Now it's the following day I decided to take a walk familiarising myself with the new environment. Honestly I miss my normal life I miss my chatterbox Khanyi I miss my family and surfing I definitely do not miss school I wonder if I will finish my degree.

 I see a lot of things I'm unfamiliar with I was one of those who did not believe seahorses do exist but hey I'm seeing one in front of me and other animals like starfishes octopus sea lion yes there is something called a sea lion in case you never heard of it a coral an oyster (that disgusting thing celebrities eat for the sake of maintaining their status mxm a jellyfish I know we are all with that one I hate it with my heart I was enjoying myself surfing when I felt something painfully stinging me when I looked at my lower leg I had the scar from its strings so I hated a jellyfish from that day I'm not dramatic guys that pain made me fall off a board and I came in contact with the seabed a seabed is a sandy bottom that feel like a concrete when a wave pounds you down upon it and if it's coral you are in real trouble

first it will cut you like a razor blade and leave pieces behind to infect you for months. Surfing is not as easy as people see it from afar it comes with lots of injuries no matter how professional you are dealing with big seawaves is not easy at all also sea waves are beautiful  but can be very dangerous you can drown and die oh yes I'm a die hard I drowned and I'm still alive in a very adventurous world. Well I was still telling you why I hate a jellyfish so I'm not so thrilled to see it however all of us are used to eat it's highly likely to come come in contact with it when you are swimming in the sea no matter how shallow the water is so yah there is nothing fascinating about seeing a jellyfish I'm sure you also run for your life when you see one. 

Guys I hope you don't mind me mentioning surfing here and there that's what happens if you wholeheartedly love something. Surfing is an interesting sport but don't you dare try it if you are aquaphobic (hydrophobic) you will die young of heart attack. Surfing is not for people who are acrophobic also waves can be 1720 feet high so if you are scared of heights then surfing is not for you. 

Over there I see a whale (umkhoma) it's the first time I see it and I can say it looks funny and big no wonder pregnant women hate being called a whale. 

Someone approaches me….. 

Her: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh 

It took a lot in me not roll my eyes I don't like drama

Her:A human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aybo jesu 

Her: a real human!!! 

She is shouting on top of hir voice… 

Her: Are you real? 

I just stare at her here I thought Khanyi is loud but noo man there are loud people out here.. 




Someone rescue me please…. 


She is now dancing probably celebrating seeing a human for the first time..

Her: what are these? 


She says pointing my toes shame kambe she doesn't have toes…. 


Her:wuuuuuuuuuuh they are beautiful OMG

But guys there is nothing beautiful about toes

At this point I'm no longer annoyed I'm laughing my lungs out.


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