My father walked me down the aisle proudly he was the happiest father in the world... Who wouldn't be? It's not every day you receive half a million for a Lobola and wearing a Hartmarx suit that was tailored in Chicago. 

All eyes were on us that's exactly what I wanted. I made sure to invite everyone from my noisy neighbors my mother's church mates my former schoolmates. I could have gotten married in Mauritius but I wanted everyone to witness my wedding. 

I wanted to brag to everyone who thought I'd be nothing in life that includes my parents and siblings. I remember when my youngest sister Hanyani graduated from the University of Limpopo instead of being happy for her my parents decided to bash me saying I'm a failure a whore who will sell her body to make a living. Now the question is: who is richer now? She will be working her butt off from nine to five whilst I sit the whole day sipping champagne and I'd still be richer than her. 

My name is Mahlori Mathebula soon to be Sibiya from Malamulele from a rural area just outside Giyani in Limpopo. My parents were blessed with three girls Ahlulani who is the firstborn. She is married to a very struggling man...I'd never love can't pay bills. Then there's me—a black sheep and the last born Hanyani who is doing well for herself. 

My older sister never made it to tertiary she finished high school and got married while I went to study Accounting at Durban University of technology. I was supposed to graduate long ago but I'm still stuck in the second year. I was doing fine during the first semester until I met these cool friends Nonhle and Mbali who introduced me to the life I've always wanted the life of luxury known as soft life. I'd be lying if I said my friends were a bad influence I chose that life for myself I was tired of wearing the same ugly clothes and eating cheap food. So I had to do something about my life fortunately Nonhle and Mbali were there to plug me. Nsfas money wasn't enough to maintain the lifestyle I wanted. 

When I started flunking at school my parents started ill talking to me to our neighbors and comparing me with my sisters and blamed Durban for corrupting me. That was when I ceased going home. 

My friends and I were having a girl's night at the pumpkin club in Ballito at la Montagne hotel when I met this gentleman who asked me out. My girls were furious at me for ghosting them but I wasn't going to say no to free cash plus he looked moneyed judging by his flashy suit. We went to his suite and did the deed he was good for someone who was his age and his size was satisfying but I had seen better. 

I guess my sex game was that good because he kept on coming back for more gave me excess to his cards and introduced me to his wife... Yes he was married and the wife had no problem in having me as a sister wife. As long as her man was happy she was happy too... Her words not mine. She literally begged me to marry her husband because ever since he got involved with me he changed for the better and he treated her well because of me. 

Me being me I agreed. Not because I loved him but I loved his money. He wasn't an attractive man either but the money he spent on me was more than that I got from my previous blessers combined. Apparently he had shares in la Montagne hotel and owned a few clubs around Durban... What more could I ask for? 

My parents were not happy at first about me being a second wife but when Muzi (my husband) promised to pay a million for Lobola my father changed his mind within a blink of an eye. My mother was reluctant because Muzi was almost twice my age and she felt like one million was too much for a bride price her words like "I can't accept a million for my daughter she is not for sale" was when my father reduced the amount to five hundred thousands. 

That was how I came into having a luxurious wedding. 

After we exchanged vows and did all the necessities went to do a photoshoot and went for the reception. As expected people have been giving speeches about how I should respect and take care of my husband and if I was going to take those silly pieces of advice. My husband was filthy rich all these chores were to be done by a helper or his first Lady. I had a manicure to maintain the only chore I was going to do was to give him the coochie. 

And then my extended family who always cursed me were now pretending to like me because I was marrying a rich man. If they thought they were going to get a cent from me they had another thing coming. 

After the wedding we went home. When I say home I'm referring to my husband's house where I will be living with him and Ntombi my sister wife. Muzi said we were going for our honeymoon the following day we firstly needed to go home so that we could perform a ritual that was a custom that had been practiced from generation to generation whenever someone was getting married. He didn't elaborate on much so I was yet to find out about everything since I was the new family member. 

"Welcome to our home Mahlori. This is your house too you can do anything you want at any time. I hope we'll all treat each other with respect" Ntombi said as Muzi and I got to the house. She was smiling widely her voice was honeyed. I'm still wondering why she accepted me without a fight? Maybe she was planning on slaughtering me in the middle of the night… Jesus! 

"Thank you" I said with a fake smile. I was nervous. She was scaring the shit out of me. She was a beautiful mature woman. She had a beautiful afro she was light-skinned and had a beautiful curvaceous body. She looked much younger than she was. 

When Muzi introduced me to her I found out that she was forty-one years old eight years younger than our husband while I was only twenty-five. 

"Here" She handed Victoria's Secret's Pink bag. I was reluctant to take it. She was beautiful but her aura was the opposite. 

"Take it dear. It is a wedding gift from me" I took the bag and peeked through. It was lingerie I think it was red and black. I hadn't seen it well but I could tell that it was beautiful. 

"Thank you" 

"I'd like you to use it today. '' She winked. "I will leave the newlyweds to enjoy themselves. Muzi remembers at midnight… Muzi nodded and turned his attention to me while the first lady disappeared into the hallway. 

"Since the first lady is out of sight… How about we explore this beautiful house" I said sucking and licking my lips seductively. 

"That's a good idea but…"  No No No. 

He never had buts when it came to sex. He was scared of his wife! I knew it was a bad idea for the three of us to live under the same roof. He had to get me my own house —far away from this one. 

"Shhh" I cat walked closer to him I didn't want to hear any of his complaints. I spent the whole day smiling at my fake acquaintances all I needed was a dick. It was my wedding night for goodness sake!

"Baby we can't. We need to do the ritual first before we can be intimate" 

"We have been having sex ever since you met me" what difference was it going to make not have sex that night? 

"We weren't married by then but now we have adhered to the rules so that our marriage can be blessed" 

I checked the time it was half-past eight.  I could wait a few hours…

#TDW - Nompilo Khayelihle Gumede 


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