I teleported to the hospital where maZimu was admitted. I stood beside her bed I looked at her trying to connect with her soul but I couldn't. This is just a body a lifeless body. I felt some coldness in the ward. 

I think we have an uninvited guest well I know I'm also not invited but there are two of us now. I lift my eyes and Mlondleni is in sight full of blood his eyes a dark his aura is evil. 

Me:what do you want? 

Him:justice for myself. 

Me:who killed you. 

He kept quiet

Me:is it her? 


Just like that he vanished. How am I going to know who killed him now why did I see maZimu killing him if it's not her? 

Could it happen that Susan was part of this? 

This means she has access to the human world also. I teleported back to the ocean. I found Zelig with Kholiwe.. 


Kholiwe :where did you go? 

Me:home I found that my mom's friend killed my stepfather. 


Me:it turns out that it's the friend that killed my stepfather 

Zelig:you are not making sense 

I narrated the Mlondleni instance along with my suspicions. 

Zelig : i don't understand how your family is a threat to her I mean they are harmless. 

He says raising his hands in defeat well. 

Me:I don't know but she slaughtered them all I'm sure she is plotting to finish mom now. 

Him:she wants to get to you please don't ever let these things disturb your spirit we should go out for a swim just to clear your mind off things 




I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me or what but at this moment I'm seeing Oliva and Zelig this means Susan was telling the truth these two are still together Susan's plan didn't work. There is only one way to separate these two…. Death yes I should just kill Oliva I rather compete with a dead girl then the alive one Oliva can't just come here and take our men no she is a threat to Hoseng she is a witch seeing that the leaders are failing to eliminate the threat I will do it myself. As I was staring at them Harry approached me what does he want now? 

Bloody cheating bastard… 

Him:hy Amelia

Me:you can call me princess you have no right to call me by my name. 


Me:Are you okay upstairs? who doesn't know I'm going to marry Zelig the prince. 

I say folding my arms. 

Him:so are you really getting married? 

Me:You chose her over me right? 

Him:don't you love me anymore? 

I chuckled in disbelief.. He cheats on me he dumps me now that he sees that I'm moving on very well with my life. He has the nerve to come here and tell me about love. 

Me:did you really think I wouldn't survive without you huh? 

Him:no but you should have fought for us

Me:fought for us? Harry you made your choiceyou made this bed now lay on it. Him:Lia I'm sorry I don't know what got to me. Amanda blackmailed me she forced me to choose between you and them. 

I raised my eyebrow.. 

Him:I made her pregnant

she forced me to choose between you and them. 

I raised my eyebrow.. 

Him:I made her pregnant she said she would deprive me from seeing my child if I chose you. 

Me:Harry you made her pregnant while were you with me? 

Him:I'm sorry Amelia please don't leave me I love you only you.

Me:it doesn't matter anymore I don't love you I'm with Zelig now you can go back to your little family. 

I say as I leave him there.


My heart sank as I watched her go I regret ever leaving her I lost a real diamond while chasing a stone it's clear that she wants nothing to do with me. I let lust consume me now I lost my precious gem over Amanda. Speaking about Amanda she told me that there was no child and she dumped me then disappeared on me. 

“look Harry it was nice while it lasted but you are not for me go back to your gabby and forget about me”

Well to be honest I was kind of relieved to hear that I had hopes of getting back together with Amelia but after today I have no hope anymore she made up her mind. I'm not going to give up on her we have been through a lot. 

After nursing my broken heart I went home to see my mother it's been long since I last spoke to her.. 

I'm sure she is worried sick about me to her I'm still a child her only child. My father died a few years ago because of heart diseases and since then mother was pursuing me to move back but I couldn't. Where I live is closer to my workplace. 

I find her in the dining room crying… 

Me:mom are you okay?

Her :I have to tell you something.. I'm sorry for hiding this for so long but I couldn't tell you I didn't want you growing up with sadness. 

Me:mom you are scaring me what's wrong? 

Her: years ago when you were young I cheated on your father. 

Wonders shall never end who would have thought.. 

She continues.. 

Her:when I found out I was going to have the child Brian was long gone. I had to hide this from your father for the sake of my marriage. 


Her:years later I decided to come clean your father did not take it well that's when he had the heart attack.

I'm speechless. 

Her:your father's death was my fault.. I'm sorry my child

She was now wailing.. 

Me:where did you hide the baby? 

Her:I gave it to my friend



King:what happened between you and Nolwazi she seemed worked up? 

Me:you know how dramatic that family can be she is scared that Zelig might not marry her daughter. 

Him:some people are power hungry out here. 

Me:don't worry about him my husband I will deal with her. 

Him: we have serious problems to deal with Susan our son is turning against us. 

Me:I'm considering the suggestion you once raised we should take his powers from him. We need a good plan. 

We were desturbed by Amelia’s call 


Amelia and her mother are starting to irritate me 

Her:I saw them mom I saw them holding hands. They are still together. 

She says with hiccups.. 

Me:And who's fault is that? 

You were supposed to break them apart but you failed Amelia now I have to fix your mess. 

Her:she needs to die I need to kill her. 

Only if she knew how impossible that is but I will let her try her luck I hope Oliva kills her instead. In that way Nolwazi will get off my back about this wedding.



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