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I've seen a lot of naive people but not as Naive as Oliva. Damn this girl is so dummy I don't know what I ever saw in her I mean does she really think that after everything she's done to me I would just bow down and ask for forgiveness from her? Like OMG! The Princess no no no the Queen Ammie grovel to a nobody I wouldn't dare. Okay okay so mother in law gave me a task to figure out how I'm going to cause a rift between my bae and the devil Oliva. So I was told how her brother Phila died and apparently Mr Zalig knows everything about Phila's passing...

Okay okay where's the fun in that? Well well I'm gonna make my dummy friend Oliva to believe that Zalig is not so precious but he's evil and he's out to get her I'm gonna tell her how involved Zelig was in the murder of her baby brother....And knowing Oliva she's so dumb she's acts on her feelings she doesn't think well how can she think when she doesn't even have a brain...Okay so by that I'm gonna manipulate her into turning against my hubby to be  I will make sure that she hates the guy and that she spits the ground Zelig walks on I'll keep on feeding her poison till she becomes an addict of my poison....I am so loving this game. 


I'm so at ease and I wanna sleep just to rest nje. Just as I'm about to get into covers my phone beeps indicating a message. I hope it's Zelig. I haven't heard nor seen him today . It's Amelia

Her: hey babes I need to see you as in like yesterday please drop all that you're doing and come meet me at our usual spot its URGENT". Wow just wow now that I wanna rest I'm being summoned by the drama queen yaz uAmelia thinks she's the Queen nxaaaa I'm not going there. I toss down my phone and head back to my bed all of the sudden I feel so nervous what if Amelia is in trouble or what if she needs me maybe she's experiencing a fall out she's definitely not taking this whole break up thing well yazin my friend needs me. Having said that I fix myself and head out not forgetting my handbag I arrive there in less than 5 minutes and I find my babe already there... 

Amelia: hey you came…

Me: okay okay that's a first you being this calm and not all bubbly kwenzenjani (what happened)

Her: haw chommie nix(nothing friend)...Me: okay so we're now lying to each other? Speak out girl before I drag it all out from you trust me it won't be nice.....

She releases a huge sigh

Her: okay okay you're so bossy though look friend I love you and I care a lot you are my only best friend and I wouldn't let anything or anyone hurt you in any way when you feel pain trust me my friend I feel it tripled.....

Me: friend you're scaring me actually you're making me cry what's happening? Please tell me....

Another huge sigh is released. The waiting is killing me. My palms are sweating…

Her : friend I was at the palace earlier on and I overhead something uhmm uhmm....

Me: Amelia man stop speaking in riddles tjoooo speak out

Her: Zelig was having a chat with his folks. They were awarding him for the job well done…

Me:whoa wait Zelig? His folks? Awarding… but they disowned him nje or I was fooled... 

Amelia: they fooled you okay well that is what their plan was to fool you long story short friend Zelig was involved in the killing of your brother uPhila one of their servants was sent to go and seduce Phila so that they can drown him to death well they did all this because they want to get back at you for what the late Queen Oliva did to them. Babes they hate you in that family and they are out to get you with all that they have....

Me: I couldn't hear anything besides hearing that the guy I chose to be in love with killed my innocent baby brother my brother died because of my stupidity. Why did I fall for Zelig? 

What a fool I've been in the name of loveOooo my goodness I hate myself....but you know what Zelig is going to pay....

I then storm out. I'm off to Zelig's house. I hope he is home. I get there and find him in the bedroom he welcomes me with his cutest smile and I just lose it I slap him guess what.. I feel a slap on my face too but Zelig didn't slap me Aaargh I remember what he once told me the other day....

he looks at me so confused and I don't wait for him to say anything I burst out…

Me: Zelig how could you huh? How could you be so cruel? Why did you kill my baby brother? Why did you cause my family so much pain?  Huh and yet you lie and say you love me why Zelig why?? Why make me a fool? Why make me fall for you when you know exactly that you do not love me but instead you hate me. Okay fine you hate me but did you really have  to take away my brother's life? Why? Why? I guess I'm a fool in love just as Rihanna once said....

He tried to defend himself but I didn't want to hear any of it I hate his guts. 

Life has not been fine for me I can't believe Zelig would do this my heart is broken beyond repair his actions left me so shattered and sadbut I have to pick up the pieces and move on my brother’s lost soul won't go down the drain

I will make sure he gets justice. 

(fast forward) 

I've been living with  Kholiwe and she seems genuine but one may never know with these mermaids. One thing that has been bothering is the dream of a man chained in some cave. His words were like “please set me free Oliva” today I'm meeting Kholiwe maybe she can help me interpret this dream. 

I believe each and every dream has a specific meaning. 

Now I'm with Kholiwe in her house I tell her about the dream. She instructed me to put water in a two litres container she prayed for about 15 minutes she flinched again. 

Me:are you seeing something? 

Her:your father's soul is not free. 

Me:what do you mean? 

Her: he should be the one guiding you but he can't because his spirit is chained in a dark place. 


Her: He failed to do what he was supposed to Queen Oliva wanted him to bring peace but he objected he chose to run away from his duties. 

Wow wow wow this means my mom lied to me about my father's death. 

Me:what do you suggest we do? 

Her:you should apologize on his behalf to your great ancestors. 

Me:why does it have to be me though? 

Her:you're the one who has his gift bow your sister is somewhere in the dark she can't do it you have no choice in order for you to win your battles you need your father and he can't help you with all these chains around him. 

Me:Kholiwe I'm tired of people or mermaids who keep ordering me around without guiding me. 

Her:you should stop being stubborn if you want all these gruesome things happening around you to stop you need to do right. We should perform a ritual for your father then we shall see from there. 

Me:how sure are you that this will work? 

Her:it's better to fail than not trying at all. 

Me:okay fine. 

Her:we should do this ritual tomorrow it won't be a big thing. Hopefully you will be able to use your powers wisely because your father will be looking down upon you. 


"The ritual went well I think it's safe to say that because ever since the ritual was performed I've been having peaceful nights....I even dreamt of my dadhe was in a very green place and you could tell by his looks that he was at peace for once I've done something that I was ordered to do and it was successful I kinda feel relaxed a bit. 

When we were in the middle of the ritual a strange and beautiful creature appeared from nowhere and it came straight to me it was colorful bright coloured to be precise. 

Kholiwe assured me everything was fine that was the mandarin fish that was given to me by my father to say thank you. I should keep it as a pet because it's representing my strong ancestor it will make me invincible.

I now pray that everything goes accordingly.


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