'A snake is just a pet. You are yet to see your real husband' those words were still ringing in my mind like a mantra. If a snake was just a pet there was a whole lot more. 

A huge part of me wished Ntombi and Muzi were bluffing so I went on and hired my own personal maid. I expected Ntombi to give me a headache but instead Muzi and her went on vacation and left me alone with the girl I hired only for her to disappear without telling me. I also got another and she disappeared too. 

Something was chasing people out of this house perhaps they found themselves in my circumstances and ran for their lives. A week later the agents of Satan came back. Just like our last encounter they didn't bother showing affection. That was fine with me and I wouldn't have to deal with Ntombi's fake grimaces. 

"I need Zodwa's contacts" I blurted out without even greeting. 


Was that a rhetorical question? 

"Madam of the house ordered me to bring back Zodwa. Remember?" I said sarcastically. 

"Oh that I will contact her. Don't be confused… Zodwa will come back for me she'd be working for me not you."


"This is my house Mahlori. I gave you a chance to live freely here but you ruined it. Now no one will be cleaning after you except you."

What did I ruin? All I did was discover the truth now I was being crucified? 

The next few days were extremely hard I would have wet dreams and wake up with hickeys swollen coochie and I was always horny. Ntombi ordered me around treating me like her maid. 

" Why are the dishes not washed?" Ntombi questioned spitting fire. 

"Who's dishes?" I have heard enough.

"This is my house you will do whatever I tell you" 

"Your house your dishes. I have somewhere to be"  I left her still shouting and went to get my handbag and went out. 

"You will regret walking out on me!" 


I requested a ride and didn't even want to use my driver unless he was a witch too.I don't know where I was headed all I knew was that I had to get out of that hell hole before I killed Ntombi with my bare hands.

I was sitting at the back I couldn't keep my eyes off the rearview mirror. The ride driver was cute his bright eyes and soft gaze made me feel a certain way. I started feeling hot my swollen coochie started itching I tried to ignore it but the urge to touch myself was unbearable. I hid my hand with a bag and unzipped my jeans occasionally peeking to see if the driver could see me. He was focused on driving. 


As soon as I touched my clit intending to relieve myself from the itch my clit started twitching hard it was like it was getting bigger and bigger with each passing second. My undies were soaked. I slowly rubbed with my thumb my breathing escalated as I felt a wave of pleasure. 

"Are you okay Ma'am? The driver asked noticing my loud breaths

" Y-yes" instead of being satisfied the arousal kept on getting worse Increasing the pace of my thumb. 

"Oh my word!" 

Obviously that caught the driver's attention did I care? No. 

My body was jerking up and down and my screams were so loud I had inserted two of my fingers but it didn't do what I needed. The wetness of my slit was making noises as I fingered myself but neither of my tries was satisfying 

"Sorry ma'am you have to get off the car"  He said

that's when I realized that he had parked on the side of the road. 

"What? I'm a paying passenger!" I was frustrated not even once in my life had I been this aroused and sexually frustrated. My thighs were squeezed for dear life. I was even shivering.

"What you are doing is inappropriate. This is a public car. You can't be doing such" 

A normal guy would have gotten a boner. 

" Well maybe you can help me" I squeezed my boobs with my free hands. 

I don't know what I was doing. I searched for my morals and dignity but they were buried somewhere deep inside me. I was horny If I don't get a fuck I was going to explode. 

"Look I'm not that kind of a guy I'm married" he lifted his hand to show me his cheap ring "I believe you are too judging by that huge rock" he added. 

'Huge rock from hell' I can't believe people think my life is a bed of roses. Little did they know that my freedom and happiness 

Was lost many moons ago. 

"I got a new request please get off before you stain my car" 

I protested but he threatened to call the police on me. I had to get off  I wasn't too far from my place so I took off my heels and walked back. Surprisingly I was no longer horny. 

I pushed time by calling my mom. 

"Mahlori how is marriage treating you?" 

I couldn't stop my voice from breaking "They're abusing me manana" mom. 

"Yhoo Hosi yanga nwananga khongela loko switika unga kanakani ku vuya ekhaya" Oh my God.  my child pray if it gets too hard don't hesitate to come back home."

She said melancholically before I heard my father's voice in the background "I Mahlori loyi?" (Is that Mahlori?)

"Ina vukati bya yena abyi khomanga kahle" 

(Yes her marriage is not treating her well) 

"Hikwalaho ka yini aku byela timhaka ta yindlu ya yena? U lave ku tekiwa ahari ntsongo a ehleketa leswaku ukurile. Sweswi a khodeleli. Ndzi lovorile ndzi hete khale

(So why is she telling you matters of her house? She decided to get married at Young age thinking she is mature enough. Now she must deal with it. I finished the lobola money a long time ago) 

"Nunawamga—" Mom was begging but he didn't want to hear any of it. 

He said he didn't want someone's wife in his house. 

I decided that I've heard enough I hung up 

I can't believe my father was choosing money over his daughter. I know maybe he used most of the money but Muzi was rich five hundred thousand was a small change to him. So returning the bride price wouldn't be a problem for my father. 

All he cared about was his reputation he used to call me a black sheep but as soon as I married Muzi he had been singing my praises. If I were to divorce I would be a disappointment again! 

I received a call from Muzi I rolled my eyes before answering "Yes" 

"We have a family meeting where are you?" 

"I will be there shortly"

"I decided that I'm taking a third wife"  that's what he said as soon as stepped in. He didn't even wait for me to take a seat. 

It's been barely three months since we married but he already wanted another wife. 

I laughed sarcastically "How many snakes do you have?" 

"Excuse me?" 

"I know I'm not your wife. You made it crystal clear that Ntombi was your only wife. So the third wife?" 

"You will serve the same purpose at least you will take turns and get yourself some rest"  he explained like it was a normal thing. 

I don't know why they informed me about this because I don't care! Maybe it was my chance to escape. 

"How was your trip sister wife?" Ntombi asked grimacing as per usual. She gave a wink before laughing… 

She did say I would regret walking out on her she bewitched me! 


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