My break up with Oliva really hit homeher anger and hatred towards me left my heart bleeding. I had high hopes for us. I was even willing to give up everything for her but when she exited that door all the hopes I had were killed when she left me without giving me a chance to explain I felt empty I felt like a ghost I thought maybe something will touch her and she will come back to me but she didn't the little ray of hope I had died too. I know you think I'm a quitter by not following her but I was scared for my life all the events of Zara’s death came back flooding I'm really scared of Oliva when she is angry. Maybe I should have followed her. I really wish she gave me a chance don't you think I deserved to tell my side of the story? 

I really don't know anything about the killing of her brother someone must have framed me but who? Because if Oliva was getting along with my mother I would say she is the one who fed her poison I don't know who or what to suspect but this is written Susan and Amelia I thought Amelia got the threat but clearly I was wrong yes now it makes sense she has been pretending Oliva all along I have been a fool I should have told Oliva the whole truth but I was scared she would leave me. 


My mood went from zero to negative one hundred the agent of Satan is here to deceive me.. 

Me: how did you find this house?.. Entlek what do you want Amelia? 

Her:babe we are getting married we should be spending more time together to get to know each other. 

Me:I don't want you Amelia I'm not in the mood for your gabbing. 

Her:well it's okay babe we have a whole lifetime to get to know each other I know you will learn to love me like I do I'm hundred times better than Oliva can be trust me. 

Her statement alerted me a bit this bitch has something to do with my break up. 


“yes!!! it's working”

Her:sure babe


Her:what happened between you and her anyway. 

I have to play the player here. 

Me:we didn't work out she dumped me.


“I hope she didn't tell him that I'm the one who told her about Phila”

Amelia is really dump how can she think about such in my presence knowing very well I have unnatural abilities. 

Her:babe I have to go I will call you later neh love you. 

I couldn't even lie and say “love you too”

I just nodded and let her go now that I'm sure who is a traitor I need to think of the way of letting Oliva know that she was fooled I don't even understand why she believed Amelia from the beginning I don't understand why she can't use her powers already. 

As I was busy trying to mend my broken heart I felt Oliva’s presence. I lifted my eyes to look at her I couldn't believe it she was really here I hope she is not here to break my heart even more. 

Oliva:no I'm not here to break your heart. 

My eyes almost popped out. 

Her:yah Zelig I can read minds now. 


My lips feel dry I don't even know what to say or do at this moment I'm scared I might say something that will anger her. 

Her:I'm sorry Zelig I'm sorry for walking out on you I'm sorry for leaving you I….. 

Me:you don't have to explain I know what happened I know you were fooled by someone you trusted. 

Her:I'm sorry.. 

Me:you don't have to apologize I'm glad you came back my love

I was ready to kill myself. 

She giggled.. 

Me:I'm dead serious my heart I was on my way to buy a noose because I have no life without you. 

Her:stop lying.. 

Me:I kid bbe but I really have no life without you. 

Her:we need to work together and avenge. 

Me:babe please don't let anger control you. 


Zelig:don't let anger control you. 

Those words reminded me of Kholiwe remember when she said I should not let the eagerness for revenge control me.. 

Me:what are we going to do? 

Him:you will have to pretend like you don't know anything let her thing you are in the dark. 

Me:but I'm not a good actor. 

Him:you should be we need to beat them using their own cards we should stab them with their spear...not literally thought we have to be clever about this Amelia may be dumb but Susan isn't. 

Zelig is right I need to let them think I can't use my powers. 

I'm glad Zelig did not not hesitate to forgive me. I should stop being impulsive. I almost lost my heart because of a friend who is a snake. 

Now that I've gotten back together with Zelig my heart is at peace but I won't move back here until he marries me yah neh if that will happen though. 


We were sitting in the garden with my husband trying to figure out how to make Zelig give in to Amelia well my husband does not know my secret about Princess obviously but I was able to manipulate him into this arrangement. 

As we were sitting in this silence I felt like my soul is being separated from my body like I'm having a spiritual fight and I'm getting defeated thus could only mean one thing… 

Zelig and Oliva’s hearts are intertwining but I thought Amelia was able to make them break up. 

I stand up and make a call. 

Amelia: my Queen 

Me:nya nyi nya nyi didn't you say Zelig and Oliva aren't together? 

Her:I did mah and I was with him not so long ago he told me himself that things didn't work out between them. 

Me:and you were too foolish to detect a lie. 

Her:what do you mean? 

Me:they are fooling you they are still together I can feel it. 

Her:mom it's clear your feelings are wrong. 

Me:now you have the audacity to speak to me like that? 

Her:no mom my apologies I didn't mean to disrespect you. 

Me:it's clear you don't want to marry Zelig. 



I was feeding my mendarin when something caught my attention… 

I have turned black I scream… 

Kholiwe:what's with the noise Oliva? 


I say pointing the fish

Her:oh my goodness this is not good. 

Me:what's wrong.. 

Her:let's pray this is not good at all. 

We prayed actually she was the one who was praying seeking guidance from God and ancestors. 


Me:what's wrong mah? 

Her:someone closer to your heart is in trouble you need to help him or her. 

I quickly called Zelig asking if he was okay and he said he was fine. 

Me:mah you are okay Zelig is okay also I have no one else. 

Her:maybe it's someone who is not in the ocean.. 

No no no my mother she is the only one I have now I hope she didn't drown like me and Phila. I close my eyes for a minute. When I open them I realize that I'm no longer in Kholiwe’s house but I'm at homeyes my home where I grew up in my mother's house. 

I look around observing it's not the same as I left it it is desolated everything is dusty the window glasses were Grey-brown inviting the eyes to spot the settled dust even at distance it's clear that this house is been abandoned for sometime now it resembles something that had been through war I walk around looking at the place I once called home my footsteps echo throughout the empty rooms I feel the unavoidable pressure on my shoulders I feel something tragic happened here but what is it? Where is my mom? Why is my home deserted?


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