I've been hiding from the world for three days. The only good thing about the past three days was that I didn't get any wet dreams arousal and marks on my body. Whatever was taunting me was either taking a break or moving on to Nonhle I really hope so. My phone had been ringing nonstop. It was probably the journalists seeking my perspective on their gossip. 

I didn't know being famous came with such a nuisance. Someone knocked… 

"Go away!" 

"Mahlori open this door before I break it" 

It was Muzi what the hell did he want from me? I hope he was there to chase me out. 

"Break it burn it eat it or shove it on your smelling arse I don't care! Get away from me!" At this point I had nothing to lose. He could burn me down with a fortress I wouldn't care. Death was a scary thing to imagine but if you thoroughly think about it you'd know that death was the most merciful situation the universe could ever grant you. You'd feel empty quiet free of pain and sorrow.


I lunged furiously to the door "What the hell do you want from me bloody witch!" I slapped my hand across his cheek. I had slapped him hard because I also felt the stinging pain in my palm. 

"You need to eat and we need to talk" I had expected him to be angry and maybe slap me back instead his expression softened. 

"If you not granting me my freedom we have nothing to talk about" 

"I'm sorry for everything that happened to you Mahlori. The tape was taken down three days ago and if someone talks about it on the internet he or she will deal with the lawsuit" he explained as if that was supposed to make me feel better that embarrassing memory of me would just be wiped off their minds.

"And when will Ntombi face the lawsuit?" 

"She is already suffering Mahlori please. If I could I would free you but I can't" 


"Arazyal won't let you go. He'd be everywhere you go" 

"Who the fuck is that? Just tell me what I need to know without me having to ask you questions!" 


"Your husband…"

"That disgusting thing I saw in the mirror was my husband? You married me off to a ghost!" I couldn't believe my ears. 

"He is a creature of darkness. But there's one thing that could help you" 

I gave him a death stare. Did he want to ask? 

As if he read my mind… It could happen that he did. "Bare me a child" 

I laughed in disbelief "I beg your pardon?" 

"Bare me a child and you would be free" 

He was out of his mind. I did say I wasn't ready for a child but I would never trade my own blood and flesh because of unguaranteed freedom. 

"I won't have sex with you not to mention carrying your seed. I'd be damned. Now get out my way I'm hungry" 

"But I brought you food" 

"Thanks but no thanks I don't like pasta. Too many carbs" 

I like pasta with all my being…just not the one prepared by a witch sorry. 


"Please forgive please. I didn't mean to hurt you I beg you" I was in the kitchen dishing up chicken and vegetables. Ntombi was on her knees her palms locked together as if she was praying. 

I kept my peace and continued with what I was doing. 


Her wails were irritating I was the one who should be wailing—wait she was moaning. 

I gazed at her thighs that were locked together. Her thing was beside her. It didn't take me long to figure out what was happening. I laughed my lungs out. There was this idiom Mbali always used when I did something and it backfired. She'd chant 'mudle kudla kwakhe'. I'm not good with isiZulu but I think it was about having the taste of your own medicine. 

"Mudle kudla kwakhe!" I shouted still laughing at her only if I had a phone with me to film her. Journalists would love to publish such juicy details. 

' Both of the famous businessman's wives are sexually starved" it would bruise Muzi's ego. It would be a nice thing to watch. 

That would also help me clear my name from people who thought I drank expensive alcohol. 

I also noticed that she had a small vibrator hidden between her big boobs. 

Muzi came at the moment already embarrassed by his wife's behavior. 

"Ntombi I told you to stay in our bedroom while I fix this" 

"She has to conceive please convince her" it was too late for Muzi to stop her from spilling the beans. 

"Ehh… What are you people taking me for?" 

"Please Hlori. It's the only way you could help me. If you don't it will pass on to Nonhle and come back to you again" 

At least we would all suffer. 

"In that case I'd love to see you and Nonhle suffer. Even if I'd have to suffer along with you." I gloated while stuffing my food. Now that the anger I had perished I realized how famished I was. 

"Sacrificing your child is the only way to be free from us from Arazyal" Ntombi Ntombi said while panting. 

She was lying! I remember when she told me the knot of blood was only to be broken by death. 

"The nerve! Why don't you sacrifice yours?" 

"Your blood is needed" 

"Unfortunately my blood is thicker than tomato sauce" I took my food and left them there. I made a mental note to bring my cellphone next time... 


I decided to go through my phone to check if Muzi was right. There was no trace of my tape even those nasty comments were gone. An income call from Mpumie flashed on my screen. I reluctantly answered. 


"Hello Hlori. Are you okay babes" I really liked that girl but It didn't change the fact that she was Ntombi's friend. 

"Yes" I wanted her to sense my coldness. 

"I'm sorry for what's happening to you. Are you okay?" 


"You can talk to me about anything" 



"No I won't tell you a thing! I don't trust anything that is associated with Ntombi. Even if I do. You won't believe me! And you can't help me with anything you won't take away the ghost from me you won't stop the wet dreams you won't stop the wicked voices you won't stop me from seeing things and you won't fuckin' help escape this nightmare!" 

It was after I recovered from my rambling when I realized that I had told her everything. 

" Oh my God Mahlori. That's what happened to Muzi's late wives. No one believed them including me. Now that this was happening to you too…oh no. I think there's someone I know who would help you" 

I didn't trust her a bit. 

"I don't need your help. Stop calling me I'm not your friend" I hung up. I went to put the plate on the sink… I was a lazy person but I've been sleeping too long and walking up and down the steps was the exercise I needed. I took my phone with me just in case I found something nice to film. 

I dropped my plate when I saw Nonhle sitting on the floor eating raw meat. The blood was dripping on the corners of her mouth. I closed my eyes hoping I'd see something else when I opened them Nonhle had passed out…my little sister Hanyani was standing looking down upon her. 

"Hanyani!" She lifted her eyes and winked before she disappeared. 

I quickly dialed her numbers it rang a few times "I thought you'd never call after that drama with your video" 

Mxm I hung up. At least she was safe. 

Maybe I should give Mpumie me and hear what she had to offer.


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