Twenty two


After putting Khethelo to sleep Muzi held my hand and led me towards his bedroom when he saw my reluctance he spoke. 

"KaMakhanya it's time you move in with me" 

I guess the day came sooner than expected. It was better when the bitter wife was still alive all the attention was on her. Now I will have to give my all to this man. 

"Are we not grieving?" 

"It's been months since Ntombi left us and it's not like we will be doing something wrong. We are married she died knowing that you are my wife" justifying nonsense in the name of marriage. 

"No offense Sibiya. I don't think I'm ready" 

"Are you serious? I paid a lot of cows for you to marry me!" 

"Why?" the question seemed to have caught him off guard "why did you marry me? Is it because my father asked you to?" 

I've never seen this man in my life why would he want me as his wife. 

I was tempted to lie again and say my father lied about my virginity I was no longer one. But that would land me in trouble. 

"I love you" was not the confession I was looking forward to. 


"KaMakhanya I know that Ntombi was impulsive but now it's just me and you. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You were so young but now you are old enough. I waited for you for years ." bloody rapist. 

"I want to study" if this man loved me as he claimed he would let me further my studies. 

"No wife of mine is going to the university!" 

He banged the door that was behind him. 

"But mamkhulu was educated am I wrong?" His anger doesn't move me even my father's anger doesn't anymore but respect is the principle that I value the most so I will let that slide. 

"I was told you were groomed well now you are disregarding my word?" 

What did I do? Was Ntombi not educated? 

This man went to the village to get himself a village naive wife that he will take for granted. I was already a mother to someone's son  all the chores were done by me I was about to give him my virginity. Now I was being deprived of my dream? 

I wasn't going to be his fool being exposed to smoke doesn't mean it was all I thought about. 

"My apologies" 

I will get what I want he will have to send me to school. Once I get a qualification and a job. I was going to leave his ass. I never signed up to be a housewife. Who said village girls were fools? 

"Listen baby. I will take care of you. You won't ever worry about money. What is mine is yours? I will give you everything you dream of. All you have to worry about is the outfit for the next day which country to travel to and which wine to sip." his big hands went to my thighs and squeezed them a little." I will take care of you in every way" I felt his fingers on my panty. "I love you Kamakhanya I never loved anyone as I love you. I'm in too deep and I love it"  my fist went to my mouth trying to hold back laughter. The lies men told when they are horny. Look at him promising me the world. 

I didn't want to be taken care of by him I wanted to take care of myself. He has made it in life and now he is depriving me of the same privilege. Not everything was about money and material. 

I was scooped he took me to his bedroom while kissing my forehead and whispering things that were supposed to be sweet I was a second away from rolling my eyes when I was laid on the bed. His lips collided with me I closed my eyes and thought of my celebrity crush and returned the kiss. He moved on to my neck and squeezed my dear. He took my dress off I wonder when he took off his pants and shirt he was on his boxers and his boner was visible. 

"I love you baby. I will make you happy" sex won't make me happy. In a matter of a few seconds we were both naked. He took his time admiring my body and singing its praises. 

"You are so sexy" 


He opened my legs and got in between them I felt his shaft on my clit. He was rubbing it up and down. I wanted to run I was so scared a man twice my age was going to take my most valuable treasure. He thought it was his because of the cows but I cost more than that. When he noticed that I wasn't wet he went down on me. Where was the bloody monitor? Why is Khethelo not crying?

Just I felt his tongue on my slit the breeze changed we had a visitor. 

"Sibiya stop!" I said pushing him off me. 

Ntombi was probably turning on her grave not even one ceremony was done after the funeral. After she was laid to rest Muzi completely forgot about her and now she was angry. 

"What baby?" His eyes were red and half-open. 

"It's getting cold" 

"Don't worry I will make you feel hot baby"  he was thinking with his dick. 

Something fell and broke it was a cologne. 

"Muzikayise Sibiya!" I just broke one of the biggest rules in the Zulu law. Never call your husband by his first name

"KaMakhanya?"  he looked angry he was about to chastise me when the mirror cracked only then was he alarmed. I knew coming to this room was a bad idea.  Having sex was a bad idea.  I rather die a virgin than deal with bitter spirits. 

"Arazyal!" Muzi called out who the hell was Arazyal?




Lucas was trying to wake her shaking self she was sleeping on the couch cursing in her sleep maybe it was a bad dream. 

On the other side I was sobbing. When I thought life could be peaceful and this happened. I thought we broke free from Arazyal but it seemed like this house was not protected as we thought. Why an earth would she cry and curse on her sleep? 

After what seemed like forever she opened her eyes I ran to her and squeezed her for dear life.

"Get away from me with your big belly!" 

It wasn't the right time for clownery. 

"Hey! You scared the shit out of us." 

"I'm fine Ntombi is such a nuisance. Even beyond the grave" she said rolling her eyes in irritation. 

"I had a vision Muzi has a new wife. They were making out on Ntombi's bed when she came and disturbed them" 

"Whooa! Ntombi… Beyond the grave—"

"She was in spirit that means she is dead" 

Okay this thing of isolating ourselves from the world and the internet is outdating us. The agent of Satan is gone? I will have to confirm this from Muzi himself before I rejoice for nothing. 

"Wow and Muzi remarried? Arazyal wants him married I guess" who gets married more than four times? 

Mpumie just shrugged "She will haunt them. The girl is pure. I guess it is one of the seven virgin victims" 

"Whatever. It has nothing to do with you and you are not going to interfere"  I was never going to let her go there not after it took her years to escape. 

"Ntombi is going to be the problem. Not only to the poor kids but us as well" 

"Until that day comes we'll mind our own business!" Call me selfish I don't care. 

"You don't understand the elements that come with spiritual gifts" - Lucas 

"Both of you need to understand that is not God. You can't help everyone" 

"Fine but this vision persists. I will have to do something about it" 

I can bet the witch was thrown from hell She was too much for  Satan to handle. 


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