wena there is absolutely nothing going on between me and Zelig. 

Her:WHAT!!! WHO!!! 

me: Zelig.. 

Her:wait….. You mean Zelig? 


Her:”thee Zelig? “

Me:yah what's the fuss? 

Her:He is the next in line… 

I'm lost

Her:He is the prince


Her:yes amongst his siblings he is the chosen one to be the next king

I'm sure we are not talking about the same Zelig. 

Me:Zelig? the one who is a bit buff with a black tail? 

Her:nooo man Prince Zelig does not have the black tail but we only have one Zelig here in Henosis

Well I'm sure it's not him because the one I know has a black tail maybe people don't know him because he is just a commoner. 

I'm not being judgmental but Zelig’s house does not look like a palace.


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