It's a Sunday and I have nothing to do Zelig went to the palace to fix some things since he is a prince. He did not state those things though minding my own business is one of my best principles I don't believe in asking and nagging a person should tell me the details without me asking.

Queen Oliva once told me about praying meaning I could find some church here hopefully these mermaids worship the same God I worship. 

I bathe and wear my white splendex mind you I'm still on my mermaid form. I decided I should learn to live like one so no one can see that I'm a human. I figured that the ocean is not the safest place for humans because the majority of the mermaids think we are evil and out to harm them. 

I swim out I don't know where I'm off too but I need to get out of this house for the sake of my sanity. I'm times like these I miss Amelia because by now we would have been at our usual place having Sunday lunch and me laughing my ass out because of her drama and craziness. 

I should just swallow my pride and reach out to her I'm sure she didn't mean all these things she said to me. Everyone has their own way of dealing with breakups. Being dumped by someone you wholeheartedly love isn't good that's why I decided to stay single well that's before I met my Zelig. 

I don't know what I would do if he breaks my heart I may look strong but deep down I'm fragile. 

I can still remember my last heartbreak very well. By then I was doing my first year.

I dated some guy who was doing his 4th year. I loved him dearly but what did he do? 

He slept with my best friend the day after he deflowered me that's when I vowed to distance myself from friends and boys. 

Anyway I swim around looking for the church with no luck I'm tired now and this heavy tail isn't doing any justice walking is much easier than this. I see a bench over there I head there so I can rest a bit. As I'm relaxing the old woman comes and sits next to me I guess she is also tired. 


Me:hy how are you mam’? 

Her:I'm fine and you? 

Me:I'm fine. 

We continue to sit in silence she flinches like someone is pinching her. I look at her she is wearing white from top to bottom. 

Me:are you okay mah? 

Her:the good spirits and bad spirits are fighting over your soul. 

Okay uyabhula ke. 

Her:you are letting the evil consume you if you continue like this you won't bring peace here. 

Now I'm confused everyone seems to be knowing why I'm here while I don't. 

Me:are you from the royal house? 


Me:How come you have supernatural powers? 

Her:I don't have supernatural powers I have spiritual powers. 

Me:are you a seer? 

Her:you can put it like that I have a gifta normal gift. 


I don't know who to trust around me anymore. 

Her:I can give you my contact maybe I can help you where I can. 

We exchanged numbers then I went “home”. 


King:you don't live here anymore son? 

My dad asks as I enter the door I'm here because Susan summoned me she said they need to discuss something with me. 

I didn't tell Oliva because she is not on good terms with Susan so I don't want to bring up her name in her presence. 

Me:hey dad hy mom

Mom:you have to move back in you have a wedding to prepare for. 

Me:mom I still live here and I'm not going to marry Amelia. 

Dad:then your throne will be taken by your younger brother we can't have a stubborn king here. 

Me:I rather give up that throne than to marry someone I don't love. 

Mom:You prefer giving up the throne because you are dating our enemy? 


Mom:tell him tell your father that you are giving up the throne because of Oliva. 

How the hell does she know that? I guess it's time I come clean. 

Dad:is this true? 

I slowly nod. The next thing I feel my body flying across the room. The old man just attacked me. He has so much strength than any of us. 

Him:what did I say to you huh? 

He is extremely angry. 

Me:I'm sorry. 

Him:nyori nyori my left foot you are slowly turning against your kind. 

Mom:that witch manipulated him. 

Dad:you have to choose

you are slowly turning against your kind. 

Mom:that witch manipulated him. 

Dad:you have to choose that witch or the throne. 

I knew this day would come but I didn't know it would be this soon. I have to make the right decision I hope whatever I will choose won't backfire. 


I'm sitting thinking about everything that has been happening in my life. I don't know who is genuine anymore. Zara seemed to be the good one but she tried to kill me I thought Amelia was a good friend but she is drifting away from me now this woman? Her name is Kholiwe. My thoughts are desturbed by the pain in my stomach I screamed my ribs made the sound like they were breaking like someone just severely kicked me. 

Few minutes later I was feeling better. I wonder what happened to me. 

My phone rangI looked at the caller ID and saw Amelia’s name. My heart melts a bit I'm so fond of her guys I don't know why.

I hope she is back to her senses. Anyway I answer the phone. 


Her:so we are no longer calling each other pet names? 


Her:So you are not my friend anymore? 


Me:are you indirectly apologizing? 

She sighs

Her:babe I'm sorry I'm really sorry I didn't mean to say all those things I said. I shouldn't have taken my frustrations on you you have been good to me you became my friend when I had no one you didn't care about my drama and all you never judged me. I guess I wanted someone to blame and you were there what Harry did to me was so uncalled for he broke me I loved him I still do but he cheated on me on top of that he dumped me. 

I'm very bad when it comes to consolidation I don't know what to say. 

Her:I know all of this does not justify my actions. May you please forgive me. 

That's all I needed to hear everyone deserves a second chance. 

Me:it's okay I forgive you. I understand. 

Her:thank you so much I owe you lunch my beautiful friend. We should meet up. 

We spoke for a little while then we hung up 


Yess!! Oliva just welcomed me to her life again I have to inform Susan about good news I already have a plan know it's time I put it in motion. I'm going to be the Princess no scratch that…. A QUEEN. 


mom:why are you shouting? 

Me:I will Marry Zelig mom wuuuh. Marrying Zelig is every girls dream and I'm the chosen one for him. I'm so excited I can already imagine my wedding the theme will be dusty pink wuuuuuuuuh

Mom:I'm glad you came back to your senses…..


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