Twenty six


Muzi was busy with traditional healers these days that day the cleansing didn't go well a healer was injured along with Muzi. Different healers and pastors were up and down when I asked Muzi said he was going to explain everything to me once he was ready. 

Anyone could see that the house was haunted something wasn't right. I didn't know if it was Ntombi or other things that rich people do to make money. 

I was sitting in the lounge feeding Khethelo when some woman came through she looked angry and in pain. 

"Who the fuck are you? Muzi!" 

I hoped it wasn't one of his mistresses I can't deal with the city slay queens. 

"Hello sis" I said trying to sound as polite as possible whereas I was irritated. I was trying to get Khethelo to sleep now this woman was making noise. 

"I want Muzi where is he?" 

"You can't just come to my house and demand my husband!" 

"Whose house? Don't start with me. As far as remember Muzi and I are still married" 

"Married?" How many wives does Muzi have?

"Oh you didn't know. Don't be too quick to claim things that don't belong to you." She said laughing her laughter wasn't genuine it was like she was channeling anger. 

"Where the hell is Muzi!" 

"since he is your husband you must know his bedroom" 

"Of course oh and another thing… he isn't your husband. He is Ntombi's husband our husband is Arazyal" 

Arazyal? That name was familiar. It wasn't my first time hearing this. 

She winked and walked away her catwalk wasn't impressive her body was bent forward and she was flinching with each staircase she climbed. 

I followed her to Muzi's bedroom "Muzi why did you kidnap my baby huh? I want her now or I will expose you to the world" 

The Muzi I thought could not even move his finger sat up with the lightning speed "Mahlori —" his eyes had unshed tears. 

"I want my child Muzi. I'm not playing with you. Otherwise the world will know that you killed all your wives and offered them to the demon. Before you ask if they'd believe me hell yes they will. Who marries five times and three of the wives are dead huh?" 

I swear I had peed on myself. I was so close to dropping Khethelo to the floor. This lady didn't look like someone who was bluffing. I was a victim too this man was going to kill me just like the rest. 

" Mahlori —Nomtha I can explain."

My lips were trembling I walked towards the bed and gently put Khethelo who was crying his lungs out. I think the noise was too much for him or he sensed the tension. 

"Are you giving me my baby or do you want me to look for her myself? Just pray he is still alive otherwise…"  Mahlori Marched out of the door and slammed it behind her. Muzi followed her I also did. I was tired of being treated like a nanny who didn't deserve to know any shit. 

We followed Mahlori to the room that was supposed to be cleansed.

"Mahlori don't enter please. You're going to get hurt." Muzi pleaded. Mahlori only gave him a cold glance before opening the door and made her way inside. 

"How—how did you get in?" Muzi asked his nose creased into a frown. 

I followed her but Muzi held me back.

 "Ng'yeke!"  (get your hands off me) 

I yanked myself and went to the entrance when I bumped into something. I looked ahead and there was nothing. I lunged forward again and something pushed me back. 

"Nomtha please stop you're going to hurt yourself"  he came towards me I stepped back unroll my back collided with the wall. I slowly slid down the wall and sobbed. 

I wish I could easily take my bags and go back home. This was too much for me two wives dead another one is demanding a stolen child a demon… No. I had to go back home. Nomusa would throw a party and I'd be the joke of the village and be called 'umabuyemendweni' a woman who is nothing but a failure a woman who couldn't keep a man damaged goods second hand a scrab. And then I would be courted by old men because no young man deserved another man's trash. That was how things worked in a village. You have to persevere with everything an abusive man a cheater in my case...a serial killer and a ritualist. 

A loud noise disturbed me from my thoughts. Something was scratching the wall or the floor. I wasn't sure

in my case...a serial killer and a ritualist. 

A loud noise disturbed me from my thoughts. Something was scratching the wall or the floor. I wasn't sure the sound was piercing. I closed my ears with my hands hoping it would ease the sound. Instead hissing sounds came along it was like there were many snakes in the room. Things were breaking and people were screaming...people? Yes there were voices of people crying for help. The sudden wind blew hard and the thunder rumbled. I couldn't handle it. I screamed as well the sounds were making me crazy and my ears were in pain. 

I don't know how long the noise lasted for but it was suddenly quite like nothing had happened. I glanced At Muzi his hands were on his ears too. I know that the Mahlori girl was rude but I felt for her what if something wrong happened to her. 

It seemed like Muzi was thinking about the same thing. He made his way in and released a loud scream. I followed him in but stood by the door just in case I needed to run for my life. 

There she was laying on the floor motionless. She was covered by blood her eyes were closed but you could see that she was crying blood her ears had thick drops of blood as well as her mouth. Her lower abdomen was bleeding too. 

"Muzi" I hated the man who called himself my husband. It was his fault that I had to witness such cruel death. 

I looked around the room it was messy. There was a table like a sculptured thing it was cracked the crucifixes were scattered all over. There were other scary sigils and smelly herbs. But I still didn't understand where all these sounds came from. 

"Mahlori!" a squeaky voice came from nowhere someone else was in the house. 

"Mahlori!" the voice was closer what if it was the police they would arrest me and Muzi for murder. How on Earth would we describe this terrifying scene? 

A fair-skinned woman came through she was with some white man. 

"Oh Jehova!" she cried out marching to where Mahlori was pushing Muzi away from her. 

"She… she destroyed the altar" Muzi said sobbing like a woman. 

"Lucas we are late!" The woman said to the man. 

"I don't know what happened everyone failed to destroy it even the priest. Even I couldn't pass the boundary" - Muzi I was confused as fuck but they seemed to get what he was talking about. 

"She was not supposed to go near the altar no one should destroy this except the owner!" the woman yelled shaking Mahlori ``wake up baby wake up!" 

Who was the owner of the altar? 

"But Ntombi is dead!" - Muzi 

"I don't care! Look at what you have done it's all your fault."

The Lucas guy went to Mahlori and felt her pulse. 

"Is she dead?" I asked with my eyes closed I was hoping for a no. 

"The pulse is weak. We have to rush her to the hospital" - Lucas. 

I opened my eyes and silently thanked God. 

"I can't feel anything. There is nothing demonic in this room" he continued there was a cross on his neck. Maybe he was a priest. 

"Because there's no demon here Lucas. Arazyal ran away like the bloody coward that he is" - Mpumie. 

"Is Arazyal gone? For good" There was a sign of relief on Muzi's face. 

"No you fool!" 

"What is happening love did the demon flee because the altar was destroyed?" Lucas asked with his eyes closed I guess he was still hunting for any demonic sign. 

"Lucas the altar is not destroyed. The only person who could get rid of this is Ntombi and her dead ass is not here to do that! Mahlori wasn't supposed to touch it. Whoever tries to destroy the demon's altar will possess it"  Mpumie explained earning gasps from all of us. 

"The altar is now on Mahlori's temple which means she is the altar." 

"Is there any way we can remove it from her?" 

"Mahlori destroyed this room which was the host of the altar. Now she is the host. If someone kills her that person will be the host. If Mahlori dies naturally the alter in her will also die. This means the only way to free Mahlori is death and we can't let that happen. "

And that meant she was going to be an altar for the rest of her life because Ntombi was not here to fix her mess.


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