Harry sent me the location of the hospital and we went there(me Nolwazi Nzuzo and Kholiwe) 

When we entered the ward Amelia was laying in bed as expected but she didn't seem “critical” as Harry stated. 

I did what I do best rolling my eyes.. 

Harry:I know I lied but I needed you to be here we both need you Oliva. 

Me:I know. 

Kholiwe:you are getting out of the way Oliva I thought we spoke about this. 


I whispered… 

I'm not being rude I just don't understand why I'm here supporting a traitor in the name of what blood? 

Why didn't she stand by me in the name of friendship? 

Well I'm going to try and support her because my father instructed me too I wish these creatures could understand that I'm a human I have a heart I'm allowed to be angry if someone betrays me. They can't expect me to be Jesus and forgive everyone who steps on my foot. 

Since I want to go back to my normal life I will have to soften my heart and forgive her. 

Me:Amelia what happened between you and Susan?

She kept quiet I'm not good at begging especially when something doesn't even concern me. 

Me:didn't your mother in law tell you I have powers? I might heal you at this moment what happened? 

Silence again…


Susan:how can I help you Amelia? 

Amelia :this ocean is full of liers 

Susan:what do you mean? 

Amelia :Nolwazi is not my mother

Susan :what do you mean? 

Amelia :they are not my parents

Susan :ncouh nxese ntombi(sorry girl) please leave my house I'm not your friend and I have no business with you. 

Amelia :mom please I have nowhere to go. 

Susan:I don't care please leave

Amelia knelt down begging Susan  

Susan :Well I will help you…. 

Susan opened her hand she swung it around producing a little tornado and directed it straight to Amelia. Just like that she was out of sight. 


Hmmm so that's what went down between two buddies… 

Me:dear friend are you not willing to tell me?

Her:she.. She.. 

Me:she attacked you with a tornado you didn't understand what was happening until you landed in the middle of nowhere with your fin and ribs broken you limped your way to Harry’s house and he brought you here.. 

Her:how did you know? 

Me:I'm clairvoyant my friend. 

Her:didn't you think I deserved to know? I was your only friend for Christ’s sake you should have trusted me what kind of a friend are you? 

Me:clairvoyance my friend I knew one day you would betray me.. 

Okay that's a lie I trusted Amelia more than I did with Khanyi it's just that I'm a reserved person. I'm not good at expressing myself. I prefer keeping things to myself that's one of the reasons I never told her I also remembered Zara’s words. 

“don't trust anyone even me”

I wonder why did she even say that or maybe she was indirectly manipulating me into trusting her. 

Amelia: I'm sorry Oliva. 

Me:you are sorry because your friend (Susan) knocked you or sincerely sorry? 

Her:but you neglected me I felt alone you gave all your attention to Zelig more than me. 

Me:Are we playing the blame game now? 

Her:no I'm sorry I'm really sorry jealousy got the better of me I was power hungry mom promised me all this ocean heaven and Earth she said I could obtain all of that if I married Zelig. At the same time I was heartbroken by what Harry did to me he chose his bitch over me. 

Me:you always knew Harry loved you that girl was probably going to be your “we have been through a lot” I'm sure she was a passing storm am I right Harry? 

He looked down ashamed.. 

Amelia:well it doesn't matter we are siblings

Me:I know.. 

Kholiwe:Oliva stop please. 

Amelia:it seems like you know everything

Me:do you have any interest in knowing your roots? 

Her:no Nzuzo and Nolwazi are the only parents I know. 

Me:my bad I thought you would like to be my sister. 

Her:we can be sister as before Oliva

Me:we are siblings Amelia. 

“what!”.. They all said in coeval well except Kholiwe. 

I started telling them how Amelia and I are related their mouths were wide open. 

Nolwazi:you can't be serious.. Amelia's body started jerking and shaking the machines started beeping loudly causing everyone to panic

the machines started beeping loudly causing everyone to panic the doctor entered along with nurses and they told us to wait outside. I feel like I have died one hundred times that's when I realized I have a soft spot for Amelia the fear of losing her creeped in my heart beat escalated… 


I went to the other part of Ocean Amanda’s mother gave me a place to stay. They think they are done with me little did they know I'm not a give upper that man for nothing I call my husband decided to ditch me too I will have to plot a good plan so I could own that ocean alone this time around. 

Princess:mom I told you this will backfire. 

Me:just shut up who said this is the end of us? 

Her: but we are homeless we have nothing mom who is my father? 

Me:forget about that one he won't help us anyway. 

Her:don't you think I deserve to know where I come from mom? 

Me:you are coming from me Princess I made you!! 

I need to make Nolwazi pay for what she did but I will firstly use her as an escape planI will have to grovel to her and make her believe I'm nothing without her I know she still wants to gain her powers. The question is how am I going to that all alone? 



Brian:I'm sorry you had to endure all of this pain pain my loveyou outlived all of this darkness congratulations. 

Me:but Brian I killed three people

Him:you didn't kill anyone my greatest enemy did not you. 

Me:I lost everything you Oliva Phila Mlondleni and my sanity 

Him:I'm sorry my love just know that me Mlondleni and Phila are looking down upon you Oliva is a conquer she will come back I promise. 

Me:no Brian no you made a promise of coming back for me but you didn't you failed to fulfil your promise you even dragged my daughter along you said you love me but you left me. 

Him:everything shall be well my love this is the promise I'm promising to fulfill. Be at your best behavior you will be out of this darkness don't forget how much I love you. 

He started walking aways…

Me:Brian no!! you can't leave me for the second time no!! 


Nurse:Babalwa wake up 

Me:Brian… Where is Brian? 

Nurse:you were dreaming mam’ calm down 

Me:don't tell me bullshit I want Brian.

I started shouting my lungs out nurses came and tied me with the bed sheets to keep my body still. I started jerking up and down with an intention of escape with no success I felt my upper arm stinging everything started getting blur I closed my eyes as the medication kicked in.



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