I was woken up by the tickling feeling on my neck I moaned in pleasure as Muzi kept on kissing me from side to side. My hands were pinned on the headboard as he massaged my boobs. I wanted to open my eyes and look at him but the pleasure was too much. 

"Please fuck me" I barely uttered those words the urge was too much and foreplay was going to be nothing but a delay. I wanted him in me. Just as I wished I felt him on the opening as I opened my legs wider to give him more access. He pushed in with force making me scream not sure if it was pain or pleasure. Did he enlarge? Whatever he did to his penis was good because I love it when the walls of my coochie are stretched to their full extent fully filled with the stick of joy. His penis felt three times bigger than an average one. His sex game was on steroids today he never gave it to me this rough and hard at some point I felt like my womb would explode but I liked it like that. I couldn't hold my screams as I reached climax after climax. He usually went for twenty minutes or so but an hour had passed without him coming we were still in the same position my hands were still pinned. I was starting to lose energy from all the orgasms. after what seemed like forever. He shot his load and got off me. I wanted to open my eyes and ask why he was with me instead of Ntombi but I was too tired so I kept them closed and drifted to sleep. 




I opened my heavy eyes feeling the urge to pee my body felt like I was hit by a train. I looked at the other side and noticed that it was empty and it looked neat which showed that he didn't sleep there. So he left his wife asleep and came to have sex with me and rushed back to her? Maybe they had a fallout and Ntombi refused to give him her cake and he decided to use me. What was I to him a sperm dish? 

I ignored my painful body and went to relieve myself. I was walking with my legs wide open because of the pain in my coochie. As soon as I urinated a shrill scream escaped my mouth as an unbearable pain shot through my viginal opening. I couldn't stop my tears from gushing. I ran a bath and put all kinds of salts I came across with and soaked my body. Even water brought pain to my whole body. You'd swear I was a junkie beaten by community members for robbery. 

I dragged myself downstairs to eat breakfast since I had no one to bring it for me in my room. Zodwa didn't show up to open the windows which meant she listened to me and left. 

"Morning dear how did you sleep?" Ntombi greeted with her famous grimace. 

"I'm good ahh" I flinched as I sat down. You'd swear I was sitting in thorns and needles. 

"Are you okay dear?" I would be if she could stop being a nuisance and shut up before I wipe that grimace with a fist. 

"Yes" I said coldly 

"I see" she said furrowing her eyebrows. She looked like someone who was going out she was all dressed up and beautiful as always her make-up was beautifully done. 

Muzi made his way to the table he pecked me on the forehead and did the same to Ntombi. "How are you my beautiful ladies?"  he was in a good mood while I was dying on the side. I just nodded and Ntombi told him about how good her morning was and how she was looking forward to continuing with her day. 

He took the fruit and rushed out saying he will grab a coffee along the way… Rich people and being unnecessary. How could he leave the coffee on his breakfast table only to buy it elsewhere? 

"So how are you settling in?"  I swear this woman doesn't hate being tired of grimacing 


"Why are you in such a dull mood?" 

Because I don't want to talk to you. 

"And why are you in such a good mood?" 

I asked sarcastically.

"I'm pregnant" She blurted out happily her smile was genuine this time. 

"Wow! Congratulations. Muzi must be happy"  I smiled at her genuinely. 

"He is it's been long since we've been trying. I just hope I make it to nine months" 

"Are you concerned about your age?" she nodded

"Don't worry you are still fresh I mean look at you" I was happy for her I won't have to be her baby carrier. Besides I was genuinely happy for her since I discovered they have been trying for a baby for too long. 

"I know I was genuinely happy for her since I discovered they have been trying for a baby for too long. 

"I know I'm a fresh mama" we laughed. My mood was uplifted. 

"I marry your husband and you get pregnant I'm such a blessing in disguise" I said playfully. 

"You really are" Her face was no longer playful. She looked serious… Was I really a blessing? I guess so. 

We ate in silence after I was done. I stood up I invited my friends over Nonhle and Mbali so I had to ask my chauffeur to fetch them. 

Again I flinched as I took the first staircase. 

"Are you okay Mahlori?" asked Ntombi. 

"Yeah I will be fine" 

"Okay dear you will get used to it" huh? 

"I beg your pardon?" 

"Uhm no… I mean ehm our husband he is gifted but you will get used to him… I have to go" she stuttered and took her handbag and car keys and left. 

I shook my head at her bizarreness and went to tidy my bedroom since mam Zodwa was gone. I was making the bed when I saw a blackish stain where I was sleeping. It was shiny and smelly. I didn't know what to think but all I knew is that I had sex on this spot which meant that was scum. Something was wrong with Muzi and I had to address it before it was too late. Especially that there was a baby on the way.if he had some sort of infection it had to be treated. 

Men tended to deny when it came to their sexual health rich or not rich men will always be men. How was I going to address the issue without bruising his ego? Or I should just talk to Ntombi. 


I heard a hissing sound I followed it and it led me to the 'ritual room'... Again. When I tried to open the door it was locked. I punched the code but the door wouldn't budge. Which meant it was locked with the manual key. Where was I going to find a key in this enormous house? 

I looked around a house trying to find something that would help me break the door. It didn't take long for me to find a screwdriver. I took it and used it to unscrew the doorknob screws from the outside and used my fingers to turn it open. I slowly opened the door carefully so as not to make noise and chase away whatever creature was there. Just like the last time there was nothing but that didn't stop me from moving forward to inspect the empty walls. 

The door suddenly slammed behind me startling me my chest tightened as I felt the cold breeze on my back. I knew I had to run for my life but I didn't. I was too eager to find out what was happening so that when I addressed it to my housemates I would have enough details not to sound like a mad person. So the dread wasn't enough for me to abort my mission although whatever was happening was diabolic. 

I lunged forward with my eyes barely open when I heard something moving I opened my eyes fully and I noticed that the room was no longer empty. There was a small black table that had three red candles there were two mirrors in between them there was a picture of me in my wedding gown. On the wall there was a drawing of a pentagram with a pattern of a goat. The walls had crosses that were upside down and many other crucifixes. On the table there was enamel the same one that was used for blood in that ritual the blood was still there. Normal blood would have dried out by that time but it still looked fresh. A small sword was there too. 

My body shuddered at the sight. I was more spooked by the fact that there was a picture of me as if that altar was made for me. 

I sank in that that was witchcraft the couple welcomed me at their home for their diabolical purposes. I was married to a ritualist. What if they wanted to sacrifice me for their riches? I had to get out. I ran to the door and opened it but I couldn't get out the door was wide open but there was an invisible seal that locked me inside. I started screaming in fear the brave side of me was long gone. The room dimmed and I started seeing shadows on the walls the cold breeze became stronger the hissing sound became louder. My head started spinning and I felt light-headed. I collapsed and it was lights out for me.


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