I'm in my mother's room I look at the reflection of myself in the dusty mirror I realize I'm now in my human form I have no Idea of what I should do now my mother's absence is killing me. I look at the mirror again I see a hanged man it is Mlondleni I turn around I see nothing. I turn my back to the mirror and here he is hanged. I know for sure I'm not losing my mind. There is something fishy here. I go to maZimu’s house I find some unfamiliar woman. 

Me:Greetings mah

Her:unjn ntombi (how are you girl) 

Me:kyaphileka(I'm surviving) Mina ngu Oliva wala kamakhelwane(I'm Oliva from next door) 

Her:heeeeee waze wakhula ntombiuphi u Babalwa? (you've grown girl where is Babalwa) 

Okay I love her spirit but I'm not here for small talks. 

Me:well that's why I'm here I was visiting my father's family. I just came back home finding the house empty. 

Her:aw you mean your mom is missing? 

Me:I did not say that I'm looking for maZimu. 

Her:oh my child things are not good maZimu has been hospitalized for a long time it's been a month if I'm not mistaken. 

Me:oh I'm sorry what happened? 

Her:we all don't know even the doctors she just stopped breathing. 

Me:I'm really sorry she will get better. 

Her:let's hope so my child. Let's get inside for some queen cakes but don't forget to sanitise. We don't want this covid 19 to kill us. 

Me:no thank you mom but I really have to go. 

We bid each other farewell. I go home and start tidying up. Someone knocks.. 

Me:ngena(come in) 

It's babu Mdlovu.

Him: are you really alive? 

Me:sawbona (greetings) 

What happened to manners good people you can't just come here and say “are you really alive” without even greeting WTF bazalwane. He is even wearing a mask talking about drama at its best. 

Him:where were you? 


Him:have you seen your mother? 

Me:no where is she?

Him:you were busy bitching around awaz nokuthi unyoko usesbhedlela. (not knowing your mother is in hospital. 

Me:hospital? What happened? 

What the hell happened? maZimu is hospitalized and so is my mother. 

Him:your mother killed your father she also killed the detective and her jail mate. 

Me:Mlondleni is dead? 

Him:it's been weeks you didn't even attend your brother's funeral. 

A lot has happened when I was gone but mom is not a killer that woman wouldn't even kill a fly. 

Him:it's a pity you can't pay her a visit she is the one who has all the answers. 

Me:where is she hospitalized? 

Him: Fort Napier. 

Me:say what?


your mother is crazy she should stay there with other lunatics like her for a lifetime we can't be dealing with corona and lunatics at the same time. 

Me:what do you mean I can't visit her? 

Him:where the hell were you? Who doesn't know the regulations against this pandemic. Habe!! The oldie knows the term pandemic syabonga Corona. 

Me:Has the corona reached SA? 

Him:we are on lockdown as we speak. Have you gone crazy like your mother? 

Me:no why? 

Him:you looked confused maZimu once told me you drowned. I thought you would come back as a Sangoma. 

Me:No look I have things to do can you excuse me? 

Him:aw usuyangixosha? (are you chasing me out) 



Mdlovu finally left after a lot of hesitation he was busy asking me to prepare something called river river for him since Cyril banned the selling and distribution of alcohol with “immediate effect”... His words not mine. 

Anyway I have serious issues to dwell on right now I need to figure out what happened in this house I teleport to the hospital hopefully I'm invisible because I don't want to be arrested for trasspasingI finally spot my mother she has lost weight her hair is messy she has dark circles around her eyes this is not the woman who gave birth to me the misery is written on her face. Anyway she is chainedthe two ladies are standing beside her… 

Lady one:are you sure these pills are working because she is getting worse everyday? 

Lady two:I don't know I think we misdiagnosed her. 


My head is spinning around as I head back home I don't even knock or greet the folks I just storm in and lose it I do what I do best and that is SCREAMING!...

My mom: yeyi wena Ntombazane(hey you girl) what's wrong where did you leave your manners huh? This is not how a Princess behaves nxaaa....

Me: ohh please mom stop selling yourself dreams I'm never going to be a Queen Zelig is so damn obsessed with this psycho named Oliva..

Mom: but Susan said she has handled that matter she said you are going to marry Zelig nje what's changed? I mean she even said Oliva hates Zelig to the core.

Me: oooh mommy dearest that's what we all thought and believed until the spirits told Mommy in law that Oliva and Zelig are at it again....Mom they got back together meaning I AM SCREWED!!!! Mom this girl is sabotaging my future plans..I then burst out crying....My mom tries to hush and shush me I end up falling asleep....


Susan is gonna know me too well nobody and I mean NOBODY double crosses me and lives to see the next day. I am gonna spill the beans the way I am so furious I don't even realize that I'm already inside the palace...

Me: Susan!SUSAN come out you two faced chea....she interrupts me before I finish

Her: Nolwazi shushhh! What's wrong? Do you want the whole nation hear you? Huh? Do you wanna jeopardise everything?

Me: hey you good for nothing old woman don't you dare tell me about ruining everything. Why did you lie to me huh? You said everything is going accordingly...You said Zelig and my baby are going to get married and rule the oceans. What is this that I hear about Zelig getting back to Oliva?

Susan: I can explain it's not what it looks like

Me: Yeeeela Susan don't you dare try me yezwani? You seem to forget what's at stake here.......just as I'm about to go on with my threat the King enters the room and it all goes silent...

King: What's going on here? Why are you shouting?

Susan: nothing my love aaargh you know how loud Nolwazi is? She goes on faking a laugh

Me: my apologies my King its just that when you have many deep secrets in your chest your voice just gets louder

The King: Secrets? What are you talking about? Tell me more

Susan:Hawu baba you're interested in gossip nowcome Nokwazi let's go outside so that I'll tell you more about our project come come...She drags me before I even do nor say anything

Susan: don't you EVER pull that stunt again? Yin ufuna ukuchitha umuzi wami?( Do you wanna break my marriage)

Me: Yeyiii don't try to be smart here you should have thought about that before you committed adultery and before you made promises that you're now failing to keep....Listen here and listen carefully I'm giving you 24 hours okay *24* hours to put things together and make sure that my daughter is the Princess of this ocean or else kiss this whole Queen thingy goodbye...I then storm out leaving her hanging….



MaZimu sneaks in she is carrying a container of chloroform she uses it to knock Mlondleni unconscious. She then whistles and two guys enter the room they hang him maZimu takes a chair and kicks it not far from Mlondleni’s body. 


What did I just see? maZimu is the one who killed Mlondleni? Where was mom when this happened? 


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