She laid on the floor motionless. I knew she wouldn't last long. I thought she'd expire way before she crossed the fire. 

I guess I was wrong because she pulled out Arazyal's sword from her chest and rose again. 

"I don't go down easily Mr. Arazyal" 

She spat before throwing the sword back to Arazyal he caught it before it reached his skin. I never knew swords could be thrown around. 

"Nice I'm impressed. You are a bit stronger than I anticipated" Arazyal said with a grin. 

"Mpumie lunged at him and threw a fist with her free hand that made Arazyal stumble and bled from the nose. As he wiped the blood Mpumie's sword made its way to his neck and slit her. I must give it to her she was fast for a human. 

Mpumie's attack alerted Arazyal. He realized that Mpumie was not here to play. 

All the amusement and the bragging were gone it was fist after fist stab after kick after kick. I swear I saw kung fu and karate moves there. If it was a normal fight I'd be jumping up and down cheering for my favorite. 

But it was not fun to watch at all. Each fist was accompanied by fire Mpumi was burned all over. I don't know when her sword was dropped. Where was it anyway? 

My body was wet and sticky with sweat.

Mpumie gasped for air as Arazyal's hand squeezed her neck. But that was short-lived because Ntombi appeared with the sword I believed belonged to Mpumie and stepped Arazyal's hand causing him to drop Mpumie. Under normal circumstances Mpumie would be coughing but she rose like she never fell. 

It was now two against one. Ntombi was now a team with Mpumie. The whole Ntombi the devil herself repented? 

Somehow Ntombi still possessed some force because she was spitting fire. 

It didn't take them long to get Arazyal on his feet. The mighty Arazyal was on his knees. 

"Aid your husband" Arazyal's voice whispered in my head. I guess he was using telepathy because according to my eyes or ears he said nothing. 

"Mahlori they want to take our daughter" the whispered persisted. 

I looked Mpumie in the eyes and saw her taking Darcy. She and Lucas put her in a glass box intending to train her to deal with demons. They knew the power she had so they were planning to use her while they got credit for nothing. I saw Darcy as the slave who knew nothing other than spells prayers clairvoyance and exorcism. I saw them starving her for weeks in the name of fasting. 

I blinked several times when I realized that wasn't real but it was me reading Mpumie's thoughts. She was here pretending to be my savior while she wanted to keep my daughter for her selfish reasons. She wanted to be the noble gallant Mpumie who did nothing wrong in the world the heroine who saved lives while she was filthy and selfish. 

It was too good to be true her saving me from Ntombi and Muzi trying to protect me from Arazyal. It was a ploy! 

I marched to her and grabbed her by the hair "You bitch you thought I wouldn't find out? I know you want to enslave my daughter. I read your thoughts" I shouted. 

"You are more gullible than I thought. Since when can you read thoughts? Arazyal is playing with your mind. All those events you see are illusions that Arazyal wants you to see. Block him from your thoughts. Only you can stop him from toying with your petite brain!"

"Shut up! Mahlori is mine. My wife" 

"Stop stop!" I pressed my hands against my ears I felt dizzy. They were confusing me. 

"Baby look at my beautiful eyes." —the whisper again. 

Darcy then cried. But I couldn't see her. 

"She is with me honey" 

I swear I was losing my mind the heat was getting to me I was hearing and seeing many things at the same time. 

"IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY FOR CLARITY UPON MAHLORI." that was Lucas's voice was he here too? 

On the other inside it was Ntombi telling me how he was lured just like me but ended up killing her kids and family and ending up dead. 

Arazyal didn't have to say anything

with one just wink at me my knees became wobbly while my stomach turned. 

Mpumie was telling me how stupid was I and commanding me to fight with her because she was not going to be Arazyal's conquest. 

I had to choose my husband. I know it sounded weird and wicked but Arazyal gave me goosebumps and I liked spending time with me. He believed in me he worshiped me he never compared me to anyone not even Ntombi. 

My feet decided to go to Arazyal without my consent my heart raced and foreign magnetic force drew me to him. it the first time I had felt like that in my entire life. 

"You know what I'm tired of begging you!" 

"Mpumie keep this one away from me while I deal with this fool" Ntombi ordered Mpumie. 

"What are you going to do with her? Don't hurt her please" Mpumie begged but Ntombi was hearing none of it. The sword was still in her hand she marched to me. 

"What you possess belongs to me. It is my creation and I want it back!" Ntombi said grabbing me. Mpumie was already out of my grasp and fighting my demon lover. They were fighting over coming to me. Ntombi made it first. 

"Kiss your supernatural powers goodbye" 

The sword started to flame. My body uncontrollably shook as the hot weapon penetrated my temple. I felt hot liquid between my legs. I screamed as my body stung like I was bitten by the bees or rolling in thorns. Scratch that —the lightning had struck me. 

"S s s t—s-t-o-p" I couldn't hold my shrill screams and tears. I've never felt such agony in my life. My ears eyes nose and mouth were on fire. I saw black smoke coming from my mouth. I'm maybe in another world with another creature but I knew I could never shapeshift even if I did but to turn into a car? The smoke that was coming out of my mouth was similar to my father's old Tazz. 

By the time Arazyal got to Ntombi the sword had made its way in and out of me. 

"How dare you destroy my altar bitch!" Arazyal said as he held Ntombi's neck and broke it. It seemed like the strength came back. Because after ending Ntombi- he went for Mpumie. 

"Touch me and feel the fire!" Mpumie said opening her arms for Arazyal to do anything to her. Arazyal threw a fist but it never made it t Mpumie's flesh something like a thunderbolt was shielding her. 

After the black smoke the white one followed until no smoke exited my mouth. All the feelings and butterflies I felt for Arazyal vanished replaced by an unexplainable fear. I glanced at Arazyal whose body was changing. He started getting bigger and bigger with each second the body that was sexy again started to have visible green and black veins that covered his skin tone. Her blue eyes turned red. His hair rapidly grew everywhere until he resembled an enormous ape. He was about three hundred feet towering. 

I covered my mouth at the horrific scene

He started laughing very loud and his voice was piercing and ugly not forgetting the fangs. 

"Jesus Christ!" What was that? 

When I thought I had seen enough his lower body remained an ape but developed a huge rough tail that looked like rocks. His upper body was that of a snake he had two heads and one-two-three-four - five! Five noses no ears. 

I couldn't count the number of eyes because they were too many and they were hard to look at with their trypophobic look. Just by glancing at him my body cringed and developed a rash at the same TimeThree sharp horns were flaming. 

I closed my eyes the sight was too much for me. 




The sound of the heavy footsteps made me pee on myself for the second time because of dread. 

"Look at your husband my love" ugly voice was back to being honeyed. I opened one eye to take a peek. I was the dwarf to the monstrous giant that was towering over me. 

I was shaking with fear was this the real form of Arazyal? I've been sleeping with a monster. Muzi and Ntombi married me off to the monster. 


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