#TDW - final season 


I took about five steps back and the monster only took one to get to me. 

He bent and stroked my face with his big finger. "Get the fuck away from me!" 

I said stepping backward again. 

"You are mine. Alone" he gripped me by my dress and put me in his palm—Yep! That's how huge he was. I was like an ant to him. 

I was already scared of the height but my fear turned into reality when Mpumie stabbed him in the foot as big as he was he groaned in pain and I had to suffer the consequences as I dropped on the floor and hurt my back. 

What did I do? He was big enough to squash his attacker but he chose to drop me as if I was at fault. Cowardice in its greatest degree. 

He turned to Mpumie and lifted his foot he was going to step on her! 

I went up —the foot bit by bit—it went down. Mpumie was going to die like a bug. I closed my eyes to spare my eyes from the terror. 

I waited for a few seconds before I opened my eyes his foot was in the exact spot where Mpumie was. 

"You missed buddy!" Mpumie said from the other side. So she was able to duck? Nice! 

Arazyal attempted again and missed he got frustrated and spat fiery like a dragoon The flames grew bigger and bigger but Mpumie did not seem to burn. 

He released a hiss and discharged snakes from his mouth one of them charged towards me. I used my natural speed to run off only to find out that I had no supernatural speed. I was dead scared but being an adrenaline junkie helped as I gripped its head before it bit me I threw it in the fire. I did the same thing with the next one and so on. Arazyal had turned on me and made things easier for me because I did not have to choose sides. I had to fight along with Mpumie who had my best interest at heart. 

Mpumi simply told the snakes to die and they just collapsed. 

The creatures eloped most of them were reptiles although I couldn't fathom what they were. The demon decided to sit or stand. I wasn't sure but it was at the back watching the grotesque creatures fight us. 

"Mahlori submit to me and I will grant your powers. If you fight against me I will serve Darcy as dinner to my friends" Arazyal's petrifying voice echoed. 

When I looked at him Darcy was on his big palm. Oh my God! If he decided to close his hand into a fist my daughter would be dead! 

'Mahlori you can do it. You can win this' my inner voice said. Why did Darcy keep on appearing and disappearing in the hands of Arazyal?

"Arazyal where is my baby?" I shouted. That thing on his palm wasn't my child. Ig couldn't be. 

"Come and get her!" he was pretending as if I was the one who turned against him while it was the other way around. He just got intimidated by the fact that I saw him get who he was. 

"Where the hell is my baby!" If he thought he was going to use my baby as bait he had another thing coming. 

"Arazyal you told me you love me. You promised me peace not fiery. How can you threaten my baby's life? Your baby!" I got emotional tears were threatening to come out. 

"Ohh little human. How foolish can you be? Darcy is Muzi's offspring well he is mine now. She carries a lot of souls with her the ones that were sacrificed by Muzi and Ntombi. You —his mother all the people from your bloodline you've been killing are now belonging to Darcy who belongs to me. If you want to spend eternity with her come to daddy or I kill you. You are useless to me anyway!"

I suddenly got angry and sprinted to him he was a giant but I didn't care. I wanted to slap the shit of his demon self. 

He hissed again and the reptiles came to me I fisted the first one and missed. I felt a sting on my arm but I didn't give I ignored the bites and stings that were coming for my body and ran to him still. Before I made it he blew air and It sent me to the fire. That was when I noticed that I wasn't alone. Because the fire didn't burn me like Mpumie. I made my way to him again and he looked quite surprised by my fire immunity but quickly wiped the look and spat fire again. But It blew off before it could reach. 

"No! You are not praying. You can't pray!" 

He roared in anger. 

Thank me Arazyal for reminding me of prayer. I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer. I didn't have much faith in him at the moment because I believed angels had no access to the dark world. 

'Everyone and everything is the creation of God he has excess to everything he created' - the inner voice said. 

"God this fight is beyond me please fight for me" were the only words I had to utter. I felt my jerk a bit my energy changed. I felt possessed by a force a grace.  


I was ready to pray to God to accept my spirit because I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. But my hope resurrected when I saw something glowing I had to shield my eyes because the glow was too much. 

I gazed at Arazyal

the creature groaned before it disappeared —that's what I thought before he turned into a big snake. 

I looked at Mahlori I still couldn't see her clearly because of the force that was surrounding her. 

After some time she got clear but her eyes were glowing and… Are those wings? 

The sight was too beautiful to be real too good to be true. Those wings looked like Tinkerbell's wings but bigger and transparent. If maybe they had feathers or something I'd think she was an angel. But I wouldn't know. 

. She had a sword with her it was glowing and transparent as well. I looked at the winged Mahlori and the largest reptiles in the universe staring into each other's eyes. The snake attacked Mahlori she flew back a bit before the seeped penetrated through the snake. He hissed and shape-shifted into different things in just two seconds. I guess he didn't know which form to take. 

He settled for a man a big winged man with flaming eyes and the flaming sword he swung his sword. It landed at Mahlori's. They started fighting with each swing slit or stab the lightning flashed thunder boomed the dark world lit up the wind blew and there was smoke everywhere. My view was obstructed by the smoke and I couldn't see anything. All I heard was the piercing sound of the swords against each other. I was just sitting on the surface praying for the best. Another glow eloped. I tried to peek through the smoke but the two creatures were covered by a cloud. go

It was official the world was coming to an end! 

"God please show us your mercy" I whispered. 

"Dŭq mĖ́o ẙl-ả" 

 Mahlori chants but I didn't understand the language. 

A groan followed and it turned into hiss which turned to a roar. Then the fire turned into ashes the smoke vanished as well as the cloud. 

When the havoc perished it became quiet and Mahlori was laying on the floor looking clueless. 


Things were getting worse on the other side the world just suffered an earthquake fortunately it was only for a second but the storm heavy rain wind and floods destroyed buildings and took lives. Lucas didn't stop praying but the spell was taking a toll on Mary who was bleeding from the nose. 

"I can't hold it anymore! " Mary cried out as the spell became heavier and heavier. 

"No I can't!" Lucas noticed that May was barely holding on. 

"Mary please. Please bring them back" 

Lucas begged if the fight was too much for Mpumie it was better if she came back to him. If that was when the world of humankind ended it was okay but Mpumie did not deserve to die in the twisted spiritual world or hell as if she never served God. 

"I can't!" Mary felt weak she had to reverse the spell so they'd come back to the world of the living. 

If she failed to hold the spell or reverse it until it breaks on its own they would never come back. Mary was their only link to the living. 

" Do something damn it" 

"I can't —" A lightning came through and Mary was sent flying across the room. 

Just like that Mary's spell broke. 

"Noo!" Lucas screamed with his hands on his head. He sprinted to Mpumie and shook her vigorously "my love please wake up. Come back to me Mpumie." 

Lucas begged but Mpumie didn't move. He went to Mahlori's side hoping for the sign of life —nothing. 

The already damaged world crumpled on him. He was never going to forgive himself for allowing the nonsense of the spiritual fight.


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