My body jerked a few times before I sat up my eyes were still closed. I felt hands grabbing me on my shoulders. I shuddered in pain. 

"Mpumie baby you scared the hell out of me!"  

I kept my piece trying to register what was being said to me. 

"Mpumie!" the voice called out his hands were still on my shoulders as he slightly shook me. I quickly open my eyes letting out a small scream at the shooting pain on my body. My voice was hoarse and my throat was on fire. 

"Oh baby are you okay?"  

No I'm in agony. I felt like my lungs were failing me each breath took a toll on the barely remaining strength. 

"Hmm…" Then I came back. Everything came back. I crawled - scratch that I dragged my body in Mahlori's direction trying to ignore the pain on my lower abdomen and chest. 

"Mahlori! Wake up please" it didn't take long for her to half-open her eyes. They were swollen and red. 

"Mahlori are you okay?" unlike me she had no injury but her skin was pale veins were visible especially on the face her mouth was cracking. 

"Lucas" finally I decided to acknowledge the presence of my boyfriend. 

"You both need to go to the hospital if we still have one though" he said shrugging. And disappeared to the kitchen. 

I took inspection of my surroundings and there Mary was laying. When I was about to shout her name she woke up. Her hands were on her forehead as if she had a headache. 

"Oh my God. You made it back" She charged at me flinching a bit. 

"You are losing blood oh Lord the baby. Lucas!"  

"I'm here!" he had a basin water bandages and a cloth. He ripped my already torn shirt and rolled the bandages around my upper body. Mary wiped my face only God knew for what reason. She helped drink water and I choked in the process. My throat was sore and I couldn't swallow a simple thing as my saliva. 

After they were done tending me he scooped me I bit my bottom lip trying to endure the anguish until I was out in the backseat of the car. 

"These bondages are useless Mary could you please apply pressure on her wound while I drive?"

I opened my lips to say something but Mary quickly shushed me "Don't say anything" 

But Mahlori? As if Lucas read my mind. He went back to the house and came back to Mahlori and put her on the passenger seat while Mary sat with me at the back with my head on her thighs. 

"Hmm" I moaned as my eyes began to feel heavy I tried to keep them open but darkness won. 


I woke up feeling the awful smell of chemicals and medicine Lucas was by my side holding my hand. 

"Baby" He said standing up ready to do the usual culture of offering me water. I was supposed to drink from the straw and swallow I guess water didn't like my body because it came back through the nose choking me in the process which was another round of pain throughout my body. 

"Hmm" that was all I could utter. 

The doctor came through with the report I guess. 

"Hello Nompumelelo. How are you feeling?" That script of doctors asking patients how they felt was ridiculous. We were in the hospital because we were sick! 

When I said nothing he gave me a weak smile "You suffered a lot of blood loss fortunately the blade or whatever stabbed you didn't penetrate any organ" 

So everything that happened while in spirit also affected the flesh? 


the blade or whatever stabbed you didn't penetrate any organ" 

So everything that happened while in spirit also affected the flesh? 

"Sir can you please excuse us. There is something I want to discuss with my patience" 

Hhaybo! You can say anything with him around. We have no secrets. 

Well even my mouth was too painful to say that so I shut up. Luckily Lucas was no man of drama. He simply nodded gave me a perk and left closing the door behind him. 

"Misa I'd like to know what happened to you. Are you a victim of abuse?" 

I saw this one coming I internally rolled my eyes. The next thing he was going to tell me was about protocol. 

"I know you might be scared but no one will ever touch you again. The police will protect you" He said this time I rolled my eyes for him to see. 

"I'm not prying. I'm just following the hospital protocol. Gender-based violence is another pandemic in South Africa." 

What did I say to you? 

"Dea...ad" I utter taking all the pain. I was not going to let this man accuse my sweet Lucas of abuse. 

"Was it your dad?" he asked. 

Dead you educated fool not dad"

"The dead" 

"The dead stabbed you?" he asked slightly shocked. Under normal circumstances a psychotherapist would have been called on me questioning my mental state. But the world had been burning lately the dead rising from the Graves and dealing with their unfinished business. 

He sighed "Jesus is coming back I knew your injury had to do with the supernatural force. I mean whatever that stabbed you went through your chest it missed all the organs and came through your back but not even a vertebral column was touched. 

Judging by the severity of your neck your trachea could have been damaged but it did not while you look like you've been strangled by the bare bone. Not to mention that your baby was not affected"

Thank goodness my baby was not affected! 

"I think God has taken his children this is hell. You know most of the mountains are almost burned to ashes by the volcano? 

At Least the dead seemed to have gone back to being dead" 

This doctor was a blabbermouth. He chased my boyfriend just to update me on current affairs. But the dead going back to the dead got to me. Could this mean the gate closed and Arazyal was conquered? 

Lucas opened the door rescuing from the doctor chatterbox. 

"I went to check on Mahlori" Lucas announced as soon as the doctor left. 

"I can't wait for you to recover so you could brief me on what happened down there"

He said shaking his head. She looked frustrated and cute.

"The doctors can't find out what is wrong with her she suffered no physical injury. 

She is just staring into space she hardly blinks and never talks and never moves even a finger. They suspect emotional trauma but I suspect the spiritual one."

Even though I didn't know what exactly happened there Arazyal was overpowering me when Mahlori transformed into something angelic. I didn't even get to see how he defeated him because the clouds obstructed my view. I wonder what she said to Arazyal before he disappeared. Only Mahlori had answers. 

She was the one who fought against Arazyal and won. I guess I was just there to be the catalyst of the spiritual fight since there wasn't much I did there. 

Ntombi was the one who destroyed the altar and died for the second time. 

"I don't think the therapy is going to help her something was wrong with her soul. That Mahlori on that bed is not Mahlori. She is just a vessel" - Lucas. 

Did Arazyal die or go back to hell? 

What if the altar or Arazyal was killed with her spirit? Ah she wouldn't be alive though. 

The world could be saved by our fight but if Mahlori does not pull through all my fights would be in vain. 

Another concern was Mahlori's baby! 

Poor thing she was conceived without her mother's consent she was taken from her mother when she gave birth to her. She was in the hands of a demon. 

Wherever she could be I hope she was safe. The child was just an infant but she had suffered like a thirty-year-old. 

Babies usually don't respond well to bad spirits I hope she survived. I was still amazed that Mahlori's Mary Lucas and I are still alive. In situations like that there was likely to be death to visit. I hope Mahlori wasn't the victim.


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