Twenty seven


Mpumie and Lucas took Mahlori with them they said the hospital wasn't going to help her. So they were going to take her somewhere safe. I was glad the poor girl did not die and hoped they were going to find the solution with regards to her situation. 

I just put Khethelo to sleep what I liked about him was that if he was well fed he would sleep one way. Khethelo wasn't that child who would scream for no reason. 

After he dozed off I went to Muzi. I found him drinking painkillers and the stained bandage from his head injury was in plastic he was wearing a new one. I guess he was cleaning the wound that he got from trying to trespass the boundary with his healers. It was surprising that he wasn't allowed to enter his own prayer room I'm his own house. Served him right. That was what you get for giving your life to the demons. 

"I want answers" I was done being a village obedient wife who was being taken for a fool. 

"I was trying to protect you" he said his head bowed in shame. 

Protecting who? 

"You killed innocent lives for riches just to protect me? Wow I'm feeling special" I said sarcastically. 

"I didn't know things would be like this I just wanted to be with you" - Muzi "I love you Nomthawelanga." 

"Uyangisanganela" (You are mad) 

I had Nothing to do with his demonic behaviors. He should rot in hell along with his witch wife. I should have known something was not right with that woman. She was always angry and the dark aura around her was too much. Only if I knew she was Satan. After all Satan is said to have a variety of appearances. Ntombi was one of them. 

"I killed Ntombi" Oh just like the rest of his wives. 

"I'm not surprised" I was probably the next one to die. 

"It's different Ntombi and I would marry innocent girls and offer them to Arazyal to maintain our riches. We did not like what we did but we were too deep. We had to switch off our humanities and did what we had to do for survival. Ntombi knew I didn't love those girls they were nothing but sacrifices. Mahlori was one of the victims but she managed to escape and Arazyal was angry. It seemed like he had an obsession with her because he wanted her alive. Ntombi had mistreated her which angered Arazyal and Ntombi had to suffer Khethelo was going to die so Mahlori had to get pregnant to save Khethelo. By then Mahlori knew everything about us the only way we could get her pregnant was to drug her and inject her with fertility drugs the process was supposed to take three days but she ovulated within twenty-four hours. That worked to our advantage because we drugged her and inserted my seeds directly in her uterus. She fled before we could be sure if she was pregnant "

She was pregnant because she came here demanding her child. 

"Arazyal was angered by her departure and demanded another sacrifice… I love you" 

"I don't care about that! Talk" I was already freaked out but I wanted to know everything. 

"He wanted virgin girls and you were the first one I got. But everything changed when I laid my eyes on you. You took my heart and I couldn't kill you. Ntombi found out that I had feelings for you and plotted your death. I loved her but I had to choose between you two I chose you. " he looked me in the eyes did he expect me to show some affection or gratitude for 'choosing me over Ntombi'? 

"I didn't know that Mahlori would come here and try to destroy something that belonged to Ntombi. She is dead and no one will be able to save Mahlori.  What stresses me is that my child is out there I'm scared that Arazyal might have him or her. I might lose everything but I don't want to lose my babies and you" watching an old man like him sobbing was disgusting. 

He was about to continue when he received the call. 

"Mr. Sibiya hello" 

His phone was loud enough for me to hear the person on the line. 

"Mr. Sibiya your club in town had 9 caught fire. The firefighters tried to save it but it was too late everything was in ashes."

Muzi just hung up without saying anything.

"Arazyal is out of my life everything that came with him will go with him" 

Did this mean he was going to be poor? I'm not a bad person but I hoped so. That would mean he would take me home and my father would gladly accept me because he always wanted us to marry financially stable men to take care of us while we take care of their homes and kids. According to him

everything that came with him will go with him" 

Did this mean he was going to be poor? I'm not a bad person but I hoped so. That would mean he would take me home and my father would gladly accept me because he always wanted us to marry financially stable men to take care of us while we take care of their homes and kids. According to him no struggling man deserves his daughters. 

I left him to deal with sorrows and went to check on Nonhle. I did not know her story but it hurt to see her like that so I decided to make it my responsibility to take care of her. She was quite a job I had to feed her bathe clean her poop when she shat in herself. It was the duty I didn't sign up for but I was a woman just like her. If I didn't deserve what she was going through it meant she also didn't deserve it. 

I opened the door and let out a shrill scream when I saw her body hanging on the roof. The ceiling was broken I think she needed to tie her robe in a roof truss. 

There was a piece of paper on the bed I guess it was the suicide note. It read as follow :


I'm very sorry for everything I did I envied your life but now I regret everything. I would have wanted to apologize in person but Arazyal told me to kill myself because I'm no longer useful to him. 

"Muzi!" Muzi came his eyes almost jumped out of his sockets when he saw Nonhle. 

"Oh my God"  his hands were on his head.

"Don't you dare cry to God? It's all your fault!" Did he think of God when he made a deal with the devil? 

"I don't -" 

"Shut up Muzi we need to call the police" 

I said it was clear that I was the one who was still sane. I can't say the same about Muzi he was a mess. He was full of tears sweat and mucus. 

The police came and took our statements they asked us a lot of unnecessary questions "Did you fight?" 

"Did she have foes?" 

Enemies for that because they found her hanged and took all the evidence they could find. 

Muzi had a hard time explaining who Arazyal was he just said he didn't know. 

I also said it was not like I knew who Arazyal was. I wasn't going to make fun of myself and say Arazyal was Muzi's demon.

The police had just left when a woman wearing a suit came in.

"Greetings I'm sorry if I came at the wrong time. My name is Zoleka Mbhele an estate agent" 

Muzi and I just looked at her and said nothing. 

"As per the agreement I'm here to remind you that you have forty-eight hours to move out so that a new owner can move in" 

"As per agreement? What agreement" Muzi asked looking confused "this house is not for sale" 

"Your late wife gave me the deed signed by you and her. The house has new owners and it was paid in cash." Zoleka gave Muzi some documents and he went through it with a frown "I didn't sign this. This is void" 

The buyer must be rich such a huge house in cash. 

"Mr. Sibiya the money was transferred to your joint account. Why did you keep the money for the house you didn't sign off for? Please don't waste my time. You have two days to move out"  with that she took her documents and went out. 

It was really pouring for Muzi first he lost his child his club burned a girl hanged herself and now the property?


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