me:hopefully you will get off my back now since Amelia is not your child. 


Me:I will wipe off that smirk within the blink of an eye Nolwazi

Her:Susan get out if my house please 

Me:I'm not going anywhere I'm your superior you don't get order me around syezwana (am I clear) 

Her:since you don't want to live my house I will be the one doing the leaving then 

She says as she walks out leaving me in her shoebox-sized house…. 

Wait where could she be off to? 

Voice:your highness 

Me:oh hi Nzuzo I was on my way out.

Him:my queen did you see my wife and my child? 

Me:hmmm hmmmm no I have to go bye.. 

I arrived at the palace only to find Nolwazi sipping Latte

Me:what do you want? 

Her:oh me is that how you greet an old friend?

Me:get out Nokwazi before I call guards 

Her:My King there is something you need to know 

Oh no…. 

Me:you can finish your coffee first. 

Her:well it's cold now 

King:what is it that you want to tell me? 

Me:Nolwazi stop!! 

Her:do you know your wife is a bloody cheater? 

She said with a grin 

King:you must be losing your mind Nolwazi. 

Her:really because your wife is the sane one she will tell you who is…. I tried to use my sorcery to shut her up but I couldn't. I really need to meet her witch doctor because wow Nolwazi is one strong mermaid I can't deal with. 

Her:haha nice try Suziey as I was still saying your wife needs to tell you who is Princess’s father. 


Her:ops I have to go… 

Him:Susan what is she talking about? 

Me:well she just lost Amelia and… 

Him:And what? 


Him:don't even think of lying to me.. 

There is no way out here if even I lie he will find the truth anyway sooner or later. Maybe if I confess now he might forgive me. 

Me:I'm sorry you were too busy with your king duties you neglected me and he was in the picture he was there for me. I'm sorry my love. 

Him:Are you trying to tell me that I've been fathering a bastard in my house?


Him:thatha amasakanakho ungphumele la (take all your belongings and leave) 

Okay let me leave for now but I will soon come back and this man for nothing will regret ever kicking me out.. 

Him:don't leave her here. 


kholiwe:you should just talk to her and let her know. 

Me:who? Amelia hell no

Her:this is no time to be proud. 

Me:you should escort me to her house I've never been there

Moments later we are there… 


Nolwazi:hy Kholiweit's been a while.. Kholiwe:yeah but we are not not here for small talks Nzuzo and Nolwazi I think it's time you let the truth comes out 

Nzuzo:what truth? 

Kholiwe:we all know Amelia isn't your child. 

Nzuzo:you have no right to come here and tell us what to do. We are not friends..


Nolwazi cut him.. 

Nolwazi:well my love it's already late

it's already late Amelia knows the truth already and she moved out. 

Nzuzo:and you let her go just like that Nolwazi I thought we agreed that she should never find out about this. 

Nolwazi:her incubator came here to claim her. 


They all looked at me.. 

Nolwazi:And who are you? 

Her attitude is stinking shame.. How can she call someone’s biological mother an incubator? 

Me:That's not important where is Amelia? 

Nzuzo:what business do you have with her stranger? 


Me:her biological sister Brian's Iast born… Now answer my question where is Amelia? 

Nolwazi stood up with an intention to slap me I wonder if she knows who she is dealing with. 

Kholiwe:guys please this is no time to do this. We need Amelia because her life is in danger. 

That alerted them a bit.. 

Nolwazi:I think she is at her mother's house. 

Me:or with Harry. 

My phone rings.. Unknown number.. 


Voice:Hy Oliva this is Harry I was calling to inform you that Amelia is in hospital. 

Me:what happened? 

I actually don't care that's how cold hearted I can be but I had to ask because of curiosity. 

Him:she was attacked by the queen. 

Me:her mother in-law attacked her shame

Him:this is no time for sarcasm Oliva she is in a critical condition. 

Me:and I'm not a healer anyway send me the directions I will be there in a few. 


my father summoned me he sounded upset I wonder what went down… 

Me:what is it pops? 

Him:this family is full of liars and manipulators.. 

He says as he bangs the coffee table. 

Me:dad spare the table please it doesn't know anything. 

Him:is that what you care about? a damn table.. 

I shrugged

Me:well what should I care about? I know this family is full of liars and manipulators what's new there we are serins aren't we?

Him:SHUT UP!! 

he roared I've never seen him thus angry 

Him:you also knew right? 


Him:that Princess is not my child… 

My eyeballs were close to popping out….


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