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What mom told me is really unbelievable but who am I to judge? I also cheated on Amelia. I   guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As much as mom did the unthinkable but she is a human she shouldn't blame herself for my dad's death should she? 

She was trying to come clean. She was still crying busy blaming herself I held her and told her it's fine. What we need to do now is to find justice for that sibling she is talking about every child deserves to know his/her roots I can't even imagine how growing up without a parent feels like. 

Me:mom where is that baby 

Her:I said I gave it to my friend. She is safe. 

Me:she is safe? How sure are you? 

Her:Harry let's leave things as they are please. 

Me:wow I never thought you could be this selfish don't you think I deserve to meet my sister? 

Her:it will cause a lot of havoc. 

Me:I don't care mom I DO NOT CAREif you love me as much as you say you should give me this chance. 

I can't believe how selfish one can be this is at least she could do. 

Her:Harry you don't understand. 

Me:I don't want to understand I want my sister finish. 


I can't believe my daughter is going to marry the wealthy family at least she will be happy should serins ban us I know everything about them Zara used to tell me everything even when Susan attempted to kill me Zara would tell me. Speaking about friendship Zara wasn't a good friend to Susan she was pretending because she wanted to be safe from Serins she wanted to be the royal seer all in all Zara used Susan but Susan was too foolish to notice. 

When she wanted to kill me she would tell Zara and Zara would tell me and protect me she even taught me how to prevent someone from reading my mind it's simple… Just stop thinking. 

I was cooking for my husband when an old friend blessed me with her presence. It's been long since we have spoken to each other she literally cut me off when she gave me her child. 

I let her be because I thought maybe she didn't want to see her child growing without her. 


Me:we meet again.. 

Her: how is she? 

Me:she is now a grown woman she is soon gonna marry prince Zelig. I'm a proud mother. 

I saw her eyes tearing. I should not have said but I'm really proud of how things turned out I can still remember when I the doctor told me I'm infertile I thought my husband was going to leave me surprisingly he didn't he stood by me and told me how much he loved me he gave me the assurance that he married me because he loved me not because he wanted an incubator. Although I believed him deep down I knew that he wanted kids. Harry’s mother came to my rescue. We took Amelia and raised her as ours my husband became a happy man he was more than thrilled to have someone call him “father” regardless of the DNA. 

Her:she is going to marry Prince Zelig? 

Me:why are you here? 

I say changing the topic.. 

Her:I'm here to fetch my daughter. 


Her:yes she is my daughter it's time she meets her real mother. 


where were you when she took her first step? when she said her first word? When she got her periods when she had her first boyfriend she had her first heartbreak… Where were you? 

Her:I don't care Nolwazi she is my child 

Me:you can't just show up here and claim Amelia because it suits you. 

Her:I'm here. 

Me:you don't want to mess with me woman I'm friends with the Queen… You know what happens if you mess with the queen? 

She kept quiet.. 

Me:thought as much. 

Amelia:Which Amelia are you talking about? 

I turned and looked at her she was leaning by the wall 

Me:how long have you been here? 

I was trying by all means to hide the guilt. 

Her:long enough. Who the hell are you? 

She was now referring to her mother. 


I couldn't believe what I just heard this is Harry’s mother although I never met her in person but I know her pictures. 

Me:who are you? 


Me:should I ask for the third time now? 

Her:I'm… I’m Lindiwe your mother. 

My head started spinning as much as I heard everything earlier on but hearing saying it directly to me made me shiver. Let me ask this.. 

Me:do you know Harry? 

Her:I have a son called Harry? 

Me:so Harry deserved to be raised by you and I didn't? 

My calmness was surprising me.. 

Her:I'm sorry 

Mom(Nolwazi) : Harry?

Lindiwe:do you know him? 


Lindiwe:oh Lord

She fainted… Mxm! 

She thinks fainting is an escape. 


I'm with Kholiwe thinking about the maZimu issue and she suggested we perform divination she put water in the dish then prayed she told me to stare at the water. 

Me:why are we doing this? 

Her:your manderin is still black which is not a good sign since we can't understand that sign you should speak to your father directly. 

I did as instructed.. 

I saw a man and I in water we were having a conversation it's like I was watching a film or something of that sort. 


Him:my child thank you once again for performing the ritual for me now I'm free. 

Let me use this opportunity to find answers…. 

Me:why were you chained? 

Him:I abandoned my child your older sister and I failed to bring peace in this ocean. I hope you won't repeat the same mistakes I did. Me:who is my sister? 

Him:Amelia your sister is Amelia. 


Me:the one who used to be my friend? 

Him:yes that one. Don't let Susan get between you two. She is manipulated by Susan and Nolwazi but she loves you with all her heart you need to forgive her. Don't let the evil consume youyou killed Zara and you were not supposed too. 

Me:but I was defending myself

Him:you were not defending yourself you were defending the beast that possessed you. 

Me:why did I become a beast if it's evil? 

Him:Mlondleni he was angry he was angry because no one knew how he diedhe wanted justice for himself and Susan used that in her advantage she trapped his spirit. That's why you and your mother were doing terrible things it was Susan using Mlondleni’s spirit to mislead you. 

Me:did mom kill Mlondleni? 

Him:it was Susan maZimu is innocent she was used. Susan took over maZimu’s flesh to hide her identity. The evil made my love(Babalwa) a killer she did what she thought was right unknowingly that she was misled by Mlondleni. 

Me:what should I do to fix all of this? 

Him:since Mlondleni and I are in the same world I was able to fight him well not exactly him but the evil that consumed you. He will no longer mislead you. 

Me:okay so you are my father? 

Him:yes my baby I'm sorry you had to meet me like this but bear in mind that I love you and I will always look upon you I'm more of your angel then a father now. Everything will be well my child. 



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