I expected the burning of incense and the slaughtering of a goat or chicken but it was distinct from what I had perceived. I was given black clothes to wear and we went to one of the rooms on the top floor. It was almost unfurnished cold and dull. There was no artwork in the walls it was just Grey walls. Muzi took a pocket knife and slit my wrist when I least expected I screamed in pain as blood oozed from my vein to the small enamel plate that was on the floor. He did the same to himself and his wife. He mixed our blood and started drinking...sies.

He gave Ntombi to drink and when it was my turn I refused. The metallic smell and taste of my own blood was hard to bear how much more if I drink someone else's blood? 


"Muzi I'm not drinking blood!" I stood up and made my way to the door when I tripped and my temple collided with the wooden floor. I cursed in pain and tried to pick myself up but my ankle wouldn't bulge.

"Mahlori you are going to hurt yourself. Just calm down please" 

"No I don't want to drink blood I want to sleep!" I never heard of a ritual involving human blood. 

"This is the way of binding the three of us so that our polygamy will be peaceful. I wouldn't want to see my beautiful wives trying to kill each other because of me. If you don't do this the ancestors will punish 


I looked at my swollen ankle and thought about my honeymoon. How was I going to enjoy it with a wrenched ankle? 

"Will I be okay if I do it?" 

Muzi nodded and picked me up bridal style and helped drink the vampire beverage. I don't even want to talk about the taste I was on the verge of puking but I tried by all means to hold myself before the ancestors cut my tongue or seal my mouth forever for disrespecting them. 

I can't believe I went to this extent in the name of marriage with the man I barely loved. At least I was safe from HIV since I was taking Prep daily. Yep! I'm a cautious whore. Some of these men would want to hit it raw and I wouldn't say no bec I'd lose cash. 

I once caught this man drinking some big pill I knew exactly what it was but I asked anyway. He said it was a pain killer... 

I wasn't surprised that people are scared to die alone they want us to tag along. At least STI was treatable. 

Even when I got involved with my hubby I always made sure not to quit my pills because I don't trust him. If he was able to cheat on his beautiful wife with me. He wouldn't hesitate to do the same with someone who was much younger and fresher than I was. 


The following morning I woke feeling nauseated and pressed so I ran for the bathroom and puked. I expected my vomit to be something that I ate the previous night . I'm not the type to inspect the vomit but the strange color of it made me remove my hand from the flushing button and shifted my focus on the black liquid that came from my stomach... It was probably blood.

I flushed and peed. My head rolled back as I closed my eyes until I finished my business. My vigina was painful like I've been having rough sexmy hand went to it... It was swollen. How? 

I mean after that odd ritual my libido decreased to zero and I told Muzi to spend a night with Ntombi because I was no longer interested in sharing a bed with him. I was still angry about my sprained ankle -ankle! 

I looked at my leg it was back to normal there was no pain or swelling no wonder I ran to the bathroom with no problem. 

I guess the ancestors fixed it. But my coochie... Did Muzi come in the middle of the night and have his way with me while I was unaware? No it was impossible. I was sober as a poster. If anything happened I would have felt it. 

It was no use in asking myself questions that I can't answer so I fixed myself a bath. I'm sure bath salts were going to make my swollen vigina. They always helped when I had a rough night. While I was waiting for the enormous bathtub to fill I pushed time by touring my bedroom. Yesterday I was too tired and angry to admire it

I pushed time by touring my bedroom. Yesterday I was too tired and angry to admire it I only used the bathroom. 

Beautiful was an understatement I had no apt words to describe how exquisite my room was it looked like a presidential suit in a hotel. It was like a mini house. It had black couches on the other side and white coffee table with fresh flowers on them. On the other side It had a desk a bookshelf a computer and a few note pads. 

Then there was a king sized bed with a simple Yet beautiful headboard and white wooden nightstand and a side light. On the far corner there was a big beautiful piano and the violin was hanging in the granite wall that complemented the marble floor. 

The interior design did a number in this room. It had many useless things that made this room beautiful like a piano and the violin I can't play to save my ass but they were beautiful art pieces for decoration. About the desk... It Was also a decoration I won't be using it. I just need to fill the shelf with many books and add a frame of my picture on the desk to complete the look. 

It also had a balcony and a view to die for. 

After I finished bathing a maid came to me and introduced herself as Zodwa she was going to be my personal maid. She was in her fifties I assume. Ieft her to do her work and went to eat breakfast with my new family. 

"Good morning dear how did you sleep?" 

Ntombi greeted

" Morning I slept well thank you. Where is Muzi?" I asked noticing his absence. 

"He is in his study finishing some paperwork" 

On his honeymoon day? 

"He said he wants to settle something before you depart. In the meantime we can eat and tour this house" 

After eating breakfast Ntombi showed me around the house and I went back to my room to chat with my friends. 

"Mrs Sibiya instructed me to help you pack" Zodwa said 

She was my maid but she took instructions from Ntombi? That woman doesn't understand the boundaries I see. I married her husband but we were not friends! 

"I don't need help thank you" 

Instead of going she stood still and looked at me sternly 

"Is there anything else mam Zodwa?" I was confused. 

"Are you sure you want to be here?" she asked gruffly. 


"Be careful my child luxury comes with a price" 

"mam Zodwa!" I yelled as she shut the door behind her. 

I need to find my own helper I'm certain that Zodwa had been here for years so she is probably Ntombi's sidekick and she is here to spy on me. If this hag thought I was going to entertain her madness... shame on her. She was jealous that I was young and rich while she was nothing but a maid. 


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