We reach some beautiful house an old woman welcomes us.. 

Judging by the traditional attire she is wearingI presume she is a seer. 

Her: I see we have a visitor 

I don't think how she looks at me 

Zelig:She is not one of our kind

Her:she is

She says camly 

Me: I'm not 

Her: Then tell me how is it possible that you can breathe in the water world? 

Sarcasm at its best 



Her: Thought as much give me your hand

I extend my hand for her to do whatever she wants to do with it… 

Her: You are here for a purpose if you want to go back to your ordinary life you have to serve your purpose accept your destination I will be with you along the way

Me:what purpose? what destination? 

Her: The war is coming it won't be easy but with all the powers you have you will conquer. 

This woman is speaking in riddles how am I supposed to know the purpose and destination she is talking about

Wait…. Powers?? 

I did say I'm in a Disney show maybe I'm Bloom the most powerful fairy in the universe

with powers from the dragon flame that created the universe or maybe since this is a mermaid world I might be Barbie Merliaha champion surfer yes what a great correspondence. 

The seer brought me back to reality 

Her: go have some rest because tomorrow we have a lot to talk about 



We went to Zelig’s house that's where I'm going to stay since I know nobody here. 

As we were sitting Zelig said something.. 

Him:Don't trust that woman

Me: Who are you talking about? 

Him: There seer. 


Me: Why? 

Him: She is evil

Me: How? 

Him: She can manipulate you. 


Him: She likes using her gift to manipulate people she is evil. 

I didn't enquire any further I do not think that woman is evil she is completely crazy. She was telling me about purposes and powers I don't know tell me how can a human have powers? 

What powers were she talking about? 

The only way to find out is going there tomorrow so she can tell me about her foolishness. Anyway lies are more enjoyable than the truth and madness is even funnier. 

But is she really evil? 

Me: Zelig she is evil? 

Him: very 

Me: but why do people still consult with her if she is that evil?

Him:no one knows her evilness


Something doesn't add up here

Me: then how do you know she is evil? 

Him:I just know




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