Twenty one


Days weeks and months have passed. Life was peaceful. We had expected Arazyal to give us a fight but he didn't Mpumie never faced any problems. But Lucas told us not to let our guards down because he could strike anytime when we least expected. 

She and Lucas are still in a good relationship I'm glad the Mary issue didn't break them apart. Mpumie's divorce was settled although Sbusiso was still the pain in the arse. We bumped to him the other day when we went baby shopping in town he was a mess. I almost empathized with him but I remembered all the things he had done to Mpumi under a spell or not his hands were the ones that hurt Mpumie. He looked like a hobbo. His hair had grown so much—not that I knew him before but anyone could see that the man was stressed his beard was not taken care of and his clothes were creased. 

I was nine months pregnant I could pop at any time. I couldn't wait anymore my tummy was big and heavy I don't even want to mention the back pains and the swelling feet. I could be lying if I said my pregnancy was hard I hardly got morning sicknesses and all that drama other women go through when they are pregnant. I could be naturally lucky or Muzi was suffering the symptoms. I didn't care about him. He once made contact a few months ago claiming he dreamed of my pregnancy. That was a green lie he just wanted to check if the IUI they performed on me against my permission worked or not. 

"Bile is messing with your head go and drink stamita you'll be fine" those were the exact words I said before I hung up. If they wanted Arazyal's surrogate they should look elsewhere because Mahlori Mathebula was not an incubator for little demons. 

That was the last time I heard from the Sibiyas. I've also taken some time off social media for the sake of my peace. I didn't want anything that was going to mess with my soul my first priority was my fatherless baby and my possible future. I was still trying to figure out what would I do for a living when the steam blows off. Arazyal's disappearance was a drag to my progress Mpumie and Lucas swore not to let go of me until satan went back to hell. I would never be safe if he was still roaming around on earth given that I possessed something that 'belonged to him. Many thanks to Ntombi the demon thought I stole his child. 

And then there was my family I missed them so much but I was still not welcome at home. Muzi had stopped maintaining them and they had no source of income because my father stopped working as soon as I married Muzi he thought he had won himself a jackpot. What kind of man depends on another man for means of living? A father who was dependent on his daughter's pussy for money sies! 



My lies never worked for me I was tempted to beg maMboma to lie about my virginity but I decided against it. She was going to run to father and tell him everything and also add flowers spices soups and salads. Yep! That was how far the villagers would go to impress my father. They'd do anything to earn themselves a dozen of eggs or a chicken. Hunger was really an issue back home. 

After the truth was told that I was still pure I expected a beating for lying and trying to defy the great Makhanya but the opposite happened. He was happy that he was going to get eleven live cows and a few more. Just like that I was forgiven and was never demoted from being a beloved daughter you could have seen Nomusa's face - the bitter sister when maMboma put a while dot on my forehead. 

All the necessary ceremonies were done from umemulo izibizo izibizo umkhehlo umgcagco etc. All my imagination of a big white wedding crumbled like that along with my future plans. 

Did I tell you that I was a second wife? Hmm. The first wife wasn't as welcoming that was expected. She treated me like a maid gave me a few slaps and insults. I didn't know if it was her nature or it was the pregnancy. She did not even want me to talk to Sibiya. How absurd was that? He was my husband too. Well her jealousy worked to my advantage because it delayed the intimacy between Muzi and me. 

 But that was months ago things had changed I don't know if I should say for the better or the worst. 

The baby cry disturbed me from mopping the floor. The house was too big for four people. I dried my hands and went to the nursery. Why was he crying because he just ate? I checked the diaper… argh! He pooed again and dirted his crip. He probably has a runny stomach. 

I changed the nappy and cleaned the mess he made. 

"Don't poo again please your turd is smelly" I said as if he would listen. He just gave me a baby giggle. He was a cute little human. I kissed his chubby chicks and put him back to sleep the moment I let go of him he cried. 

"He loves you" the husband was watching us from a distance. 

I smiled "I love him too" it was true. 

"You make a good mother kaMakhanya"  

He always compliments me. And he was right I was a good mother to Khethelo an offspring of a person who hated me with passion. 

Oh flip! How could I forget? 

Breaking news: Ntombi died during the birth of Khethelo. Muzi said she lost too much blood. She never made it to the hospital her water broke and she pushed her baby on the floor. I never helped anyone with childbirth but Nomusa also didn't make it to the hospital because it was far. Her mother laid her on a reed mat and helped her. We were all there watching I took tips. 

So I used my littlest information and cut the umbilical cord and called an ambulance Mr. Sibiya was too traumatized to think of anything. 

She then died on a hospital bed they did a blood transfusion but she wouldn't stop bleeding her blood wouldn't clot after everything the doctors tried a few hours later her body gave in. 

I would be lying if I said I knew or I understood how Muzi felt I don't know if he was stoic or he was trying to be strong. I didn't even know how to console him. All I did was to take care of Khethelo and gave him his space to grieve in whichever way he saw fit. I guess it worked because he was starting to be jovial again and went back to his businesses. 

Ntombi'send-off was bizarre no family members came to support it it was like they both had no families. The only people who were up and down were five ladies who were Ntombi's friends. They weren't doing much except being in charge of the catering and making sure that the send-off was lavish and private —it was private because only certain people were allowed but it was filmed. 

So these ladies who were busy arranging the send-off arrangements disappeared after the funeral I was left alone to do all the real chores like washing the blankets and whatnot. 

I don't know how I felt about her death death was a scary thing no matter how much you distaste the deceased. My life without her was peaceful no lie but I felt for Khethelo who would grow up thinking I was her mother. 

And then there was a strange person who was a few years older than me she never spoke to anyone. She was always tired on the bed because her sleepwalking always led to self-injury. She wouldn't mind not eating for the whole week. When I asked about her I was told not to worry about her. I listened to my mother's words: a good wife never questions her husband. 


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