"What the hell are you doing Ntombi?" 

Muzi barged in fury rapidly inching in his features he took off his tie and threw it at me. 

"I don't follow…" 

"What did you do to Mahlori?" 

Why would he defend Mahlori? Was he in love with her?

"I prevented her from leaving this house what if she left?" 

After she found out the truth she was probably considering leaving. 

"Mahlori was never gonna leave I made sure of that. Why on Earth would you do that to her?" 

"I had to teach her a lesson" 

The fact that she was living under my roof was too much as it was. But to disrespect me? I remember when Muzi told me he was seeing someone. It hurt so much but it was the only way I could ever have children. 

"We still need her!". 

I know. She still needed to get pregnant so we could sacrifice her children instead of mine. 

As for the other rude bitch… we have a lot in store for her. 

"I wanted to teach her a little lesson" 

"A lesson that would have cost us our baby. Ntombi are you out of your kind? What if Mahlori decided to go and cheat? What if that garden boy agreed to sleep with her?" 

I didn't consider all of those possibilities I just wanted to embarrass her. Why didn't I think of the cheating possibilities? 

Mahlori wasn't meant to sleep with anyone. The demon we made the deal with wanted her to only himself. 

" I didn't think —"

"That's the problem Ntombi. You don't think! Now she is all over social media. I don't even want to imagine tomorrow's headlines… Muzi Sibiya'a second wife is not satisfied in bed and resorted to seduce his Gardner… Sies!" 

Eish that would taint his reputation. I didn't mean for something like this to happen I just wanted Mahlori to feel some heat. Being filmed and being posted on social media wasn't part of the plan. I had made the video disappear before dawn. I know someone who could help me with that. 

"Ntombi how many times do I need to tell you to stop using voodoo?"

It was the only way I could punish her. But it backfired. I had to go to my altar and find something to reverse what I did to Mahlori. 

"Not only this would affect my reputation my businesses as well" he was pacing up and down panicking…he hated the spotlight but he also didn't want people paying attention to him all they needed to know is that he was a successful businessman. Now that his personal life was out there the attention might put us in trouble. 

"I'm sorry my love. I will fix it" 

"Fix it! And don't ever play your silly games using our sacred altar"

That altar was for us to make sacrifices to Arazyal the demon that we were subject to. We didn't mean to invite a demon to our lives we were fooled by someone who was our witch doctor.

Fifteen years ago I met Muzi. I was a customer at the local pub he owned. It was love at first sight. He took care of me and my family. Everything was good until his business started struggling he was working at a loss since he had to pay his workers. I loved him too much to leave him at his weakest. 

I stayed beside him supported him even. He finally sold his place before he drowned in depts. As a good girlfriend I found a solution to our problems. 

He told us riches came with a price… 

"As long as we wouldn't have to kill our families" those were Muzi's words agreeing to a problematic solution. 

The witch doctor demanded nothing but our blood. Instead of us paying him for his services he gave Muzi the capital to start his business. It didn't even take a month we were already millionaires. Three months later

the witch doctor came to give us the resources to use for our altar and summoned the owner of our riches. 

When I asked why he didn't charge us he said the richer we were the richer he would become. 

 Problems started when I got pregnant with my first child. We were required to offer him to Arazyal. We made people think I was having miscarriages while I induced labor when I was five months pregnant the memory of my baby boy still haunts me he was tiny fragile because it wasn't his time to be born. I was shattered when I had to stop his tiny heart from beating when I had to cut him open and take his heart to the altar. I buried him with no heart… And the worst part is I didn't know what happened to the heart. The last time I saw it was when I placed it on the enamel plate. Muzi and I wanted a way out but there was no way we already sold out to him and he needed pure souls to submit to him to gain more powers on Earth. He made me his wife and impregnated me many times but I wouldn't get a chance to meet my demon babies because they are usually in spirit. Losing a demon child was much better than losing Muzi's baby… Perks of being a demon. Demons can be invisible or live inside a host. We never saw Arazyal in his true form. We can hear his voice when we're on the altar. 

It turned out Nyang'enkulu the witchdoctor was one of the Arazyal servants. He was dutied to get more souls and we were victims now it was our turn to give souls to Arazyal for survival. Slay queens like Mahlori were easy targets. When Muzi married her I was freed from sleeping with a demon and Mahlori took my place. Her children were the ones to be sacrificed in the place of mine but that little freedom came with a price again… Arazyal took five years from Muzi's life span. 

Nonhle is meant to be his host… I wasn't even interested in why he demanded a female host we are yet to find out.  She and Mahlori thought we had a snake... I wish. Dealing with a creature of hell was far worse than an average snake. So there was no snake. 

I made my way to the altar this room gave me some kind of powers I was able to practice any voodoo. That's how I got to Mahlori. 

I took her blood sample and bound it to a doll. I also got hold of her underwear and put some herbs that would make her coochie itch. The doll was kind of my remote to her life. Everything I do to the doll happens to her. 

The plan went wrong when I tickled the doll's vigina she felt it but it was supposed to stop whenever I stopped touching the doll. It continued to happen to her I lost control of her and Arazyal was probably punishing her for desiring another man… 

So I summoned Arazyal. Only he could help Mahlori…



"Arazyal!" silence again… 

"Arazyal!" The atmosphere started to change the temperature rose and I started sweating it was too hot to a point where I was close to suffocating. 

"YOU ABUSED THE POWER I GRANTED YOU AND ATTACKED MY WIFE" his voice echoed my ears. Again… I never heard his real voice. It was just the painful whisper that could destroy your listening ability if you are not strong enough. 

"I was trying to ground her my lord" I explained myself in the most humble way you could ever imagine. 


"Yes my lord" the temperature went back to normal. He was gone. 

I signed as I realized what would happen to me he was going to drive me mad as I did to Mahlori. On Top of that she would sleep with my husband again… 

I was just grateful he didn't demand my unborn baby's soul. 


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