A week later I felt better. Although my wound was deep I was able to do things on my own and breathe without chest pains. 

It seemed like Arazyal was gone and the world was getting back to normal. The dead returned to where they belonged. Unfortunately they did not return to their graves so the world was full of rotten bodies and bones and the government had to do something about it like re-burying them since most of them were not recognizable and the DNA was going to be a long and expensive process because they were dealing with millions of people. 

Also the lives that were claimed by the dead didn't resurrect. 

I was discharged as well as Mahlori. There wasn't any progress with her and after the spiritual fight I never had any visions so I didn't know how to help her. 

We were going to trust the western ways for her mind but I was sure that it was more than that. 

"Where are we going to start looking for Mahlori's child in this messy world?" I asked Lucas. 

"God will show us the way" 

"Hmm so Mary?" The last time I saw her was when she and Lucas brought me to the hospital. 

"What about her? Mpumie we have bigger problems. I won't entertain your jealousy tendencies" 

It wasn't jealousy. I was just taking caution. That woman tried to bewitch me for the man. The feelings she had for Lucas couldn't just vanish because she helped us. 

"Lucas don't walk out on me we are still talking!" I shouted. 

"Someone's at the door for Christ's sake!" He put his palm on his forehead as he attended the door"

"Oh" I thought he was walking out on me. 

Who was at the door anyway? South Africa was upside down and people decided to invade people's houses! 

"Who are you?" I shout without looking at the visitor. 

"I'm sorry Mbali her hormones are all over" - Lucas 

Whose hormones are all over? Mbali? 

I lifted my eyes only to meet Mbali Mahlori's friend with the baby in her hands. 

Mahlori's baby! 

I took the baby from her and looked at her the little princess was sleeping. 

"You brought the baby back. The one you stole from your friend?" 

I knew it wasn't her. Under the spell Mary was the one who used her. But I was still angry at her beating me up. 

"Mpumie!" - Lucas

"Okay I'm sorry. Where did you get the baby?" I asked Mbali who was in tears. I think I went a little harsh on her. She was a victim in all of this. 

"I woke up in a stranger's house with her in my hands. The house owner said he was Sbusiso" Oh okay. It made sense. Arazyal possessed Mbali. It was good that he left her body and the baby in Sbusiso's house. What were we going to do if it was elsewhere?"

" Okay you look terrible. How are you?" 

I was surprised Mbali was walking being possessed by a demon was usually hard for a vessel. A human body could not handle the demon for so long. It usually died after the demon was cast out. 

"I'm tired. I want to sleep."

"Okay but you need to bathe while I make you something to eat. You can't eat on an empty stomach. What would you like to eat?" 

"Anything is fine " she said shyly. 

"Okay I cooked pasta."

"Mpumie where is Mahlori" she asked. 

"I will take you to her after you finished eating" 

I gave the baby to her and went to the kitchen to warm her food. 

"Mpumie I'm sorry for everything. I do not know what came over me. The lady I remember was when—" 

"It's okay baby. It wasn't your fault. But everything is fine now"

"You know Mahlori and I were just naive slay queens who lived a luxurious life. We had nice life problems and I miss that life. 

Where people called us names like shores and stuff. That didn't get to us we didn't care. We never cared about anything except money. Our life was simple-messy as that. I don't know how we got here. From being troublesome girls to Mahlori marrying a demon and Nonhle taking her friend's man and dying. Me being possessed and stealing my best friend's baby. The dead rising and claiming people's lives. You know I called Mahlori's sister and I found out that she was orphaned. Her father mother and sister killed themselves. How did things become so messy?"

I honestly had no answers to get questions I was also asking myself the very same thing. My only answer was 'it is God's will' 



I was in a foreign place everything was white. Three people were standing in front of me calling my name. 

"N'wananga" (My child) a man said with a smile. 

I just waved to acknowledge them. 

"ndza khensa n'wananga" ( thank you my child" the man continued my face creased into a frown I don't remember helping him before. 

"Undzi khensela ini?" (what are you thanking me for?) 

"uhi ntsuxile mimoya ya Hina ayiri emunyameni. Ahi xaniseka" (you freed us

our souls were in a dark place. We were troubled). 

The lady I assumed was a wife commented confusing me even more. 

"Hi n'wuna va mani?" (who are you all?) Maybe these people were going to tell me who they are so I can tell them they got the wrong person. 

"Hi ndyangu wa wena uhi lwerile" ( we are your family you fought for us)  

"Andzi swi tivi swaku mi vulavula hi yini" (I don't know what you are talking about" I state honestly. Their riddles were driving me crazy. 

"Swi tshamisekile n'wananga hinkwaswo swita huma erivaleni when the time is right" (it's okay my child everything will be revealed to you). 

The father said. 

"Loko nkarhi wu fika tiva leswaku haku rhandza" (when the time comes just know that we love you) 

"Hita tshama hiku langutule ntukulu wa hina Kwangulatilo ra Hina" (we'll forever look upon You and our grandchild our rainbow) 

"Ndzisana yanga yi kurile ha tsaka hi wena" (My sister had matured we are proud of you) 

The lady spoke for the first time. 

To be frank I was fond of them although I did not know them. I walked towards them but they gestured for me to stand where I was. 

"Sweswi inkarhi waku utlhelela n'wananga"

(it's time to go back my child) 

After that I felt something pushing me back. I tried to resist the force and lunge forward but my family kept on disappearing. 

"Please don't go" was my last plea when I was pushed hard and landed on something soft. I opened my eyes and gasped for air. I was in bed and there was a lady next to the bed. 

"Mahlori!" She excitedly squeezed me for dear life. "you came back baby!" 

Who was she? 

"Hello" I said shrugging. I've never been clueless like that in all my life —life? 

I tried to reflect on my life and got nothing. I had no memories of anything except the people I was talking to earlier on that said they were my family. 

"We should celebrate I mean we saved the world you saved us all by getting rid of that demon. Tell me how did you pull that off?" 

She was beautiful and I liked her energy but everything about her was confusing. She was speaking about many things at the same time! 

" Girl you were speaking in tongues glowing and winged!"

" I don't know what you are talking about" I said. "Who are you?" 

Her bubble burst her eyes became teary. "I'm Mpumie don't you remember me?" 

I shook my head no. 

"Oh my God. Lucas!" she shouted a few times before a white man came through. 

"Is everything okay —" his eyes found me. "Mahlori" 

"Hello Lucas" Mpumie called him Lucas right? His name was Lucas. 

"She lost her memory" she said with soft sobs her fist was on her mouth trying to block the wail. "She lost her memory Lucas!" 

"ah you said she spoke tongues and fought the demon behind the cloud" Lucas whispered well his whisper wasn't good enough because I heard everything. 

Mpumie nodded in agreement. 

"Do you remember what she said?" 

"Hmm no" 

"I think she was given some grace to fight the demon. Perhaps she was speaking an angelic language that wasn't supposed to be heard understood or spoken by a human. The cloud was shielding you from seeing the fight between them. Whatever was happening between them wasn't human friendly and Mahlori got to experience that"

"Jesus! She can't lose her memory Lucas! God was the one who decided to give Mahlori his grace then why punish her for it?" 

"We can't question God"


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