I was going back home I never vowed to stay with him through sickness and health and whatever that had to do with richness or poorness.

The only thing I could help him with was to take Khethelo with me. At Least he will be safe and sheltered. 

"The insurance company will not be paying off for the burnt club" you see why I was going home? Problems after problems. What if he becomes broke and decides to sacrifice me too? no. 

"I'm going home Sibiya. I'm taking Khethelo with me." it wasn't a question or a request. I was taking the kid whether he liked it or not. 

"Nomtha please don't leave me. I need you" 

"Maybe you get Khethelo back once your mess is fixed. As for Nomthawelanga Makhanya sorry. 

He still needed to bury Nonhle and the police tried to hunt down her family but they never succeeded. The only person who might have had information on Nonhle was Mahlori who was practically dead at that moment. He was going to get a grave and coffin and bury her just like that. She was treated like Zombie and she was going to be buried like a dog! 

"I can't believe I'm losing everything. The investors and clients are pulling out on every damn business I own." he was doomed to shame. He was trending on the news. And black Twitter did not do any justice either. 

The whole world knew that he lost his house and people assumed that he was losing everything because he killed his wives...their assumptions were not wrong though. Some were saying his snake had died that was why he was losing everything. Other people went on and said his Tokoloshe's were not fed and got angry. Others spoke about baboons and what not. It was almost funny. 

I didn't know what happened but there was also a hashtag on Mahlori. Apparently Mahlori was missing and her followers wanted justice for her. Now Muzi was being investigated for Mahlori's disappearance. Many things were happening. I needed to go back home so that my father could give him his cows. He was going to need them anyway. 

"What are you going to do don't you have other houses or something?" No truck was going to transport anything because we were living with nothing other than our clothes the new owner even bought the furniture. I was just going to need a van for my clothes and Khethelo's things. Luckily when the house was sold Khethelo wasn't born which meant everything that belonged to him was safe. At least I wouldn't have to buy him clothes a bed a bathtub and other necessities. Even his food was enough to last him for months. 

"No I will sell my cars and the apartment in town and rent a room in the township. I don't know what I'm going to do with my shares" Shame from Hero to Zero. That was what happened if someone cheated on the ladder of success. 

"Good luck Muzi. Everything will eventually fall into place" I hoped so he needed to bounce back if not for himself but his child or should I say children? I pray Mahlori's baby is alive. These little creatures were innocent in all of this. 

Muzi had asked me to keep one of his cars but I refused I didn't want anything that had to do with his demon. What if it followed me home? 

Everyone is out of their rondavel when they see a van in their homestead Nomusa and her mother are ready to gloat and call me names but I couldn't care less. At least I was still in one piece. Their insults won't break a thing from me. Not even my soul that would have belonged to the devil. 

"Seziyabuya njalo?" (trouble in paradise already? 

It could only be Nomusa. I ignore her and ask the driver to help me move my stuff to my mother's house. 

"Ubusuzibona Ungcono kunami tshitshi mbumbulu'' you thought you were better than us fake virgin. "You are now a scrap just like me '' Nomusa continued. Why on earth would you call yourself a scrap? That girl had self-esteem issues. Even if Muzi broke my virginity and left me I would never call myself a scrap. 

"Nomthawelanga are you coming back for good?" my mother asked she looked scared for someone who missed her daughter. "who's baby is this? He is so healthy." 

"It's mamkhulu's baby but she is no longer with us

she looked scared for someone who missed her daughter. "who's baby is this? He is so healthy." 

"It's mamkhulu's baby but she is no longer with us so I'm taking care of him" 

Mamkhulu is a guest wife. I never bothered to inform my mother about Ntombi's passing. I didn't want to bother them with my marital problems. 

"Oh my baby I can't believe you've grown into such a responsible strong woman" 

Was that a compliment? No I couldn't be. 

"Can you ask for the meeting?" 

I asked that was another challenge a village child had you can't just go to your father the head of the house and enquire. You tell your mother and she would be the one to pass the message for you. 

My mother did as asked fortunately my father didn't give me the hard time as I anticipated. I guess he was also curious just like everyone. I couldn't imagine the look he would give he would be disappointed and disgusted with me. 

"Nomthawelanga Sibiya what are doing here?" The way he emphasized Sibiya was enough to signal that I no longer belonged to the Makhanya's. They married me off I left with a kist and Sibiya poured bile on me which meant the only way out was death hence the kist. Even a piece of divorce paper wasn't going to separate us. 

"My husband is in trouble" 

"You haven't answered my question" 

"We have nowhere to sleep" I hoped it would make sense to him. He can't be expecting his daughter to sleep on the streets. 

"You should be with your husband" 

"on the streets?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. 

"Hee! The city has changed you. You now have the nerve to look at your father in the eyes and question him." my older brother scolded me. 

"Thula wena!" Shut up. 

My father roared. At least he defended me this time. 

"You can't come back Nomtha. You don't belong here" his tone was surprisingly tender. 

"I know father. I have our child with me. We'd like to stay for a few months until Sibiya gets on his feet again. He doesn't want us to suffer while he fixes his financial crisis" I didn't know if I was lying or my truth was diluted but it seemed to be working. 

"Uthwele?" huh? He was asking if he was a ritualist. 

"Angiqondi ubaba ubuza ukuthini" (I don't understand my father's question) 

"Your lobola cows died" what? Tjo 

"I'm sorry baba" I didn't know what to say. 

"Your Lobola cows are all dead and you come back because you and husband have nowhere to live. Ichilo lelo(bad luck)" 

"Makhanya a lot happened. My husband and I did not get a chance to go to bed before his late wife was restless. You can still get another lobola for me" 

There was no such. My father was not allowed to take my lobola twice. If someone had to take the Lobola if I remarried it was Muzi because I was a Sibiya. I don't know if it was the culture or its habit or custom people of nowadays used since the divorce rate was very high. 

I could say the meeting went well my father told me to stay as long as I wanted just like my mother he was proud of me for taking care of my husband's child. 

"You stayed with a man for months and never did the deed?" not so long ago she was throwing insults now she was prying. 


"Why does he have a small dick? Is it even erect?" 

"Hhayibo Nomusa!" even that was the case I would never disclose such information to her to anyone for that matter. 

"Okay. What is your child's name?" why was she happy?


"Can you reserve Khethelo's clothes for me please" she begged


"Are you pregnant again?" my eyes were close to popping out my sockets. 

"Shhh. Why are you shouting?" 

Nomusa didn't deserve a vigina it should be sewed because she was misusing it or should I say overusing it? 


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