I will be moving in with Muzi just like he did with Mahlori I will also be living with them I don't mind. Unlike Mahlori I grew to love Muzi. And I knew that he was a ritualist… He never told me but I did my research on him. I didn't take a lot of time to see that something was off with him. I Googled his name and found out that he had other wives they both died of heart attacks…

Maybe they didn't adhere to the ritual rules. 

Muzi and I have been dating for a while. I stole his number from Mahlori's phone a few weeks after they started dating. A man like Muzi would never say no to free pussy. I was very jealous when they got married why would he want to marry a girl from a village? Mahlori wasn't even that beautiful she was just an average person who knew how to take care of her body… in fact she wouldn't be where she was or how she was if it wasn't for me. I invested in her sometimes I borrowed her clothes so we could hit a club and score some cash on her account. I don't know what men saw in her everyone would want to take her home. 

I wasn't going to sit and let her live my life so I made my move on Muzi. I couldn't believe my eyes when he popped the question I didn't think he would want to marry me. When Mahlori told me what happened in that mansion I confronted Muzi and told him I wouldn't leave him no matter what. He denied it at first but I knew it was a lie I once found myself in a situation where some old man took me home I passed out the moment put my head on the pillow but in the morning I woke up feeling like I have been having sex. It's only a fool who wouldn't know the meaning of that… Just like Mbali at least Mahlori was smart enough to suspect. 

Muzi finally spoke the truth. It was not entirely the truth because he didn't specify his deeds. He just said a few sacrifices were made so he could be rich and said he trusted me he should. I would never tell on him I still want to live. And I will abide by whatever rules he will set for me so that I will have a lavish life. And he would consider leaving Ntombi for me… As for Mahlori she is the least of my problems she was probably getting ready to go back to Limpopo. 

I finished packing my bags and the driver was already waiting for me. I wonder how my dear 'friend' would react. I know I was being a foul friend but I didn't think my thing with Muzi would be serious until I fell in love so Mahlori will have to forgive me for that. 

I made my way to the entrance Muzi and his creepy wife were waiting for me by the door. 

"Welcome home dear my husband told me a lot about you" The wife greeted with a big smile too big for my liking. 

She opened her hands for an embrace I hugged her and whispered "I'm not your friend bitch" 

I then broke the hug and wore a smile. 

"I hope you are going to treat each other well my beautiful ladies" 

I was still wondering where Mahlori was when she made her appearance. 

"Nonhle" she wore a frown 

"Mnganami" (My friend) 

Muzi intervened "Hmm to clear the confusion… Nonhle is the one I was telling you about" 

"The third wife?" Her reaction was unexpected I thought she'd look surprised or agitated but she looked bored. 

"Hmm welcome" 

"Well since that is out the way Nonhle and I have to go and tie the knot today at home affairs so we can proceed with the ritual" 

Muzi got me a beautiful gown it wasn't a wedding gown though. It was just a ball gown worth a few thousands. 

"A ritual?" Mahlori once told me about the ritual I guess I will be joining. 

"If you want to be part of this family you will do whatever it takes" - Ntombi

I ignored her and turned my gaze to Mahlori. 

"Mahlori can I talk to you?" she nodded and we moved to the dining room. 

"I want to explain—" 

"Explain what? Explain that you told me to leave Muzi so you could marry him?" 

"You were scared of a snake" was a lame excuse I know… 

"And you are not?" 

"No why are you bothered? I know you never loved Muzi all you care about is money" 

"And you love him? Well he doesn't. The only person Muzi will ever love is Ntombi."

"He loves me too. Ntombi will be out of the picture soon. So you better be in my good books. We are friends there's no need for us to be foes" 

"You were dating my man behind my back and you dare to threaten me? You're nothing but a bitch" 

"A bitch that has a good pussy unlike you farm girl you failed to satisfy your man in bed and he came for me because I'm beautiful I'm smart what about you? Dumbass that couldn't even finish university...that's why your parents sold you off no parent would want to have you for a child. You are nothing but a disgrace" Her expression changed from fury to melancholy. Served her right... 

I was trying to be nice to her but she decided to be a bitch… 

"Didn't you tell me you were filing for a divorce?" 

" I'm not going anywhere Nonhle. In fact welcome I'm sure your stay would be the best"

"You are not going anywhere because you have nowhere to go. Your own father doesn't want you" 

"Nonhle I confide my problems with you and you use them against me?" She had unshed tears I guess that hit home. 

"It's the truth you are here because you are forced to stay here… But let's not dwell much on that maybe we could have a three sum you know sharing is caring" I winked before I left to dress. Muzi was already waiting for me by the lounge. 

"Nonhle I love you but if you won't respect Ntombi we will have problems" 

"I don't know what you are talking about" 

"I know what you said to Ntombi and I won't tolerate it" 

So madam went to report me to her husband? 

"I will apologize to her." I needed to get rid of Ntombi before she ruined things for me. 


We went and got married and had lunch at our favorite restaurant when we came back I found Mahlori on the veranda looking restless. Her hair was messy her blouse unbuttoned and her jeans unzipped. She was even shivering. As soon as she spotted us she ran to Muzi and kissed her aggressively. Muzi pushed her back confused by her reaction.

"Muzi baby it's been long since we did the deed. I want you" she unhooked her bra and inserted her fingers inside her panties still shivering. The drivers and gardeners were looking at her. Muzi picked her up and went inside the house with me following. Mahlori used the opportunity to grind on Muzi.

"Mahlori have you lost your mind?

 Muzi asked infuriated. 

" Maybe we could do that three sum we spoke about" She was now referring to me. Her hands were all over the place of not on her jeans it on her bra or her hair. She had dark circles around her eyes. She hissed jerking her body up and down shaking vigorously. 

Ntombi came when Muzi and I were still surprised by Mahlori's madness. She didn't look surprised… 

"We have to talk" Muzi said to Ntombi before they disappeared into the hallway. 

I hope that wasn't Ntombi's doing or else I would have to myself a strong Sangoma or a witch that would protect me from Ntombi.

That would also help me to make Muzi love me more and maybe she'd sacrifice Ntombi instead of Mahlori. Then I would have sex with Muzi without worrying about anything while Mahlori feeds whatever creatures are in this house. 

I also left her there and went to plan my honeymoon. I like Maui… I've never been there but judging by Mahlori's pictures it was a beautiful place. I needed to choose a better one…Mbali would have helped but as soon as she discovered that I was dating Muzi she gave me a piece of her small mind and never spoke to me again.


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