THE DEMON'S WIFE - Nompilo Khayelihle 


We made it to the hospital that was when we lost her. In the car she was still alive but slipped into a coma due to the loss of blood. By grace Mpumie or should I say her baby did hold on even though Mpumie's heart didn't function properly and circulation was affected. 

Lucas and I were sitting on the chairs hoping the doctor would be able to save the both of them. With the speed of light we took our stand as we saw the doctor coming towards us. His expression told me he was going to tell us the news. 

"Are you Nompumelelo's family"

"How is she?" we asked in unison. 

"She is brain dead but on life support the chances of her surviving are almost zero and we have to At Least save the baby. She is fully dependent on her mother's blood circulation to provide air and food to the placenta. We have only five minutes to deliver the baby but she also has a low potential of survival. With the best medical care we'll do everything we can to save her. "

"I'm her spouse the only family she has. Please do what you have to do to save them" Lucas took the forms from the doctor without waiting for him to give them to him and signed without bothering with reading. 




Nompumelelo died and was reborn. After the sun had set a yellow button on a long black coat appeared - the moon. Its brightness is symbolic of immortality and eternity. Just like Mpumie said in her last words. She was not going to die she was going to continue to live through our memories through her daughter who was named after her— Nompumelelo the mother of success. 

My friend was conquered. 

The moment she was declared dead. Like an overflow of water that submerges the dry land all the memories flooded my mind. I married a demon made a blood covenant with it sacrificed my mother father and my sister. I fed on their blood and gave my demon husband power over the living and the dead. When he demanded my child Mpumie came through for me paved the way for me to conquer. The demon became my conquest after so many lives were lost. I  had no one except the two daughters that needed my love and protection. 

The world was still a bad place for their innocent souls.

When I was still in spirit I was able to lock Arazyal in the dark world where he belonged. Not even the devil himself could free him only someone of his bloodline could free him. Which meant no one was going to free his ass. 

Thingo was Muzi's daughter I made it my mission to save her from her own father

I made it my mission to save her from her own father from the world. I was going to let her be exposed to the evil of this world. 

She and Mpumie junior were the things that made sense to me. 

As for Lucas he hated me. He blamed me for his wife's death. The only reason he let me and my daughter stay in his house was that he knew how much I meant to Mpumie. He knew it was something she would have wanted something she wanted. For me and my daughter to be safe. We live in the same house but he hardly talked to me and he never spoke to my daughter or got any closer to her. 

I tried to reach out to Hanyani my younger and only sister I had. She did not want anything to do with me as well it was understandable. She was an orphan because of me. 

Five years later I was a qualified journalist working for a local Newspaper. I would have liked to study demons and their behaviors and write articles about exorcism but I decided to leave the supernatural life behind me and live like a normal person. 

"Happy birthday darling!" it was Nompumelelo's fifth birthday. I gave her the cake and told her to make a wish before blowing candles. 

"I wish to the beach" 

That was the thing I've been hearing for weeks she wanted to go to the beach.

"Baby we have a swimming pool. You can swim all you want" 

She and Thingo never stepped their feet out of the premises ever since they were born. 

I sighed and looked at the grumpy Lucas. 

"Will you take her to Durban?" 

It was a bittersweet day for him the day he got married to his wife lost her and was blessed with a daughter who resembled her mother so much even with the squeaky voice. 

"Of course how long are you going to imprison my daughter?" 

"Well daddy will take you to the beach okay?" Mpumie nodded and looked at Thingo who was also eager to go. 

How the hell was I supposed to tell her that she was not going? 

That was why I also kept Mpumie indoors. Now I have to answer Thingo. 

"Nana Thingo is sick. She will go next time" 

"No mom I'm not sick. I want to go too" - Thingo. 

"Thingo you will also go on your birthday" 

"But my birthday has passed and I didn't go" 

"I mean next year—" 

"No mom no. I want to go now!"

Her screams echoed in the dining room and things started dropping and breaking.  I ran to her and tried to calm her down. For a moment her eyes had only white parts but they quickly got back to normal and she calmed down. 

"Lucas what is happening?" 

"He is awakening inside her" 

Who was awakening inside my daughter? 

"Who are you talking about Lucas?" I asked tears already threatening my eyes. 

"Arazyal wants to awake through her" 

Jesus! Hell no! 


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