When I opened my eyes I was on the floor. I didn't know how long I'd been out but the room was bright and empty. I took my stand and marched to the door. That time around there was no seal. 

Thank God. 

I was certain that I wasn't dreaming what I saw was real and I had to get out of that shame of a marriage before it was too late. Mam Zodwa was right. I should leave while it was still possible. 

I had tons of missed calls from Mbali so I called them back and sent a driver to pick them up. One thing I needed at the moment was the company of my friends. 

"Bitch is this all you?" Mbali asked admiring my castle. My house was incredibly beautiful Ntombi outdid herself. 

"This is all me chommie" I looked at Nonhle who wasn't herself she looked disinterested. 

"Nonhle are you okay?" I was concerned because she was the most bubbly person on Earth. 

"I'm good Mahlori. So tell me why is it only now that you make contact?" 

"I don't follow…" 

"Ever since you got married you totally forgot about us" 

Because I was on my honeymoon! 

"But here you are" I did not understand her attitude. I was still spending time with my husband—who was soon to be my ex. 

"We are only here because you want to gloat you forget that you are here because of us. You came to the city smelling dirt now that you have few cents under your name you think you are better" 

She snapped earning a gasp from Mbali and me. 

That was another thing I had nothing under my name so far. And if she thought I wanted to gloat…*sighs* I had nothing to gloat about. 

"Nonhle—" Mbali tried to intervene. 

"No for once Mbali please stop ass licking. Stop kissing her ass. She needs to know the truth." She then took the last sip of sparkling wine. 

"Nonhle stop with your bullshit you expected Hlori to hang with us every weekend like we used to? She is now married for Christ's sake!" 

"Okay sorry" why was she rolling her eyes? 

"Mxm no one has time to nurse your mood swings" Mbali said before shifting her attention to me

"Babe you sounded aghast on the call. Are you okay?"  Mbali asked brushing my shoulder. 

I was hoping she wouldn't ask about my dull mood. I didn't want to talk about it. This kind of issue was unbelievable to slay queens like Mbali. 

"Eerie things have been happening in this house. I don't think I want to be married to Muzi anymore" 

They gave me that 'continue' look. 

"I think I have a spiritual husband I always wake up with a swollen pussy while Muzi isn't with me and today I heard something peculiar" I thought that was the decent explanation I could come up with. I didn't want to tell them about that room because I'm sure they'd see nothing when I take them there. 

"And on our wedding day they made a ritual where they mixed our blood mine Muzi's and Ntombi's"

Mbaki gasped "No friend you're not serious…" she then laughed hard in disbelief "You are so strong to be petrified by something of such prestige" 

"Why did I even bother telling you?" 

"She might be right" Said Nonhle. Her mood had improved. "He has a snake" 

Just as I thought. 

"Guys come on did you see it Mahlori?" Mbali was definitely not a believer. I wasn't too until then. 

"No Mbali! Hlori is not crazy if she thinks there's a snake there is a snake. Divorce this old man before you die!" 

"Nonhle! Divorce is too much" - Mbali 

"It's not. This marriage was a shame from the beginning. I wanted to stop it but I didn't want to be labeled as bitter so I kept my opinion to myself. This man is creepy. I'm sure he sacrifices people for his riches. Why doesn't he have babies to begin with?"  She was literally shouting and on her feet. 

This seemed personal to her more than it was to me. 

Mbali and I looked at her in awe I think she noticed her outburst. "Sorry" 

I had to change the topic because Nonhle and Mbali started throwing insults at each other because of this issue. They had a clash of beliefs but I didn't want them to have a fallout on my account. So I gave them a house tour and made something to eat while I listened to their funny stories about their blessers. Mbali was telling us about her disabled rich daddy who gave her money but just touched her pussy. 

Nonhle told us about her new relationship with the rich man but didn't reveal his identity. The Nonhle I knew was not secretive at all. Something had changed with her but I had serious issues to deal with. 


Ntombi came back with Muzi they looked happy… too happy for a polygamous couple. 

"How have you been dear? ``Argh! 

"You don't have to always be grim Ntombi. It's not appealing"

"Don't talk to your sister wife like that" Muzi said kissing me I pulled back in disgust. 

"Why are you sour?" 

"I'm sour because I want to know what is happening in this house! Why the fuck did you marry me?" The tears that I should have shed hours ago were now gushing like a waterfall. 

"I married you because I love you!" 

"Lies! I hate lies!" My whole body was feeling hot because of anger I feel like hot flames were coming from my ears. 

"I don't know what's wrong with you" 

"Ntombi why did you let your man marry me?"  I was key to her pregnancy! She probably wanted to sacrifice me so that her baby would survive. 

"He loves—" 

I didn't want to hear any of it. 

"Shut up! The two of you are witches. You want to make me a sacrifice for your witchcraft."

" I don't know what you are talking about baby" 

"Fuck you fuck your wife fuck your money. Fuck this marriage. I want out" 

I wanted to leave we were married in a community of property but I didn't want any of his possessions. I just wanted my freedom. 

"You can't just divorce me" 

"Watch me!" 

"You are not going anywhere Mahlori" Ntombi stepped before me her voice was threatening and gravelly. 

"And who is going to stop me? You?" I was intimidated but I stood my ground. 

"You can run if you want but you belong to us. You sold your soul to us the moment you set your foot in these premises and that divorce you want won't help because the three of us are bonded by blood. The only way out is death. The piece of paper won't untie the knot of blood. Now stop whining and accept your fate"

My chest closed up the fire was long gone. All I possessed was fear. 

I took steady breaths and calmed myself. 

"It would be in your best interest to bring back  Zodwa. If you try to bring someone else into my house… Their blood would be in your hands"  She wasn't shouting. But her tone was deadly. 

"You are bluffing" 

"I dare you" she then left her heels clashing against the marble. 

I looked at Muzi the affection he always showed was no more. His eyes were dark. 

"It wasn't you was it? You didn't come to my room last night" I already knew the answer but I wanted to hear it from him. 

"No. I'm Ntombi's husband not yours" as much as I hated him but sought some sort of compassion. His cold words stung. 

"You married me for a snake!" 

What have I gotten myself into? 

He gave me a wicked chuckle. 

"A snake is just a pet. You are yet to see your real husband"   


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