My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Maui. We spent two weeks doing my favorite activities such as helicopter tour sunset cruise beach hoping to mention a few. I made sure to post everything we did on Instagram and my followers were growing rapidly. Many kids wanted to be me… Everyone could be me if they knew how to use the precious gem between their legs. But people are busy fussing about school as if a piece of paper will bring food to the table… maybe it could just not in my country shame!

Now we were back and everyone had to go back to their normal lives except me...I needed to find a new hobby because school was a no for me. I decided to give myself a tour around the house starting from the bottom floor since dear hubby went to deal with his businesses … The house was rather too big for three people. I was in the hallway on the top floor when I heard a weird sound from the room where we did the ritual someone was crying for help. It was a female voice. I leaned my ear on the door to listen carefully and heard a hissing sound… that was definitely a snake. Could it happen that the girl was trapped with a snake in that room? My fingers slowly made their way to the doorknob.

"Mahlori What are you doing up here?" my body froze for a second before I turned to look at an angry Ntombi. 

"Huh?" my voice barely came out. 

"What are you doing here?" her question was scolding. 

"I was touring around—" she cut me off before I could explain further 

"it looks like sneaking around to me" 

"Aren't you the one who told me to do anything I like because this is my home?" 

"Yeah yes you're right… I have visitors. Would you like to join us?" she said trying to smile but it was obviously a grimace that she gave rather than a smile. 

"I would like to but…" 

"They are nice to chill with trust me. Come" she extended her hand for me to hold but I kept my eyes on the door she noticed my discomfort and sighed. 

"Nothing is interesting there dear." She opened the door and looked at me "See?" I nodded. She then shut it. 

"Let's go and meet my friends. It's time your associate yourself with people of your caliber" 

I follow her still spooked by what just happened. There was really nothing in that room but I swear I heard something I can't be hallucinating… No. Where there's smoke there's fire and I will make it my mission to find out what is happening in this house.


The dining table was full of glamorous women there were five three of them looked like my peers while the other two were older. Ntombi introduced me to them. It was Lilly Bongiwe Mpumie treasure and Aliyah. They were a diverse group of friends because Treasure was white a brunette while Aliyah was Indian. The rest were Africans just like me. 

"Nice to finally meet you sister wife" Even a blind person could see that this bitch was pretending. Ntombi had introduced her as Lilly

"She is beautiful she just needs an upgrade in her style" I almost laughed at her statement. She thought she was stylish but all I could see was a peacock it was Bongiwe… it was true that money cannot buy style. Her dress had too much bling and furthers and she was overdressed for someone who was here for an ordinary dinner.

"Hey Mahlori I'm Mpumie" she came and hugged me. I liked her she looked genuine. 

I sat beside Mpumie and sipped my wine as I listened to these trophy wives talking about their rich husbands. 

"Shut up Lilly your husband is overseas probably cheating on you with Cuban girls" 

Bongiwe mocked they were talking about sex. 

"You see this one Mahlori her husband comes back maybe thrice a year. That's why she is this bitter sexual frustration is no child's play" Mpumie said laughing. I glanced at Lilly and she was no longer smiling. 

"At least I have kids unlike someone who's barren" Lilly said and the atmosphere changed instantly. I followed everyone's eyes and they led me to Ntombi. 

I gasped holding my mouth. 

"I'm going to have a baby Lilly" Ntombi said gazing at me. 

Hell no! If she thought I was here to bear babies for her she had another thing coming. 

"Are you going to be her surrogate?" Lilly asked now all eyes are on me… Was this why Ntombi didn't have a problem with me marrying his man? 

"No I have a body to maintain" I don't even want to imagine what would become of my body. I'm not one of those girls who have hourglass bodies with ass for days

weeks and years… No. I had belly fat and flat ass by nature but nothing gym and supplements can't fix. It's been three years since I started training my body eating clean and boosting. I managed to get my figure and a bit of ass. So I won't let all my hard work go to waste because of a child I don't even want. 

"You're married you will have to conceive sooner or later" Lilly was busy shame I bet she was my marriage's cupid. I was about to respond when Ntombi snapped. 

"She won't have to!" We all looked at her. She doesn't want me to have her husband's kids? 

"I'm sorry I just —" 

"It's okay I won't have kids. As I said I have a body to maintain" I assured her to make her feel better I'm sure she was scared that if I were to give Muzi kids - something she had been failing to give him all these years he'd leave her barren ass and love me more. 

"You have a beautiful body" Mpumie complimented touching my defined abs. 

"Yeah she is right but you have to cease a bit we don't want you looking like a man" 

"Shut up Bongi"

"It was just friendly advice you can always go for surgery and have the body of your dreams" She was a bitch but she was right. If I go under the knife I wouldn't mind how I eat. I had considered that a few years ago but I was not able to afford it. I did not want to involve myself in cheap cosmetic surgeries that would backfire in the long run. Now that I have money I can do anything I like without worrying about anything. 

"Hlori how is your background?" I thought I liked Mpumie but if she was going to embarrass me in front of these slay queens then it wouldn't be good. 

She noticed my change of mood "You don't have to be ashamed I'm from a less privileged community I was poor before I was rich. Now I'm giving back to my community and that's what I want you to do. Only if you don't mind" 

I smile a little my family would be proud of me. My jealous neighbors will know my name and it will do me good on social media. 

"I'm interested" I told them about my growing experience and Mpumie suggested doing a funding event and using the money on food parcels and taking a few kids to universities. After hours of the briefing wine drinking eating and taking selfies the girls left. Muzi came back from work and we ate dinner. When it was time to sleep Muzi went to Ntombi and I was left alone. I took the opportunity to go and find out what was going on with that room. As I took the steps I bumped into Zodwa. 

"It's not too late to leave" There we go… 

"What the hell are you on about?" 

"If you don't leave now it is going to be hard later until it becomes impossible" How the hell was I going to understand her when she was being cryptic about her nonsense. 

"Mam Zodwa I want you out of my house before the sunrise. I will hire my personal helper" Old age was getting to her and she needed to retire. 

"A lot is going on in that room don't tell me I didn't warn you" She said before heading to her room. I proceeded with my way I closed my eyes and took steady breaths before I opened the door. Just like earlier on there was nothing not even the enamel plate was there. I sighed before going to bed when I realized I was inheriting Zodwa's madness. 


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