Twenty three

Muzi decided to go to an isolated village where he was sure he would find plenty of virgin girls. One of the victims was Nomthawelanga. Getting to her father was easier because he was a greedy man.

All the plans were ruined when Muzi laid his eyes on Nomtha she was wearing a yellow dress that showed her curves silhouette. She was a bar of dark chocolate dipped in honey her sparkling eyes are what drew him to her. He was feeling things he shouldn't feel for her. 

He met her for the first time when it was the lobola negotiations — although he lied to her. Right there he knew that Nonhle wasn't supposed to die. When Ntombi decided it was for the first sacrifice he confessed his feelings for her and Ntombi didn't make it right. Nomthawelanga automatically became a threat to Ntombi and had to be taken care of. 

Muzi decided to feed Ntombi a herb that was going to induce her labor and a poison that was going to take up to twenty-four hours to defect the platelets and it worked way before they expected. At least she delivered before her blood stopped clotting. He loved Ntombi; he never anticipated for them to part in such a manner. But his heart was with someone else. He had to choose and he chose Nomtha. She was going to be a better mother to Khethelo than Ntombi could ever be. 

He wanted to come clean and tell Nomthawelanga everything but he was scared of losing her it was already hard to gain her heart but he was willing to do everything for her and trust him. One of the reasons why he didn't want her to go to tertiary was the fear of losing to the life that Mahlori lived or to the young boys who were going to take her virginity and break her heart. He wanted her to remain humble and calm as she was. 

He decided to go to inyanga he needed to find the solution to get Ntombi out of his life for good. After the previous night it was clear that she was fighting from the grave. He should have known that death wasn't going was not going to stop Ntombi from striking. 

"As long as the demon is on this earth you won't find peace" a strange man told him as soon as he stepped into the rondavel.  Muzi took off his shoes and went to sit on the Reed-mat he assumed was for him to sit on. 

"You need a cleansing ritual since you took your wife's life. She is not at peace and she is an angry spirit. Your younger wife is in danger she needs protection" he continued. 

"I need your help" he wouldn't forgive himself if anything bad happened to Nomtha.

The healer took something that looked like a seashell. 

"Makhanya Gumede kamalandela Mnguni bokhuzwayo  khondlo kayeyeyephakathwayo. Vikelani ingane yenu kwi umoya emibi bonke ubungozi obufuna ukuza ilwani nabo. Msingatheni nimulwele zonke izimpi zikamoya nezenyama." ( protect your child from the evil spirit and fight all the dangers that might come her way protect her  spirit and flesh) 

The healer handed Muzi a seashell after attaching it to the colorful plaited wool. 

" baba why are you reverting to her maiden clans while she is a married woman?" 

"because she married a man who has no ancestors. The Sibiyas have shunned you because of your ways they can never protect you or your wife because you no longer belong to the Sibiya ancestry. Even when you die your soul will be wandering around

lost and unrest."

Muzi sighed in melancholy he knew what he was getting himself into when he made a deal with Arazyal but he didn't think it would be severe. Now that he was suffering the consequences of his actions it was no longer fun and games. And the love of his life might also suffer from the things she never knew about. He took the seashell pendant and put it in his pocket. The healer also gives him isiwasho for Nomthawelanga to bathe with. 

"When you go back home don't get intimate with her. Tomorrow early in the morning we'll go to the river and cleanse you to remove her shadow from you. Then you will be free from your late wife. As for the creature of darkness you invited in your life I'm afraid I'm not the one to help you" He explained. Muzi felt like the healer could help him with regards to Arazyal but he doesn't want to. He was just grateful that Ntombi will never get to Nomtha and torment them when they're trying to make love. 



I decided to turn on my phone the first person I called was Muzi. I wanted to hear the good news from the horse's mouth. 

"Hlori" he answered after a few rings. 

"Where is Ntombi"  straight to the point my back was too painful for chit chats. I wanted this baby out of me as soon as yesterday. 

"Mahlori I want my child" he mustn't dare! 

"Your child? Un'wu veke kwini(Where did you put it) ?"  I didn't care whether he understood or not. I wanted to annoy him. 

He also used to speak isiZulu when he wanted to get under my skin. 

"Mahlori please. I know you do not want me anymore. I can give you the divorce. Just don't deprive me of a relationship with my child" His voice sounded sincere if it was a year ago I would have pitied him and given in. But I knew him too well. It was a trap. 

"Is she really dead?" 


"Good riddance" I hung another call came through it was Mbali

"Friend" I answered excitedly 

"Friend my left foot! I've been calling you for months unable to reach you. Why did you cut me off? Do you think I'd also take your man? Listen here Mahlori. I'm not Nonhle's Jesus don't crucify me for her sins!" She was angry I never heard Mbali shouting at anyone she was always the peacemaker between me and Nonhle. The fact that she was yelling meant I really pissed her off. 

" I'm sorry baby I can make it up to you"

"Yes you will. Invite me for lunch and update me on everything! I can't believe I found out on social media that Ntombi is dead" I also didn't know. 

"Fine I will organize transport for you and also text you my new address" 

I felt bad Mbali was the only person who was with me during my hard times besides Mpumie. I didn't even say thank you to her. I never updated her on anything. 

I went through my phone and noticed that I had several missed calls and texts from her. I was such a bad friend. She probably worried sick all these months and I was busy having the time of my life —not really but I was comfortable and she was stressing about me. I had to inform Mpumi and Lucas since I was living in their house. I couldn't just bring someone over without their knowledge.


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