Insert 4

We were still walking around with my newly found friend Zelig when my stomach made that rumbling sound I'm hungry. 

I wonder how long I've been here actually I'm worried about how long I'm going to be here. I might as well adapt because I do not think I'm going home anytime soon. 

My stomach rumbles again…. 



Me: I'm hungry 

Him: let's go feed you

Me:feed me what? 

Him: what would you like to eat? 

He asks with one raised eyebrow 


Him:oky since you don't want to specify we will eat raw crustaceans 

I hiss

Me:hell no!!! 

Him: Girlie this is no human world I'm sure you know we can't be eating the same food as you 

What have I done against the universe….. 

Right now I'm disgusted as hell

Him: I'm kidding morgal.. 


Him:don't mind me I kid a lot 

Oky at this right moment I'm annoyed… 

Me:Zelig I'm hungry 

Him:again…What would you like to eat? 






Him:we're on the 21st century Oliva so yes we do eat pizza we are sophisticated 

Me:wet pizza? 

Stupid question 


Me: I mean we are in water 

Him:oh this is just the entrance gate of Henosis we also have drylands here Henosis is our village the name Henosis is a Greek name meaning unity. So Henosis is land of unity


Me:So we are going to find more mermaids there? 

Him:yes and many more aquatic species

We walked until we reached there Zalig bought me food I'm full now hooray.. 


Now we are going to consult the seers

I'm full now hooray.. 


Now we are going to consult the seers apparently no one is allowed to visit this village without being seen by the seers this is done to avoid unwanted guests like the angels of darkness. 

As we are walking(actually I'm the only one who does the walking Zalig is swimming) to the seers consultation centerI remember something… 

Me:you were still telling me how mermaids differ from sirens in terms of personality

Him: mermaids are born or created when a human who has great love for sea dies though people who commit suicide are sometimes brought back at the mermaidsAll mermaids are born on either solstices or equinoxes


I think I'm gonna need Nyawo’s dictionary nowthis english is way beyond my intellectual levels….. 

Him:mermaids are not evil but everyone has a defence mechanism if they are angered by humans they might use their beauty to lure them into the depths where they would drown. However mermaids are as whole quiet elusive creatures who want nothing to do with humans. 

Hey one learns something everyday… 


Another thing hits me Zelig looks like a mermaid (half fish and half human) but remember when I asked him what kind of a creature he is he said he is the siren-mermaid. 

He will have to explain shame... 


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