Twenty eight


Mahlori was still unconscious in a car Lucas wouldn't let her near his house because by that we'd be inviting Arazyal in since we have 'his altar' 

" You know the hospital can't help her and I'm not leaving my friend in the streets" 

"Mpumie I'm not saying we should not help her but we need to do that elsewhere. We were born to help people but that does not mean we should invite demons into our lives. We are not immune to evil please don't forget about that. We are not God Mahlori did say it too. There is nothing we can do. It would be better if Mahlori was possessed by demons because I would be able to cast it out but she is not." I can't believe he was losing hope just like that. Everything has a loophole we needed to find it and free Mahlori. 

"She is the alter we can use that as bait. When Arazyal tries to make his way to Mahlori that's when you will perform an exorcism and make sure that he goes back to hell" I suggest if we cast Arazyal out of the world of the living and condemn him back to hell all his demonic possessions would go with him we just need to do that without hurting Mahlori. He may have temporarily won but Mahlori belonged to God not him. 

"Arazyal won't possess Mahlori he doesn't need to because he already has control over her life. There is nothing we can do except wait for her to die." 

Die and then what? Her soul would be wandering everywhere and she'd end up being an angry spirit and taunt people. The poor lady didn't deserve to be Arazyal's slave even after death! 

"Let's keep her at my old house" was the only place I could think of. Even if Arazyal comes there he would find no one except me Mahlori and Lucas if he was willing to help me. Sbusiso would have to move out until we finish our quest. It was the least he could do to help me after everything he put me through. 

"Where? There's no way I'm letting you go back there" - Lucas. 

"Why are you jealous?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. 

"No It took you years to finally be with me. Now you want to get back to him? Now that he is no longer under Muzi's control you want him back. I can't believe you used me" 

I can't believe this man he was twisting everything I was saying he was making all this about me and him. We are trying to save a life for Christ's sake! 

"You are being ridiculous Lucas. I won't even entertain you. Are you helping me or not?" 

"There is something we can do!" 

"There is. Ntombi will have to come back and destroy her altar." 


"She will wake up and fix her mess. She can't create havoc and then die just like that!" 

Ntombi died too soon she should have suffered the consequences of her actions. She deserved her fair share of misery death was too merciful for someone like her. 

"She needs to be reincarnated" I said. 

"Love are you sure you are okay?" he touched my forehead I think he was testing my temperature. "Are you not hurt or sick?" 

"Don't patronize me!" He was condescendingly looking at me. 

"I'm not I'm just a concerned citizen. Why in the world would you suggest such nonsense?" it was the only choice. 

"It is the only way to save Mahlori!"  

"Well I cast out demons. I don't wake the dead. That is probably God's duty" 

I rolled my eyes. 

"I wasn't expecting you to wake the dead. Find me someone who will" 

"Count me out of your nonsense. Some of us are still sane."

"Lucas why do you Mahlori? What did she do to you?" This person saved the work for a living. Why was it so hard for him to help my friend? 

"I have nothing against this girl. I would do anything to help just not this. If we try to disturb the balance of nature we would be as evil as Ntombi. What if we open the gate and it doesn't close? Imagine if the dead get access to the world of the living?"

He was making sense

waking up the dead is not for humans to do. Something could go wrong and hell would be on earth. Most of the dead people have unfinished business on earth they'd use the opportunity to come back. I don't even want to imagine the innocent people who would die. Remember there has to be a balance if Ntombi comes back someone will have to die. If more people come back more will die. And Ntombi might get a chance to live again and continue spoiling the world that was already rotten because of her. It might cause more problems than solutions. The question was: was Mahlori's life worth all the trouble? The answer is yes. That was how much I love her but I dismissed the idea. Maybe there was an alternative that wouldn't cause problems for the living —and the dead. 

"Okay fine. I admit the idea was bad-" 

"Ridiculous!" okay 

"Yes ridiculous. But we still need a place where Mahlori can be kept until we think of something. I bet there's some loose end in this altar thing" I hoped he would agree to help me. Lucas knew many people from the pastors prophets seers healers and more. I'm sure he knew someone who would help in destroying the altar without killing Mahlori. 

He sighed before agreeing on Sbusiso's house. 

"Thank you baby. I love you."

Mahlori started panting and mumbling things we could not understand she looked like she was fighting. I hoped not spiritual fights needed people who were spiritually strong and Mahlori was still an infant in that department. There was no way she could conquer a spirit world. For her sake I prayed it was just a bad dream. 

"Mpumie she is bleeding!" 

"Let's take her to my old house. Please find someone who will be able to stop the bleeding" she was bleeding from the nose mouth ears and eyes. She was still speaking in tongues that I didn't understand. 

We arrived at the house. It looked deserted the windows were dusty. We found him lying on the bed that he used to share with me. The bedroom was awfully smelly. When was the last time he visited the crocodile's crib? 

"Sbusiso wake up. Go and bath"  Lucas was standing by the door looking angry as hell. I had no bad blood against Sbu. I loved him but I fell out of love. I still care for him regardless of what he put me through. He wasn't himself. I helped him up and helped him with bathing. He had lost many kg. I swear a hairdryer would blow him from Durban to kwaPhikela village. 

After checking on Mahlori and cleaning her up. I made food for Sbusiso and cleaned the house by the way Lucas clucked his tongue and left when I offered to bathe Sbu. I wonder why it was so hard for him to trust me I have zero feelings for Sbu. I was to get back to him I would be signing my death warrant because I was shown my fate with him but that was beside the point. He was sick I think it had something to do with Arazyal or Muzi. 

Another thing I needed to do was to find Mahlori's child. With her baby girl maybe she would be able to fight off the evil in her. Where was I going to start looking? 

Waiting for my guides to show me was going to delay me. Where would I start looking? Mbali. 

I scroll through my phone to find the PI's contacts. The first step was to locate Mbali. She was last seen with her. 




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