"Arazyal! Hey bring back my children. I want my wives!" 

He screamed at the man who was coming back to his workplace. "Arazyal!" 

The man just looked at him and covered his nose and walked away to the hobo who was sticking and speaking crazy things. 

"Arazyal I want my riches!'' When the man disappeared from his sight he moved on to another. "you took my riches!'' The man laughed and walked away as well. 

"I'm the richest man in Durban! I own hotels and clubs. This tar you are all walking on is mine. I have many wives!" 

His eyes landed in the doggy bag from KFC. He lunged for it and tore it apart feasting on the few remaining fries and what's left of meat. 

" Even KFC is mine!" 

Most people were seeing a mad man minding their businesses. Those who recognized him took pictures while laughing at the irony of eating leftovers while you own the damn restaurant. 

"Nomthawelanga!" he marched towards the dark-skinned girl who was carrying a baby. "Khethelo" 



"Did you tell father why exactly are you here?" 

Yes I was back at home. I was going to be the victim of Nomusa's nuisance. 

"My knows Khethelo was sick?" 

I said rolling my eyes. 

"Your husband is doing crazy things in town look" 

She showed me a video of Muzi shouting and eating from the bin. 

"Is that why you left him?" 

"Could you please stop Nomusa!" I snapped "where did you see him? his son needs him" 

"Hee! Hhayibo!" Nomusa clapped dramatically "are you going to host him as well?" 

"Of course not idiot. I will take him to baba Gwala" 

"And who the hell is going to pay Gwala. Is it our father?" 

I had no answer to that but Gwala was the one who suggested the idea. Surely the guy was going to pay off his debt once his life got back on track. 

A call rescued me from Nomusa's endless blubbering it was M.r Gwala. Just the person I intended on calling. 

"Baba" (father) 

"Is Sbusiso with you?" The panic was obvious from his voice. 

"No baba but I have located Khethelo's father" 

"He is missing if you hear from him please inform me."

"Are you talking about Muzi?" 

"I'm talking about Sbusiso he is not supposed to be out here. He is unwell and is a danger unto others and himself too."

That was confusing I was with Sbusiso a few hours ago. He looked fine and he told me Gwala was going to let him go soon. 

"Nomthawelanga if he makes contact let me know he is fighting with guilt and fighting the wrong way" 

"Yebo baba ngzokwenza njengoba usho" 

(I will do as you say). 

"Woza nazo" (out with it). Nomusa said as soon as I hung up. 

"Hey! You should be worrying about how you are going to disclose your pregnancy to your father" 

"What are you saying Nomthawelanga?" Dad appeared from nowhere seeing red. 


"Did you say Nomusa is pregnant?" 

Ah why was his ire directed to me? Was I pregnant? 

For the first time in my life I walked out on my father. Well I got away with it because he was too angry at the news to pay attention to what I did. 

"I don't know dad. Here she is ask her" I said walking off leaving him and his daughter. He was going to find out anyway. 

I had bigger problems on my side I'm a guardian to a beautiful baby boy and tasked to guard two grown men as if they shared their riches with me. 


It was a big day for Mpumie and Lucas. They were getting married. After everything they went through it was time they put their happiness first. Although Mpumie was reluctant about the wedding Lucas couldn't hear any of it. He wanted to marry his woman. 

Lucas thought Mpumie's worry was because no family of hers was going to be present. 

She had no one. 

"You seem nervous are you okay?" Lucas asked the absent-minded Mpumie. 

"We don't have to get married you know" 

"I'm not going to do this with you all over again."

"I love you" 

"I know now let's get married" 

Mpumie sighs restlessly "We have to talk" 

"My love please. Please don't do this to us. Don't tell me you are having second thoughts" 

Something was really wrong with Mpumie she even lost weight whereas she should be gaining weight because she was pregnant. 

"I'm not Lucas. Do you love Mary?" 

"Mpumie stop it! It's our big day for Christ's sake"  

Mpumi sighed again "Fine let's get ready. We are getting married. Please go we are not supposed to be together" she said pushing him out of their bedroom. 

The wedding was going to take place in their garden. It was big and beautiful to host a wedding. Mary was one of the not more than twenty people who were mostly Lucas's acquaintances. 

Mahlori was going to be her only bridesmaid she hadn't gotten back her memory but 

The friendship and sisterhood bond that they made was never broken. Their relationship blossomed as Mpumie took care of Thingo most of the time since Mahlori wasn't emotionally okay. She was always stressed about her unknown past. 

When she asked about her family no one was brave enough to tell her the truth. 

"You are getting married! What with the long face?" Mahlori asked as the make-up artist did the final touch-ups.

"It's —I'm happy. I'm just happy that I'm finally getting married to the love of my life." Mpumie said with a faint smile. 

"Okay let's go Lucas is waiting for you in the alter" 

They stood up and went to the garden and the pianist started playing. She walked down the aisle. Her mood had improved her smile was brightening the day. Her dress accommodated her huge belly. She could pop anytime but Lucas wanted his child to be born after getting married. Luckily the pregnancy didn't ruin Mpumie's nose.  

"I lived half of my life ashamed of my gift I felt cursed and manipulated. And I met you. In a short while we were together you showed me what true love is. You became the light in my shaded life. This journey we walked was worth it. Not only were you a good partner but you were also a friend a brother and a father I rarely had. I have no doubts that you are going to make a good husband and a good father to our daughter…" said Mpumie who was supposed to make a vow after Lucas did the diamond ring shining against her finger it was now her turn to put the band on her husband. Tears were leaking from her eyes like blood from the artery. 

" Please take care of her like you took care of me—" 

" Love what are you on about?" Lucas cut her off seeing that she was off-script. 

"I love you Lucas. I will forever love you." 

She said smiling while Mahlori was wiping her tears carefully enough not to ruin the face beat. 

"Okay! That was —emotional. Now let's move on to the best part where I announce you as husband and wife. Lucas you may kiss your bride. 

There were not many ululations what do whites know about that? However

what do whites know about that? However the cheerful screams as the couple kissed. Their left hands-on Mpumie's huge belly. The baby visibly kicked causing Lucas to go on his knees to give a baby a peck. Mpumie giggled at the silly-cute gesture. 

"Why wasn't I invited?" a loud croaky voice said it was Sbusiso. 

How did he pass the security? 

"Look at you Nompumelelo. You came into my life I loved you with your silly illusions. I was the only one who could put up with all of your craziness. Do you think that Whiteman loves you? No he is crazy as you and he is using you. Using you the way you used me. I gave you a flashy life you've always sought it's funny how you pretended to hate the riches while you benefited from them—" the garden was full of gasps 

"Sibusiso…" Mpumie tried to say something but words failed her... 

"You failed to give me a baby but you were too quick to bear him a baby you left me at my weakest you used my house to shelter this slut" he pointed at Mahlori with his head. 

 He burned he was drunk and mentally disturbed. 

"What you did is called trespassing. if you don't get out I will be forced to call the security on you. Now please leave with your dignity before embarrassing means are taken" Lucas demanded angered by Sbusiso disturbing his big day. 

"I will leave not only with my dignity. With her as well. Before everyone could register Sbusiso'so worlds he drew a pistol from his waist and fired three shots at Mpumie. 

" No!" screamed Lucas who had Mpumie in his arms. 

" Mpumie! Someone call an ambulance Mpumie my love please stay with me" 

"It's okay my love —" 

"Shh don't say a thing love. It will be alright the ambulance is on the way. Please hold on for the sake of our daughter." 

"I've met my fate I've fulfilled my purpose. It's time to go now. I need to rest be free—"

"Hey! No love don't you dare close your eyes. Don't leave me. We just got married dammit! Okay okay my love. I did not mean to snap okay. Just hold on for a few minutes. Help is coming" 

"Mpumie please don't leave me. Thingo still needs you" Mahlori wailed. 

"It will be alright" 

"Shhh Mpumie" —Lucas 

"Lucas you need to drive her. The ambulance is taking too long" if someone did bother to call it. 

Another shot boomed unexpectedly Sbusiso was lying still in the pool of his own blood he had shot himself. No one paid attention to him though. 

Lucas scooped Mpumie and rushed her to the car Mahlori was on their side. While Lucas was driving Mahlori was tendering Mpumie putting pressure on the wounds. 

"She is losing so much blood—drive carefully Lucas" 

"Shut up Mahlori shut the fuck up. Two important people in my life are endangered and you have the nerve of whining. What you should be doing is stopping the bleeding and making sure they survive. You owe that to Mpumie. She made sure you and your demon daughter were safe. Reciprocate the damn thing" 

"A demon? What do you —" 

"Shut up okay!" 

"Sto-stop it Lucas" Mpumie pleaded blood was now coming out of her mouth. 

"I'm sorry my love" - Lucas. 

"This day was planned and known before I was born we can not go against God's will. My sun has set I've served my purpose in this world. I have to take another journey to the other side of the world and this is not the end. I've not been conquered this is the end of my chapter in this world my story continues beyond the grave through your memories."

Mahlori and Lucas tried to get her to keep quiet but she was determined to say her piece. It was surprising that she managed to utter every single word clearly in her situation. 

"Please don't die" - Mahlori. 

Mpumi tried to laugh but the laugh turned into a painful cough "who spoke about death? I'm not going to die" 

Mahlori almost believed her before she added "I will continue to live just not in this sack of flesh." She laughed at her own joke a joke that only she found funny. 

 Something will come out of this I promise" 

" Mpumie don't close your eyes please. Mpumi! Lucas she is not breathing!" 

Lucas hit the brakes hard his world crushing on him. "Lucas we need to go to the hospital please drive" Mahlori wailed begging Mpumie not to leave her.



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